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NEu Tymes Vol.44 is a crossroads of creatives. Past meets the present and is going to stay for a long time in the future to bright and light your souls as an imaginary - ideal expression tool. Inside this issue: Photography by Fatma Gultekin, Betina La Plante, Konstantinos Letsas / Fashion Editorial by Giselle Karounis and Kosta Koroneos / Selected Logos by Andonis Iliakis / NT Design Studio / Smart City (Illustrations by Drishti Khemani) and more...

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  • SPR ING 2014 APR ILVOL . 4 4






    AlexAndrA VelnidouService Design-Engineering-ManagementHealthcare Experience DesignSocial Innovation

    niki SorogASWeb DeveloperRadio Producer, DjTelecommunications Engineer

    konStAntinoS letSASCardiologistElectrophysiologist

    nASSiA (kAppA) kAtroutSouPhotographerPhoto Editor





  • e d i t o r i A l

    petros VasiadisCreative DirectorChief EditorPublisher

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    Many friends will begin to show up having more efforts about our publication and that is visualized from this issue you are flexing and now on, stay tuned. Everyone is welcome.

    NEu Tymes Vol.44 is a crossroads of creatives. Past meets the present and is going to stay for a long time in the future to bright and light your souls as an imaginary - ideal expression tool.

    NEu Tymes is a free on-line magazine about extraordinary humans, their ideas and achievements.

    Enjoy reading-living NEu Tymes!


  • Fatma Gultekin

    You can meet Fatma here:

  • Fatma Gultekin is a contemporary freelance photographer from Turkey. Her work has been hosted on plenty of photography blogs and magazines like the Australian Frankie Magazine. Fatma is not afraid to experiment with her camera, she plays with light and colour and she exposes herself in her individual way. Looking at her portfolio you may feel summer is never over. Vivid colours and vintage tranquillity are some of her tricks. A small red heart covering a womans face, a colourful parot and many hats on the beach under the hot sun of saturated moments will certainly travel you away, bringing you close to your most relaxed memories.

  • Betina La Plante

    Betina La Plante. Buenos Aires. Betinas portraits insist that personality is what makes us individuals, thus when looking at her photostream you feel like you are meeting a bunch whole new people. Her view is her communication code with her models, starting from her family and friends, going on to persons she may not have met before. As a matter of fact, her photographs justify a personally considered universal truth of portraiture: the most ordinary, everyday people, when subjectively looked close enough, become extraordinary. They become something special. Her gift to see through people is that particular quality that makes portraits unique, enhanced by her edit techniques that add that special element which makes her present in her portraiture. Shooting portraits is challenging cause the average viewer stays at the person in the photograph, looks at their faces, their skin and eyes and mouth, the external beauty. What makes a good portrait photographer though is the ability to reveal the internal beauty and to capture it in a way that introduces not only the model but also and most importantly the photographer to the viewer. Hello Betina, nice to "see" you.

  • Betina La Plante


  • BB Hand Distortion 3

  • Black on White

  • Brett Walker

  • Cory

  • Jayna Cavendish

  • Lily Side

  • Nashalina

  • Now & Then

  • Rock'n'Rolla New Scott

  • Scott Steph Portrait BW

  • DARE

  • DAREAll photos:Photo: Kosta KoroneosStyling: Giselle KarounisMakeup: Giselle Karounis Vassilis Saroglou

  • Clothes: Elena Vorrea by George Vorreas www.elenavorrea.comModel: Elena Kazablanca (VN models)

  • Model: Christina Kyd

  • Clothes: Athina Korda www.athinakorda.grJewelry : Clic Jewels

    Models:Christina Kyd, Katerina Nouanze (Xray models)

  • Pants: Athina Korda www.athinakorda.grModel: Duvon EvansBelt: private collection

  • Clothes: Athina Korda www.athinakorda.grModels: Stefania Novikova, Duvon EvansBelt: Private collection

    Clothes: USAShoes: Private collectionJewelry : Clic Jewels Model: Stefania Novikova

  • Clothes: Elena Vorrea by George Vorreas www.elenavorrea.comJewelry: Clic JewelsShoes: Private CollectionModels: Elena Kazablanca (VN models) Duvon Evans

  • Andonis IliakisABOUTGraphic Design, Corporate ID, Branding, Advertising, Photography, Videography

    Selected Logos from 1976

  • ABOUTGraphic Design, Corporate ID, Branding, Advertising, Photography, Videography

  • Alan Levine2010/365/269An unusual piece in the Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane.hese set of 30 some metronomes are set up to play random tones for 24 hours.

  • Konstantinos LetsasAndros Winter 2011

  • EMATIC ESB100 Bluetooth Speaker & Speakerphone

    Industrial Design, Product Design

  • EMATIC ESB100 Bluetooth Speaker & Speakerphone

    Industrial Design, Product Design

  • NT Design StudioLisbon, Portugal

    AboutOur passion for design is reflected in the attention paid to every detail of the project. Our holistic view of the creative process, gives our projects a sense of unity. We see every customer as a member of our creative team. Communication among our studio and the customer is a key factor in the success of our projects. FIELDS & SPECIALTIESConsumer Electronics Media Devices Mobile Devices Automotive Design Packaging Design Design Execution Design Management Design Strategy Manufacturing Support ODM Management Product Development Prototype Development

    NT- Industrial Design Studio was contracted by EMATIC to develop a wireless speaker & speakerphone.The goal was to design a stylish, functional and portable wireless speaker HIGHLIGHTS: -Play audio wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled device. Activate Google Voice Actions or Siri. -Answer calls and chat loud and clear. -30+ feet range depending on the environment. -MICRO SD CARD SLOT. -The line out functions as a wireless receiver for your home theatre system. -WIRELESS PLAYBACK.

  • Smart cityFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    For the 2006 Malayalam film, see Smart City (film).Urban performance currently depends not only on the city's endowment of hard infrastructure ('physical capital'), but also, and increasingly so, on the availability and quality of knowledge communication and social infrastructure ('intellectual capital and social capital'). The latter form of capital is decisive for urban competitiveness. It is against this background that the concept of the smart city has been introduced as a strategic device to encompass modern urban production factors in a common framework and to highlight the growing importance of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), social and environmental capital in profiling the competitiveness of cities. The significance of these two assets - social and environmental capital - itself goes a long way to distinguish smart cities from their more technology-laden counterparts, drawing a clear line between them and what goes under the name of either digital or intelligent cities.Smart(er) cities have also been used as a marketing concept by companies and by cities.

  • Illustration: drishti khemani

  • DefinitionA city can be defined as smart when investments in human and social capital and traditional (transport) and modern (ICT) communication infrastructure fuel sustainable economic development and a high quality of life, with a wise management of natural resources, through participatory action and engagement. (Caragliu et al. 2009). To Gildo Seisdedos Domnguez, the smart city concept essentially means efficiency. But efficiency based on the intelligent management and integrated ICTs, and active citizen participation. Then implies a new kind of governance, genuine citizen involvement in public policy.Smart cities can be identified (and ranked) along six main axes or dimensions: These six axes connect with traditional regional and neoclassical theories of urban growth and development. In particular, the axes are based - respectively - on theories of regional competitiveness, transport and ICT economics, natural resources, human and social capital, quality of life, and participation of citizens in the governance of cities.It insists that smart cities are defined by their innovation and their ability to solve problems and use of ICTs to improve this capacity. The intelligence lies in the ability to solve problems of these communities is linked to technology transfer for when a

    problem is solved. In this sense, intelligence is an inner quality of any territory, any place, city or region where innovation processes are facilitated by information and communication technologies. What varies is the degree of intelligence, depending on the person, the system of cooperation, and digital infrastructure and tools that a community offers its residents (Komninos 2002).

    Policy contextThe concept of the smart city as the next stage in the process of urbanisation has been quite fashionable in the policy arena in recent years, with the aim of drawing a distinction from the terms digital city or intelligent city.[4] Its main focus is still on the role of ICT infrastructure, but much research has also been carried out on the role of human capi