MEMS Technologies Dresden - Fraunhofer IPMS ?? MEMS Technologies Due to our focus on CMOS compatible...

download MEMS Technologies Dresden - Fraunhofer IPMS ?? MEMS Technologies Due to our focus on CMOS compatible ... B1500 / EG4090¼ / UF3000EX Keysight Matrix up to 72 channels, wafer size

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Transcript of MEMS Technologies Dresden - Fraunhofer IPMS ?? MEMS Technologies Due to our focus on CMOS compatible...

  • F R A U N H O F E R I N S T I T U T E F O R P H O T O N I C M I C R O S Y S T E M S I P M S

    MEMS Technologies Dresden

  • Fraunhofer IPMS provides:

    200 mm wafer processing in

    a 1500m2 (15,000 ft2) clean

    room facility

    Clean room cleanliness of

    ISO14644-1 Class 4

    CMOS compatibility

    3-shift operations

    at 24 hours / 5 days

    Integrated Manufacturing

    Execution System ensures

    quality fabrication

    Very few foundries are able to provide

    comprehensive services from con-

    cept design to marketable products.

    Fraunhofer IPMS provides these foundry

    services for individual steps in process or

    technology modules for micro-electro-

    (opto)-mechanical systems (MEMS &

    MOEMS) while covering the entire value

    chain from technology and product

    development to pilot fabrication.

    Our services comprise feasibility studies,

    simulations of critical parameters and

    process flows, single process develop-

    ment design and prototyping of low- to

    medium-volume production. We con-

    duct complete electrical and nonelectri-

    cal tests and reliability examinations as

    well as microsystem characterization.

    In addition to our extensive experience

    and know-how with micro-scanning

    mirrors and spatial light modulators, we

    provide broad expertise in manufactur-

    ing standard MEMS such as pressure

    sensors, photo diodes, ion-sensitive field

    effect transistors and organic field effect

    transistors (OFETs) as well as back-end

    for IR thermopiles.

    MEMS Clean Room

  • Fraunhofer IPMS develops micro-

    electro-mechanical (MEMS) and


    (MOEMS) systems, products and

    technologies. Using our 200mm

    state-of-the-art clean room

    facility, our services range from

    feasibility studies to process

    technology development all the

    way to complete fabrication pro-

    cesses including prototyping and

    pre-series manufacturing for the

    rapidly growing fields of sensors

    and actuators. We are offering

    our deep technological exper-

    tise in the fields of bulk MEMS

    and surface MEMS as well as the

    monolithic integration of MEMS-


    Bulk Micromachining

    Bulk micromachining allows us to cre-

    ate moveable and electrically isolated

    three-dimensional structures into silicon

    substrate (the bulk). Using excellent

    mechanical and electrical (by doping)

    properties of monocrystalline silicon,

    Fraunhofer IPMS applies dry deep-silicon

    etch processes (Bosch),wet etch pro-

    cesses (TMAH) and dedicated deposition

    processes to fabricate e.g. MEMS scan-

    ners, pressure or infrared sensors.

    Surface Micromachining

    Using CMOS compatible surface micro-

    machining technologies, Fraunhofer

    IPMS generates microstructures apply-

    ing sequences of deposition and etching

    processes of multiple structural layers.

    Moveable parts such as micro-mirrors

    or oscillating plates are manufactured

    by deposition of these materials on

    top of inorganic sacrificial layers (e.g.

    a-Si, SiO2) and a final release using high

    selective dry etch processes.

    Manufacturing Technologies

    MEMS-on-CMOS Technology

    Fraunhofer IPMS is offering the complete manufacturing chain to apply bulk and

    surface micromachining on customized CMOS substrates for applications such as

    spatial light modulators, capacitive micro-machined ultrasonic transducers (CMUTs)

    and other sensor or actuator arrays. Using foundry-fabricated CMOS backplanes,

    we are able to shorten development times for these highly integrated devices fo-

    cusing on MEMS-CMOS interface, MEMS integration and fabrication.

  • Services at a GlanceFraunhofer IPMS customers benefit from

    both our extensive experience in R&D

    and fabrication as well as our expertise

    in diverse fields of application. Scanning

    mirrors and spatial light modulators are

    examples of technologies developed at

    Fraunhofer IPMS which have prompted

    our successful cooperation with industry

    partners and we have manufactured

    pressure sensors for the automotive

    industry and photo diodes in our clean

    room for years. Due to strong and

    trusted relationships within our network

    of excellent partners in the semiconduc-

    tor / MEMS ecosystem, Fraunhofer IPMS

    is uniquely positioned to offer clients

    products and services well beyond our

    intrinsic capabilities. This is particularly

    demonstrated in both the distinguished

    ADMONT (Advanced Distributed Pilot

    Line for More-than-Moore Technologies)

    project and the Fraunhofer High Perfor-

    mance Center Functional Integration in

    Micro- and Nanoelectronics.

    Feasibility study and simulation for MEMS products and processes

    Process development (200 mm, CMOS compatible)

    ASIC design & layout

    Complete analog, digital and mixed-signal design and simulation

    Integration of actuators and sensors


    Tools: CADENCE

    MEMS design & layout

    Expertise in physical domain simulation

    Reduced order models


    Pilot-fabrication for complete MEMS products

    Characterization, test & reliability

    Electrical (analog, mixed signal)


    Non electrical (mechanical, optical)

    Physical parameter extraction

    System design and integration

    Foundry services for individual processes or sequences

    (also for selected 150 mm process steps)

    Added Value

    Comprehensive competencies

    in surface and bulk micro-


    One-stop-shop for your spe-

    cific requirements along the

    entire value chain

    State-of-the-art clean room

    facility capable of low- to

    mid-volume pilot production

    Intensive engineering sup-

    port for manufacturing

    processes in 24-hour / 5-day


  • More Information:





    Research and Development across Several LocationsThe Research Fab Microelectronics

    Germany (FMD) will be a unique offer

    to the German and European semicon-

    ductor and electronics industry. This

    cooperation of 13 research institutes

    (11 Fraunhofer and 2 Leibniz institutes)

    connects all processes and infrastruc-

    ture available to serve major areas of

    technology that are essential to the

    research, development and (pilot)

    fabrication of micro- and nanosystems

    whether it is for information gathering

    and processing, telecommunications, or

    power electronics. The FMD is divided

    into four key areas (technology parks)

    III / V semiconductors, silicon based

    technologies, hetero-integration and

    design / testing / reliability.

    Investments in Fraunhofer IPMS MEMS TechnologiesDue to our focus on CMOS compatible

    Bulk and Surface MEMS and MOEMS

    technologies and its MEMS-on-CMOS

    integration we will strengthen our

    portfolio in these areas for future needs.

    A major step is the implementation of a

    200 / 300mm DUV lithography to shrink

    MEMS features size, to connect the

    MEMS part with required CMOS nodes

    and to pave the way for 300mm MEMS

    development. Further investments are

    dedicated to processes for manufactur-

    ing of high reflective mirrors from DUV

    to NIR range, to expand available range

    of sensor materials and its characteriza-


  • Wafer Processing Capabilities

    Service Process Details Core Equipment


    i-Line i-Line Lithography for 400 nm L / S NSR-2205i 14E2 | Nikon

    Spin and Spray Coating SK-80EX| Screen

    Contact, Proximity Double-side Mask Aligner MA 200 GEN 3| SUSS

    High Topology Spray Coater EV101| EVG

    Deposition, Diffusion, Oxidation, CMP

    PE-CVD Silicon Oxide as ILD and Sacrificial Layers

    a-Si:H as Sacrificial Layers

    Silicon Nitride for Passivation / Membranes Centura| Applied Materials

    HDP Oxide as ILD and Sacrificial Layers

    SiGe as Construction Layer

    LP-CVD Poly-silicon for Trench Fill / Sacrificial Layer

    Silicon Oxide for Insulator, Membranes E1550 HT 320-4| Centroterm

    Silicon Nitride, Low Stress Silicon Nitride (200 MPa)

    PVD Sputtering Al, AlSiCu, Ti, TiN for Interconnects Sigma 204| SPTS

    Ta, Ta2O5, HfO2 for Chemical Sensors and Barriers

    Al, TiAl, Al-Alloys for Mirrors and Hinges CS400S| Von Ardenne

    SiO2, Al2O3 for Optical Coatings and Barriers

    Evaporation Al, SiO2, Al2O3 PLS 570| Balzers

    Atomic Layer Deposition SiO2, Al2O3, HfO2 P-300| Picosun

    Oxidation Thermal, SiO2 (horizontal) Inotherm

    Thermal, SiO2 (vertical) Alpha 8SE | TEL

    Rapid Thermal Annealing Annealing Heatpuls 8800| OEMgroup

    Chemical Mechanical Polishing Si, SiO2 DESICA| Applied Materials

    Etching / Cleaning

    Dry Etch Metal etch (Al / Al alloys) ALLIANCE 9600PTX| LAM

    Dielectrics & Polysilicon Etch (SiO2, Si3N4, PolySi, a-Si)

    Deep Silicon Etch (Bosch Process) Fine Deep Trenches with High Aspect Ratio up to 25:1

    Omega fxP| SPTS

    Gas Phase Release Techniques HF-GPE for SiO2 MEMS-CET system| Primaxx

    XeF2 for a-