MLP-2 · PDF fileeffective face width: b=7 . pressure angle: αn=20 ... compliance with...

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Transcript of MLP-2 · PDF fileeffective face width: b=7 . pressure angle: αn=20 ... compliance with...


    Laser Probe Contour Measuring Instrument


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    Laser Probe Contour Measuring Instrument MLP-2


    * printer is optional

    dust-proof cover

    pc for control and evaluation

    measuring unit

    vibration isolator


  • 3

    Measuring Unit

    axis moving range resolution

    X 120mm 0.1m

    Y 90mm 0.1m

    Z 130mm 0.1m

    AF (R) 40mm 0.01m

    360 0.001

    Stage Part

    Principal Specifications 1. laser beam spot diameter: 1m (at 100 magnification 2. specimen size: 0.02mm80mm 3. measuring functions contour surface roughness gear profile cutting edge of tools roundness

    Laser Probe Contour Measuring Instrument MLP-2

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    Feature 1: Rotational Center Measuring Function

    measuring surface image

    measurement sight viewed from the upper camera

    Operation Screen (PC Monitor)

    Centering adjustment of specimens is NOT necessary since MLP-2 detects the dynamic center of the stage by measuring the standard ball.

  • 5

    Specimen (gear)


    cored bar

    objective lens

    * The specimen just sits on the top of the cored bar. * MLP-2 provides easy setup of a specimen and stress-free environment to it.

    Feature 2: Easy Setting

  • 6

    MLP-2 provides real-time view for measurement-points.

    cross-sectional profile display

    coordinate value display (m)

    the upper camera

    monitor for measurement-point

    Feature 3: Real Time Observation

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    Micro End mill 270m

    Measuring Equipment MLP-2


    Function 1: Contour Measurement * outside diameter: 266m * rake angle: 4.18 * flank angle: 13.03 * core thickness: 153m

  • 8

    1) Micro Glass Ball 20m * Best fit R20.74m * Roundness:0.064m

    Measuring Equipment MLP-2

    Function : Roundness Measurement

  • 9

    2) Micro Glass Ball 80m * Best fit Radius25.28m * Roundness:0.199m

    Measuring Equipment MLP-2

    Function : Roundness Measurement

  • 10 10

    SRM 2074 Certificate



    Ra 0.972 (0.025) 0.970 -0.002

    D 40.00 -0.02,+0.06

    40.017 +0.017

    Measuring Condition: *NIST Calibration certificate of SRM2074 (NIST) *Stylus tip width=2m *c=0.8mm L=4mm.


    Function : Roughness Measurement

    MLP-2 (Laser Probe): *Objective lens :100x(NA=0.8) *Spot diameter=1m *c=0.8mm L=4mm

    Specimen: NIST Roughness Standard

  • 11




    objective lens

    Function 4: Gear Profile Measurement

  • 12

    Measuring Example

    Specimen: Helical Gear Gear Specification module: m=0.27 number of teeth: Z=34 pitch diameter: d=9.709 effective face width: b=7 pressure angle: n=20 helical angle: =19R transfer coefficient: Xn=0 processing method: grinding processing machine: STRAUSAK







  • 13

    Result of Gear Profile Measurement MLP-2 measures the entire profile of the specimen!

    m=0.27 =34 d=9.709 n=20 =19R xn=0


  • 14

    MLP-2 detects involute deviation at sub m level!

    right tooth flank: Max FR=2.9m

    left tooth flank: Max FL=2.9m

    slider for tooth number selection

    Evaluation of Tooth Profile Deviation

  • 15

    single pitch deviation: Max fpt=1.07m

    pitch variation: Max ftu=1.56m

    total cumulative deviation: Max Fp=3.55m

    radial run-out: Max Fr=3.89m

    right tooth flank

    decentering elimination function

    Evaluation of Pitch Deviation & Radial Run-Out

  • 16

    Transmission Error Evaluation Mesh Diagram

    calculated master gear


  • 17

    Mesh Simulation MLP-2 provides dynamic tooth contact evaluation!

    calculated master gear


  • 18

    Result of Transmission Error Calculation

    right tooth flank: Max Error=3.314m Min Error=-3.261m

    left tooth flank: Max Error=4.734m Min Error=-3.434m

  • 19

    Roughness Evaluation of Tooth Profile

    compliance with JIS B 0601:2001 *c: 0.08mm * c: 0 * l: 0.08mm * ln: 0.56mm * Rp: 1.73857 m * Rv: 1.44714 m * Rz: 3.18571 m * Rc: 1.69894 m * Rt: 5.72 m * Ra: 0.547196 m * Rq: 0.678878 m * Rsk: 0.0215829 * Rku: 3.09934 * RSm: 10.153 m * Rmr(c): 0

    Roughness Calculation

    Cross-Section of Tooth Profile

    Drawing Specification: R6.3m Measurement Result: R = 3.2m

  • 20

    Comparison with CAD Data

    magnified view of the error designed value: measured value:

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    MLP-2Laser Probe Contour Measuring InstrumentMLP-2Laser Probe Contour Measuring InstrumentMLP-2Feature 1: Rotational Center Measuring FunctionFeature 2: Easy Setting 6 7 8 9 10 11Measuring ExampleResult of Gear Profile MeasurementEvaluation of Tooth Profile DeviationEvaluation of Pitch Deviation & Radial Run-OutTransmission Error EvaluationMesh SimulationResult of Transmission Error CalculationRoughness Evaluation of Tooth ProfileComparison with CAD Data 21