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Valid unl 31.12.2021 with promo code BN-AUTUMN21 BioNordika Oy (Finland) tel 0207 410 270 [email protected] October - December 2021 Issue 3 NEW! NEW! Molecular biology grade water, 500 ml bole Sterile (0.2 μm filtraon) Endotoxin level below 0.01 ng/ml DNA free DNase free RNase free Free from PCR Inhibitors Buy 3, get 4 Buy 3, get 4 th th for free! for free!

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BioNordika Oy (Finland) • tel 0207 410 270 • [email protected] •
October - December 2021
Issue 3
NEW!NEW! Molecular biology grade water, 500 ml bottle • Sterile (0.2 μm filtration) • Endotoxin level below 0.01 ng/ml • DNA free • DNase free • RNase free • Free from PCR Inhibitors
Buy 3, get 4Buy 3, get 4thth for free! for free!
Ask more from Mirja! Mirja Heinonen [email protected] Tel. 020 7410 279
Magnetic 3D cell culture technology The core technology is the magnetization of cells with NanoShuttle-PL. The cells can be aggregated with magnetic forces, either by levitation or printing, to form structurally and biologically representative 3D models in vitro.
The advantages of magnetic cell culture include: • Mimicking native tissue environment • Rapid 3D model formation within hours • No specialized equipment, media, or artificial substrate • Easy to handle / no sample loss • Allows co-culture
EASYstrainer is the preferred product for the fast and safe filtration of cell suspensions, e.g. for the preparation of a single cell suspension for flow cytometry. • Available with mesh sizes of 20, 40, 70 and 100 µm • Fits 15 ml tubes as well as smaller tubes and reaction vessels (e.g. 12x75 mm tubes for flow cytometry) • The innovative design enables safe aseptic handling of the filtered cell suspension • Stackability of the cell strainer allows for sequential filtration in one step • Venting gap ensures that air in the tube can escape quickly during filtration
Cat. no. Product 542100 EASYstrainer small, 100 µm mesh size, small diameter, yellow, sterile, single packed, 50 pcs
542120 EASYstrainer small, 20 µm mesh size, small diameter, red, sterile, single packed, 50 pcs
542140 EASYstrainer small, 40 µm mesh size, small diameter, green, sterile, single packed, 50 pcs
542170 EASYstrainer small, 70 µm mesh size, small diameter, blue, sterile, single packed, 50 pcs
542000 EASYstrainer, 100 µm mesh size, for 50 ml tubes, yellow, sterile, single packed, 50 pcs
542040 EASYstrainer, 40 µm mesh size, for 50 ml tubes, green, sterile, single packed, 50 pcs
542070 EASYstrainer, 70 µm mesh size, for 50 ml tubes, blue, sterile, single packed, 50 pcs
New EASYstrainer small
Let's talk ...about incubation
Cell culture incubator CellXpert® - Culture of Tomorrow Optimized cell growth conditions for reproducible results • Precise temperature uniformity throughout the incubator chamber, verified at 27 spots • Fast gas and temperature recovery < 5 min without setpoint overshoot • Protection from vibrations and turbulence with fanless incubator design, so cell culture vessels can also be located on the top shelf • State-of-the-art dual channel IR-sensor for CO2 control and platinum-coated ZrO2 sensor for variants with O2 control (both sensors are high temperature resistant)
Easy cleaning, reliable contamination prevention • 180 °C high temperature disinfection with illustrated step-by-step instructions on screen • No non-sterilizable fan-associated HEPA filters that can become potential contamination sources
Smart cultivation and easy documentation – with VisioNize® • VisioNize® touch interface for fast and continuous navigation • Pre-installed and customer-programmed reminders • Integrated alarm system to define critical values e.g. door-opening time or gas concentration that trigger a highly visible on screen and audible alarm
Valid until 31.12.2021 with promo code BN-AUTUMN21
Part no. Product Price (0% VAT) 6731000011 CellXpert® C170i, non-segmented inner door, handle right side 8322 EUR
6731000021 CellXpert® C170i, non-segmented inner door, handle left side 8322 EUR
6731000041 CellXpert® C170i, inner door with 4 door segments, handle right side 9835 EUR
6731000051 CellXpert® C170i, inner door with 4 door segments, handle left side 9835 EUR
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Eppendorf Conical Tubes SnapTec® 50 NEW!
Let's talk ...about reliable cell counting
Contact Hanna! Hanna Laiho [email protected] Tel. 020 7410 280
Cell counting is a fundamental quality control procedure in research: simple, straightforward, but also error- prone, time-consuming, and highly subjective. Automat- ed cell counters by Logos are equipped with high quality optics and sophisticated software to bring you cell concentration and viability data with incredible speed, accuracy, and reliability. It’s as simple as pressing COUNT.
Luna-II brightfield counter for most cell lines Luna-FL dual optics counter for most cell types excl. bacteria Luna-STEM for stem cells, counting also non-nucleated cells Luna-FX7 when accuracy and throughput are the most important, f.ex. Single cell seq, bioprocesses, PBMCs, CAR-T therapy
-10% Luna-II
12% off from Luna-FX7 and GMP-compliant CountWire software (1-2 licenses)
8% off from Luna-FX7 and 2 validation slides for free (BF + FL)
Let's talk ...about a match made in heaven
Primary cells from Lonza • Comprehensive collection of human primary cells • Ethically sourced • Thoroughly QC tested • Optimized cultivation protocol and reagent kits available • Performance guaranteed
Ask us an offer for primary cells Buy 2 vials of cells, get a matching
bullet kit for free!
Hanna Laiho [email protected]
Primary cells Immortalized cell lines Life span: Limited, resembles tissue characteristics Infinte, loses tissue characteristics
Close to an in vivo model: Yes, isolated directly from tissue No, clonally selected over time
Reduces animal testing costs:
Yes, used in advanced cell culture models to refine experiments
Limited ability to develop biologically relevant complex in vitro models
Mutations/modifications: Low High
Authentication required before use:
No, if bought commercially Yes, mandated by many government institutes and scientific journals
Availability of donor characteristics:
High-quality recombinant growth factors • All proteins are produced in an animal-free laboratory in Cambridge • Carrier-free formulation • You will get detailed purity and bioactivity analysis data for the product • Innovative new, optimized proteins: - The first animal-free TGFß1 - Hyperstabile FGF2 - New releases: hIGF, hOSM, hBDNF, hGDNF
Valid until 31.12.2021 with promo code BN-AUTUMN21
Proven Nucleofector-technology
Contact Hanna! Hanna Laiho [email protected] Tel. 020 7410 280
• Fast, always consistent results • Optimized protocols for >750 cell types • Safe, non-viral transfection • Independent of the substrate • For adherent or suspension cells • Modular system for maximum flexibility and ease of scaling up
-10% on 4D-Nucleofector
+ 3 free kits
• Revolutionary technology nowadays in everyday use • Pioneering inventions to get more accurate data from you samples • The next wow-effect is generated by NanoDrop Eight!
* We will offer you a birthday cake along with all NanoDrop instrument orders during 2021!
Let's talk ...about RNA workflow
Valid until 30.6.2020 with promo code BN-SPRING20 *Max 5 pcs/customer with the special price
Valid until 31.12.2021 with promo code BN-AUTUMN21
We offer a broad portfolio of reagents for purification, quantitation, detection, synthesis and manipulation of RNA. Choose your application and ask more information! Below we have picked a few highlights for you and offer them at a discounted price.
You heard the message
Let me help you!
Tel. 020 7410 274
Transform your RNA purification experience with Monarch®. Quickly and easily extract up to 100 μg of high-quality total RNA from multiple sample types – all with one convenient kit!
• Validated for viral RNA extraction from clinically-relevant samples (automatable on the QIA- cube® and KingFisher® Flex) • Effectively purify total RNA of all sizes, including small RNA (<200 nt) • Offer includes: T2010S
Get even more from less with NEB- Next® Ultra™ II Library Prep for RNA- seq. Generate high-quality libraries even with limited amounts of RNA.
• Save time with streamlined work- flows, reduced hands-on time and automation compatibility • Generate high quality libraries even with limited amounts of RNA • Offer includes directional, E7760S/L, E7765S/L, and non-directional RNA library kits, E7770S/L, E7775S/L
Optimize your RT-qPCR with Luna® Experience superior performance across a wide variety of sample types.
• Novel, thermostable reverse transcriptase (RT) improves performance • Luna WarmStart® RT paired with Hot Start Taq. Unique aptame technology increases reaction specificity and robustness • Non-interfering visible tracking dye helps to eliminate pipetting errors • Offer includes all LUNA -products
Lighting the way!
We are proud to announce that NEB has released their 2021-22 NEB Catalog & Technical Reference. It has everything you need - from tips for how to choose the right product for your specific need, to the popular technical reference section.
Talk to Pia! Pia Ojala [email protected] Tel. 020 7410 274
The 2021-22 NEB® Catalog & Technical Reference is now available!
Get your copy now by mailing [email protected] and we will send you one!
A step away from animal-containing products - NEB is switching NEBuffers to be BSA-free
Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) is commonly used to stabilize some proteins during reactions and can also prevent adhesion to reaction tubes and pipette surfaces. Despite this, there is an increased desire for using BSA-free reagents. NEB has rigorously tested both buffers and has not seen a difference in enzyme perfor- mance when using either. Therefore, either buffer can be used with your enzyme.
Starting April 2021, NEB began its transition to buffers containing Recombinant Albumin (rAlbumin) for restriction enzymes and some DNA modifying enzymes. We anticipate this change to rollout over several months, so you may not receive the new buffer until later in the year.
Valid until 31.12.2021 with promo code BN-AUTUMN21 9
Let's talk ...about sequencing
Unlock the immune system's complexity with a deeper analysis of receptor sequences. The new NEBNext Immune Sequencing Kits (available for mouse and human) allow you to sequence the full-length immune gene repertoires of B cells and T cells. Profile somatic mutations across all relevant contexts (e.g., V, D, and J segments and isotypes IgM, IgD, IgG, IgA, and IgE) with improved sequence accuracy. Characterize BCR light, BCR heavy, TCRα, TCRβ, TCRγ and TCRδ chains.
The kits include UMIs for source-molecule identification. Additionally, analyze data using an open-source pRESTO toolkit. Reveal the secrets of the immune system with help of these new kits!
The NEBNext Immune Sequencing Kit has been used in the paper of JS Turner et. al. "SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines induce persistent human germinal centre responses".
NEBNext Immune Sequencing Kits
Tel. 020 7410 274
We are proud to offer all you need for your Sanger sequencing with products from EdgeBio • Dyes – SupreDye – a direct substitute to ABI’s BigDye®, offers the same reliable experience and familiar protocol, dilutions, system settings and calibrations. With SupreDye, you will get the same excellent sequencing results at a greater value.
• Purification plates – Optima DTR - fully hydrated gel filtration column utilizing a rapid, simple protocol with minimal hands-on time (<10 min) that allows you to purify your Sanger sequencing reactions quickly and efficiently.
• Polymer – PwrPOP – high-quality capillary electrophoresis separation matrices compatible with all ABI® Prism Genetic Analyzer Series – Direct Substitute to ABI’s POP™
• PCR purification – EnzSAP – direct substitute to ABI’s ExoSAP-IT™
Let's talk ...about antibodies
Assay Genie is the newest addition to BioNordika suppliers offering a broad selection of ELISA kits, Assay kits, recombinant proteins and antibodies:
• Over 25000 highly validated ELISA kits (RUO) • Over 240 Animal Model Do-It-Yourself ELISA kits • Over 2000 new PharmaGenie Super Validated ELISA • Over 20 ELISpot Assay Kits for monitoring immune responses • Over 100 food safety & antibiotic detection kits
Buy two ELISA kits or Assay kits and save 20%
New supplier!
BioNordika's top pick! Fatty acid oxidation (FAO) kit (Cat# BR00001):
• Quantify fatty acid oxidation using the unique • Octanyl CoA substrate • Get quantitative results in less than 120 minutes • Measure the results with absorbance plate reader 492nm • Simple protocol with 3 kit components • Works with both cell and tissue samples
CiteAb has published the list of Top 100 Cited Antibodies of 2020.
Cell Signaling Technology (CST) is again the leading antibody supplier with
37 antibodies in the Top 100 and 7 products in the Top 10.
Save big and get the best antibodies from the leading antibody supplier.
*When you buy any 4 CST products, we offer the cheapest item for free!
Valid 1.10.-17.12.2021.
Offer applies to purchases of 3 qualifying catalog products or more, of which every 4th product is free from eligible
locations. Free product must be of equal or lesser value to the lowest priced purchased product. Sampler Kits, PTMScan®
HS Kits, PTMScan® Services, any ‘BSA and Azide Free’ antibody, and Custom products or orders are excluded.
The best antibody offer of the year is here!
Buy 3 products, get the 4th product
Valid until 31.12.2021 with promo code BN-AUTUMN21 11
Let's talk ...about immunohistochemistry
Vector has released a new and improved mounting media for brightfield microscopy. With VectaMount Express Mounting Media you can:
• Skip the clearing of your sections before mounting the specimen • Save time and money • Be more sustainable by reducing solvent usage + waste costs • Master your IHCs easier
VectaMount Express Mounting Media for immunohistochemistry (IHC)
The most sensitive substrates from Vector Laboratories Vector's unique Horseradish peroxidase (HRP) and alkaline phosphatase (AP) enzyme substrates offer: • Novel color choices - stain antigens in pigmented tissues and melanomas, or localize multiple antigens in a single tissue section • Visibility under brightfield, darkfield, or electron microscopy • Unique spectral profiles - useful for antigen colocalization using spectral imaging systems • ImmPACT substrates give 2-4 fold greater sensitivity than the original substrate kits
Ask Katja-Riikka!
BioNordika Oy (Finland) • Kutomotie 18, 00380 Helsinki tel 0207 410 270 • [email protected] •
Promo code: BN-AUTUMN21 Note! The promotional code must be referenced when ordering to receive the
discounts and special prices. The offers are listed ex. VAT and shipping charges, and are valid until 31.12.2021. The offers cannot be combined with other offers
or agreements. We reserve the right for typos.
Let's talk ...about staining and mounting
VECTASHIELD Mounting Media are optimized for im- munofluorescence microscopy to protect the fading and photobleaching of fluorophores. VECTASHIELD is offered in setting and non-setting formulations with a choice of coun- terstain or no counterstain. Choose the best mounting media for your experiments from this table!
Superior signal retention with VECTASHIELD
-12 % on all VECTASHIELD Mounting Medias
Cell and Organelle stains
-10% on Biotium Cell and Organelle
Contact us for more information and options!
Biotium offers broad selection of stains for different cell organelles and cellular structures. There are variety of stains available for both fixed and live cells.