Molecular Symmetry

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Molecular Symmetry Algebra of Symmetry operations Department of Physical and Astronomical Sciences Central University of Himachal Pradesh Soumyaranjan Dash ; CUHP13PAS27

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Symmetry Operations on BCl3 Molecule and the algebra of Molecular symmetry operations.

Transcript of Molecular Symmetry

Molecular SymmetryAlgebra of Symmetry operationsDepartment of Physical and Astronomical SciencesCentral University of Himachal PradeshSoumyaranjan Dash ; CUHP13PAS27Plan of TalkSymmetries in MoleculesSymmetry OperationSymmetry ElementSymbol1N-fold rotationN-fold rotation axisCn2ReflectionMirror plane3N-fold rotation-reflectionN-fold rotation-reflection axisSn4InversionInversion centeri or Ci5IdentityIdentity elementI or ESymmetry operations in BCl3Where n is an integer value (1,2,3.....)Vertical plane rotation of BCl3can be written as C3(3 rotations)

Horizontal plane rotation of BCl3can be written as C2(2 rotations)Symmetry Operations on BCl3Algebra of Symmetry operationsAlgebra of Symmetry operationsSymmetry Operations on BCl3Two rotations about the same axis.Reflections through planes perpendicular to each other.The inversion and any reflection or rotation.Two C2 rotations about perpendicular axes.Rotation and reflection in a plane perpendicular to the rotation axis.The following operations always commute.

ReferencesChemistry in Our Life (Internet source)Symmetry operationMolecular Symmetry OperationsMolecular Structure and Spectroscopy ; G. Aruldhas ; Chapter 5.3

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