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Open Private Sector Georgios Karamanolis Crowdpolicy Co founder, CIO Infostrag 2014 Syros

Transcript of Open Private Sector

  • 1. Open Private Sector Georgios Karamanolis Crowdpolicy Co founder, CIO
  • 2. 1. penGov 2. Reverse OpenGov 3. Fashion 4. Food 5. Open Supply Chains 6. ValidaEon 7. Crowdpolicy The Strategy 8. Summer Eme!
  • 3. OpenData & OpenGovernment Countries realize that open government data is improving transparency creaEng opportuniEes for social and commercial innovaEon promote ciEzens parEcipaEon OpenGovernment Partership
  • 4. Vouliwatch is a digital plaSorm aiming to engage Greek ciEzens with legislaEve poliEcs and grants them with the opportunity to communicate, evaluate hold elected representaEves in the Greek and the European Parliament (MPs & MEPs) accountable Crowdsource legisla7on Vouliwatch is based on Q-engine and G-Engine that are technology frameworks developed by Crowdpolicy Reverse opengov. An example from the civil society hp://
  • 5.
  • 6. Opendata private sector The private sector benets as both a producer and consumer of open data. The private Produces mass amount of data company ownership informaEon, tax, product and ethical standards, labor and food safety compliance, public-private contracEng Investors RelaEons
  • 7. Open kitchen concept
  • 8. Open yogurts
  • 9. Openfood network
  • 10. Local Organics is a Melbourne based food hub Aim to re-build communiEes around food where producers, eaters and connecEn distributors support one another in a sustainable food system.
  • 11. Walmart works to oer visibility into its supply chain through real-Eme, anonymized worker feedback from 279 factories in Bangladesh Public Factory Assessment Process Aim to increase transparency in the supply chain
  • 12. But where it comes from???
  • 13. Crowdsource the supply chain is a crowdsourced directory of supply chains and environmental footprints. Community of individuals, businesses and NGO's using Sourcemap to share informaEon about how things are made.
  • 14. The business case Openness of data can translate into more ecient internal governance frameworks Enhanced feedback from workers and employees, improved traceability of supply chains, Accountability to end consumers Beer service and product delivery. win-win Boom line correlate with governance, environmental and social gains.
  • 15. Crowdpolicy supports the Municipality of Athens to formulate the concept of the proposal in the framework of Bloomberg Contest
  • 16. Our strategy Capitalize our experience. IdenEfy key areas for applicaEons and business development Invest Eme, eort to develop frameworks and tailor made products that realize the open private sector Going from technology frameworks to verEcal products Develop plaSorms and processes with state of the art Technology plaSorms Open InnovaEon plaSorms Mobile, proximity services (eg beacons, push noEcaEons) Big data MulE channel data aggregaEon mobile Sensors Crowdsourcing ExisEng informaEon systems
  • 17. What we have done the last year Working on three rela7ve technology frameworks T ENGINE framework Public data streams of informaEon. Opendata plaSorm for private and public sector Q engine framework MulEchannel EvaluaEon of processes and products G Engine Visualize infrastructure and projects on interacEve maps Exploring funding opportuni7es Horizon2020, Open processes call, An interesEng agile funding instrument by EC Cyclic innovaEon concepts using crowdsourcing (OpenGov Call)
  • 18. Summer Eme!
  • 19. Georgios Karamanolis ICT consultant Developer Project management and design for Open Government & transparency projects in Greece (2009- 2012) Crowdpolicy, CIO (2012 - )