Operations Manual - TE 70-ATC / TE 70 Combi Hammer 16 3. Insert tools, accessories 18 4. Technical...

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Transcript of Operations Manual - TE 70-ATC / TE 70 Combi Hammer 16 3. Insert tools, accessories 18 4. Technical...

  • TE 70-ATC/TE 70

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  • TE 70ATC / TE 70 combi hammerIt is essential that the operating instructionsare read before the power tool is operatedfor the first time.

    Always keep these operating instructionstogether with the power tool.

    Ensure that the operating instructions arewith the power tool when it is given to otherpersons.

    Contents Page1. General information 152. Description 163. Insert tools, accessories 184. Technical data 195. Safety rules 206. Before use 227. Operation 228. Care and maintenance 259. Troubleshooting 26

    10. Disposal 2711. Manufacturers warranty tools 2712. EC declaration of conformity 28

    1 These numbers refer to the corresponding illustra-tions. The illustrations can be found on the foldoutcover pages. Keep these pages open while studyingthe operating instructions.In these operating instructions, the designation thepower tool always refers to the TE 70ATC / TE 70combihammer.

    Operating controls and indicators 1@ Function selector switch; Control switch lock= Control switch% Supply cord& Power reduction button (50% power)( Side handle) Chuck+ Insert tool lock Theft protection indicator (option)/ Service indicator: Reduced power indicator

    1. General information1.1 Safety notices and their meaning

    WARNINGDraws attention to a potentially dangerous situationthat could lead to serious personal injury or fatality.

    CAUTIONDraws attention to a potentially dangerous situationthat could lead to slight personal injury or damage tothe equipment or other property.

    NOTEDraws attention to an instruction or other usefulinformation.

    1.2 Explanation of the pictograms and otherinformation

    Warning signs



    Warning: hotsurface



  • Obligation signs

    Wear eyeprotection

    Wear a hardhat

    Wear earprotection





    Read theoperating

    instructionsbefore use

    Return wastematerial forrecycling.



    Chisel positionadjustment

    Volts Amps Watts


    Hertz Rated speedunder no load

    Revolutionsper minute

    Diameter Doubleinsulated

    Equipped withtheft


    Lock symbol

    Location of identification data on the power toolThe type designation can be found on the type iden-tification plate and the serial number on the side ofthe motor housing. Make a note of this data in youroperating instructions and always refer to it whenmaking an enquiry to your Hilti representative orservice department.


    Serial no.:

    2. Description2.1 Use of the product as directed

    The power tool is an electricallypowered combihammer with pneumatic hammering mechanism. The ATC(Active Torque Control) function of the TE 70ATC makes drilling more comfortable.The tool is designed for drilling in concrete, masonry, metal and wood and can also be used for chiseling.Under certain conditions, the power tool is suitable for use for mixing (see Tools, accessories andOperation).



  • Working on materials hazardous to the health (e.g. asbestos) is not permissible.The power tool is designed for professional use and may be operated, serviced and maintained only by trained,authorized personnel. This personnel must be informed of any special hazards that may be encountered. Thepower tool and its ancillary equipment may present hazards when used incorrectly by untrained personnel orwhen used not as directed.The working environment may be as follows: construction site, workshop, renovation, conversion or newconstruction.The power tool may be used only in a dry environment.Do not use the power tool where there is a risk of fire or explosion.The power tool may be operated only when connected to a power supply providing a voltage and frequency incompliance with the information given on its type identification plate.Modification of the power tool or tampering with its parts is not permissible.To avoid the risk of injury, use only genuine Hilti accessories and insert tools.Observe the information printed in the operating instructions concerning operation, care and maintenance.

    2.2 ChuckTEY (SDS max) quickchange click chuck

    2.3 SwitchesSpeed control switch for smooth startingFunction selector switch: Hammer drilling, chiseling, chisel adjustment (24 positions)Choice of full or reduced (50%) powerControl switch lockable for chiseling

    2.4 GripsVibrationabsorbing, pivotable side handleVibrationabsorbing grip

    2.5 Protective devicesMechanical slip clutchElectronic restart interlock to prevent the power tool starting unintentionally after an interruption in the electricsupply (see section 9 Troubleshooting).Additional ATC Active Torque Control (TE 70ATC)

    2.6 LubricationGearing and hammering mechanism with separate lubrication chambers

    2.7 TPS theft protection system (optional)The power tool may be equipped with the TPS theft protection system as an option. If the power tool is equippedwith this feature, it can be unlocked and made ready for operation only through use of the corresponding TPSkey.

    2.8 LED indicatorsService indicator LED (see section Care and maintenance)Theft protection system indicator (optional) (see section Operation)Reduced power indicator (see section Operation)



  • 2.9 Items supplied as standard

    1 Power tool1 Side handle1 Grease1 Cleaning cloth1 Operating instructions1 Hilti toolbox

    2.10 Using extension cordsRecommended minimum conductor cross section and max. cable lengths

    Conductor cross section 1.5 mm 2 mm 2.5 mm 3.5 mmMains voltage 100V 30 m 50 mMains voltage 110120 V 20 m 30 m 40 mMains voltage 220240 V 30 m 75 m

    2.11 Using a generator or transformerThis power tool may be powered by a generator or transformer when the following conditions are fulfilled:The unit must provide a power output in watts of at least twice the value printed on the type identificationplate on the power tool. The operating voltage must remain within +5% and 15% of the rated voltage at alltimes, frequency must be in the 50 60 Hz range and never above 65 Hz, and the unit must be equipped withautomatic voltage regulation and starting boost.Never operate other power tools or appliances from the generator or transformer at the same time. Switchingother power tools or appliances on and off may cause undervoltage and / or overvoltage peaks, resulting indamage to the power tool.

    3. Insert tools, accessoriesHammer drill bits 1245 mmBreach bits 4080 mmPercussion core bits 45150 mmPCM diamond core bit 42132 mmChisels Pointed, flat and shaped chisels with TEY connection

    endWood drill bits 1032 mmMetal drill bits Up to 20 mm

    TPS theft protection system with company card,company remote and TPSK key


    Setting tool Setting tool with TEY connection endQuickrelease chuck Keyless chuck for wood and metal drill bits with

    smooth or hex. shank, 60208, Chuck holder 263359Mixing paddles for nonflammable materials, withsmooth or hex. shank

    80150 mm, For use only with the keyless quickrelease chuck



  • 4. Technical dataRight of technical changes reserved.

    Power tool TE 70ATC TE 70Weight in accordance with EPTAprocedure 01/2003

    8.9 kg 7.7 kg

    Dimensions (L x W x H) 524 mm x 294 mm x 123 mm 524 mm x 274 mm x 123 mm

    NOTEThe power tool is available in various voltage ratings. Please refer to the type identification plate for details ofthe power tools voltage and power rating.

    Power tool TE 70ATC / TE 70Rated input 1,600 WRated current input Rated voltage 100 V: 15 A

    Rated voltage 110 V: 16 ARated voltage 120 V: 15 ARated voltage 220 V: 9.6 A; 1600 WRated voltage 230 V: 9.8 A; 1600 WRated voltage 240 V: 9.8 A; 1600 W

    Mains frequency 5060 HzHammer drilling speed 360 r.p.m.Single impact energy (full power) 11 NmSingle impact energy (50% power) 6 NmDrilling performance in mediumhard concrete 20 mm: 143 cm/min

    25 mm: 165 cm/min 32 mm: 180 cm/min

    NOTEInformation for users as per EN 61000311: Switching on causes a brief drop in voltage. Other appliances maybe negatively affected when connected to mains supplies where conditions are unfavorable. No malfunctionsare to be expected on mains supplies with an impedance of less than

  • Other information about the power toolATC electronic cutout TE 70ATCProtection class Protection class II (double insulated)

    5. Safety rules5.1 General safety rules

    WARNING! Read all instructions! Failure to follow allinstructions listed below may result in electric shock,fire and/or serious injury. The term power tool inall of the warnings listed below refers to your mainsoperated (corded) power tool or batteryoperated(cordless) power tool. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS.

    5.1.1 Work area safetya) Keep work area clean and well lit. Cluttered or

    dark areas invite accidents.b) Do not operate power tool