Metallic glass

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Transcript of Metallic glass

  • 1. Material Science

2. T = 1,000,000 C / s 3. Non-crystalline, amorphous structureNo dislocationsNo grain boundaries High elastic limit High strength 4. Discovered (1960s)California Institute of TechnologyWilliam L. JohnsonAtakan PekerMetals used:CopperNickelZirconiumBerylliumTitanium 5. Golf clubs Fishing rods Car bumpers Aircraft skins Artificial joints Dies Cutting tools Others 6. Small dimensions (due to cooling) Raw materials expensiveApprox. from $500 per pound Production expensive 7. HOT SPARKS FLY FROM A NOTCHEDSAMPLE OF BULK METALLIC GLASSFRACTURED BY A BLOW FROM APENDULUMFRACTURED SURFACE SHOWSEVIDENCE OF LOCAL MELTING