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MODIFICATION OF MODIFICATION OF CARBON CARBON STEEL STEEL WITH SELENIUM WITH SELENIUM AND AND TELLURIUM TELLURIUM N N A A T T I I O O N N A A L L M M E E T T A A L L L L U U R R G G I I C C A A L L A A C C A A D D E E M M Y Y O O F F U U K K R R A A I I N N E E Proydak Proydak Yuriy Yuriy Professor Professor Vice Rector Vice Rector Research& Development Research& Development

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Modif. de Acero Al Carbon ...

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  • MODIFICATION OF CARBON STEEL WITH SELENIUM AND TELLURIUMProydak Yuriy ProfessorVice RectorResearch& Development



  • Fig.1 MnS-MnSe diagram.

  • Fig. 2 The effect of [%Se]/[%S] fraction on a relative extension of l/F inclusions in carbon steels (A- steel 20; B- 204).

  • Fig.3 Fe-Se diagram.

  • Fig.4-5 The effect that MnSe (a) and MnTe (b) included into sulphoselenide and sulphotelluride inclusions has on their form changes (the ratio = l/a) in terms of carbon steel deformation.

  • = 5.1 0.278(MnSe) + 6.1110(MnSe) - 3.21105(MnSe)(r=0.814)= 5.1 0.281(MnTe) + 6.81210(MnTe) - 3.924105(MnTe)(r=0.817)nSe=[Se]:[S], nTe= [Te]:[S] = 2.5 2.448nSe + 1.6668n2Se 0.118n3Se (r=0.809)

    = 1.64 + 1.237 nTe - 0.1998 n2Te (r=0.542)

  • Fig.6 The effect of Se and Te on iron and iron-manganese alloy subcooling.Fig.7 Changes in average area of dendrite axes of carbon steel with peritectic and hyperperitectic content caused by different concentrations of Se and Te.

  • Melting A


    Melting B



  • Table 1. The effect of Se and Te on Subcooling of Phase Transitions.

  • Table 3. Properties of Modified Pipe-Steel.Table 2. Mechanical Properties of Modified Wheel Steel.

    nSe,MPa,%KCU, MJ/m at the temperature, Cl/F,mm/mmF,%+20-20-40-60520301.250.850.800.5580.28510311.200.900.790.726170.59520321.300.950.750.76480.9520301.200.900.800.69712

    MetalsMPa, %KCU, MJ/m at the temperature C+200-20-40-60Tested910280.350. with Se950330.380.330.320.200.14Modified with Te910400.450.410.400.370.20