Mecanismos Mechanism. Механизма. Механизам. Mécanisme. Механізму. Meccanismo. Mecanisme. Mechanismus. Mexanizmi. Μηχανισμός. Mekanismi. Mecanwaith. Mechanisme. Mechanizm. Mekanisme. Mehānisms. Mechanizmus. Mekanisme


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Механизма. Механизам. Mécanisme. Механізму. Meccanismo.

Mecanisme. Mechanismus. Mexanizmi. Μηχανισμός.

Mekanismi. Mecanwaith. Mechanisme.

Mechanizm. Mekanisme. Mehānisms. Mechanizmus. Mekanisme

Mehānisms. Mecanismos.

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Mechanismus. Mecanism. Mechaniz.

Introduction.MechanismsThis document is written in such a way so that we can understand the direction they are taking things in a general way, under certain circumstances, and that the mechanisms are the guide that determines the final conclusion in this case we see that when we start from a point, find a conclusion, and if in the same subject from a different point, you come to another, because of this we find radical differences between a line of thought and another, this apparent contradiction arises from the way in which we analyze the procedure point where we started, this serves to see the geography of ideas, we can also say that this document is aimed at seeing issues in physics, but can be applied to any subject, because we will see a variety of simple examples which seem to have no relation to the subject, but in general and particular will give us insight into why what happens happens and when it happens.Thus we expect the result of what we exposed light to a broader view, to find explanation to certain conclusions of an issue in particular, but fundamentally to change our way of determining a judgment in any matter in particular.Freedom of ideas, was imprisoned by our prejudices, and thanks to this we have somehow paid a high price, and that human ingenuity underwent chains, not truths both chains, chains rather virtual and imaginary produced by our thoughts.In the same way that God delivered us from condemnation, that fell on us, and we were bound to chains of slavery, through the remission of our sins, giving us freedom and forgiveness, and a new mindset based on what is grant us, our thinking on this issue in particular, brought us together with freedom, a new way of thinking, being freed from slavery in the law that condemned us, now walk for freedom of His grace, we behave as individuals new beginning in our thoughts change, resulting in a new life, not only in thought but also in the actions, which were enriched in every way, and thanks to this we have a new life.If you look like a guy I meet in this case such a referral, we will find that there was a beginning, we can roughly be summarized as an act of God, remission, a document that holds the background and tools {The Bible } can be included in the particular individual sent to announce that last fact, but that is currently in effect.Under this thinking, I want to use courier doing the work, because I think that men's lives are linked, and form bonds, that not only in the present tense, because thanks to writing, we can make a difference, since For example I know the thoughts, ideas, and Issac Newton work or life and part of the path of the Apostle Paul, it is no coincidence that we know someone in particular, both in the present and in the past, since under the idea that everything seems to be due to chance, we conclude that it was an accident, but as an intelligent gather that on certain issues in particular, and was not the result of chance this fact in particular. As an

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example I will say, that if I am planing to travel to some place in particular, and I do, not by chance, we can say that is the product of intelligence, parallel meeting was an act of mine, that way as I said, determined that redemption is an act of God.So add that if you're reading this document, it is because it should be, because maybe your location is in the country of Russia, and I wrote this document in northern Mexico, we have different languages, different cultures, is difficult to come to believe that two people who live thousands of miles apart, they can contact if we see the law of probabilities, there is hardly any of which could be known, even in this case that you and I we know so impersonal, from each other, I will conclude, to understand my reasoning would have to know a lot of information about me, then in my opinion, it is not necessary to know why write this document, or who I am and where I live, if I'm alive or am part of a generation of two centuries ago, or 3,000 years ago that was present in the world, the important thing here is that it was written, I come to your hands, and you read it.

MechanismsWe can classify them into three classes, the mechanisms of thought, natural mechanisms, and human mechanisms, product of the invention and ingenuity, {technology}.Document analysis.

1. - Mechanisms of thought.These mechanisms are the source of ideas, rooted in our brain, are part of what we call or know in part as spirit, can not be explained physically, and these mechanisms in complex form gave way to the development of tools and subsequently of the machinery used, and everything related to technology, we can see the evolution of communication, with this we find that the thoughts of individuals in particular, tend to be interconnected, thus obtained, a kind of mind collective, as in today, if we have sought to obtain information network search, the mechanisms of thought are the origin and basis of which, the cumulus and diversity of ideas, are are varied as training an individual is part of an undetermined number of factors, some of these are, their culture, language, secular education, religious education, in this multifaceted mass combinations are what guide us through our knowledge and experience to observation conclude our ideas, this tangle of wires call intelligence, intelligence is extremely complex, since the mechanisms that govern not have a precise formula, we can see the logic, as a mechanism of intelligence, but not we can say that logic is a tool that can account for example, will, character, desire for something in particular, the human spirit is beyond rational explanation.Circumstances adding to the already complex mechanisms, we found that these have considerable influence on the events, as compared to natural mechanisms, human intelligence is much more complex than anything known.We therefore conclude that intelligence can not explain it physically.

2. - Natural mechanism.Is every action of nature in our environment and in our universe, have a constant variation in particular and circumstantial, which are observable systematic and repetitive, are being considered, the universe is composed of diverse and varied mechanisms, also very complex, because the circumstances in which they operate are manifold, as we have said is

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why under certain circumstances obtain different results, as diverse as the universe itself.

3. - Mechanisms of human invention.The mechanisms of human invention are intended to achieve a result equal boilerplate systematically, perfect and accurate, what we call in general, tools and technology, also within the mechanisms of human invention have communication, verbal, written , and also by signals, resulting in a combination of all make the most complex system driven by humanity.Mechanisms, mechanics, machinery.A mechanism is a simple machine together, this study helps us to understand and make sense of the mechanics, we must first see ourselves as the mechanism that gives rise to the other, after this we can see the mechanics, this is an area of physics that analyzes the motion and rest of the body, this can be grouped into four blocks, classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, relativistic mechanics and quantum field theory, and in parallel we see the natural mechanisms, not can determine which interconnection is more or less direct consequence to guide us to the result, we can determine, is that together, they form a reality among the three, 1. - mechanisms of thought, 2.-natural mechanisms, and 3. - human mechanisms, the three are a combination of everything.We can analyze the mechanisms, without first taking a look, to organic life, and consequently to intelligent life, and we need an analysis start at the beginning, referring in a very simple and general genetics.

1. - Mechanisms of thought.These are complex, we can say that they are conditioned to our knowledge and learning, which give logic to things, the mechanics of thought is a number of different examples, with its diversity, as an idea or concept.The relatively recent discoveries of the human genome, we give an overview of the amazing complexity of our body, and certainly not less complex, is the determination of our genes that makes us different from each other, so form, which in any species are two completely identical individuals, and if there are two genetically identical beings, either natural or artificial, these, that somehow genetically identical, we see that are different in the way they think and behave , to act, in short, are more complex beings hitherto known.Consider this from the view and perspective of an observer, to an impartial determine and analyze righteous judgment, we must establish a different perspective, that is why we have to raise the issue of the mechanisms of thought, this has nothing to do with brain mechanisms, since in general we can say this, the brain, an organ with which we link everything, and operates on a system even incomprehensible, electrical communication signals and complex mechanisms interconnection are thinking, ideas and concepts, reason for this analysis, since this analysis if we speak of classical mechanics, for example, not aportaríamos anything with this document, just as talk of quantum mechanics, relativistic mechanics or quantum field theory, we would be emissaries of these lines of thought, the main purpose is not to see the mechanisms as an individual matter, as this document shows the diversity as a whole as a whole, and not because I consider the branches mechanics wrong, but rather that the purpose of this document is to provide and show things from a different point, somehow see what is hidden to the naked eye, because of the complexity, understand the concept itself, not only way to see a new concept, and at the same time establish a line that leads to conclusions regarding physical, since classical mechanics is well studied and we saw anything of this may not bring anything new, if analysis is based on preconceived notions and current knowledge, any mechanics that apply to the same point of

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view, will result in reaching the same conclusions, so it is important to analyze before, see things from another angle, and that if we want to show another point of view we also need other arguments logically and that these are properly structured, supported by logic should also be innovative and accurate, that our opinion on the issue has some depth.Generally humans have lines of thought which lead us to determine our judgment and opinion on a topic {x}, when these lines of thought vary, is when we get a different summary of certain event {x}, which means that if we add 2 +2- mathematically the result will always be 4, but if for example to do a different operation vary, for example 2-2 - the result will be different, then we find that if only simple math for us be used only to add, the result of such logic would always be the same, where 2 +2- get 4, this is more interesting when we see different lines of thought, we saw in the mechanics, it can be grouped into blocks, which said are 4, classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, relativistic mechanics and field theory, under the vision of the first, and with the evidence and rationale of this, we find it successful, but we can see the other party is not absolute if it had not evolved the idea of mechanics, today, we would have a line of thinking based on our knowledge of classical mechanics, but today we not only have the idea of classical mechanics, since as we said we mechanics summarized in four main blocks, we find that diversification of mechanics, and not the same as the other lines of thought different shapes and forms made formulas, some are just good ideas that can not be proven, but it is important consider all lines of thought, as this opens doors to find variants that can be lines of thinking to help us find an explanation, to certain facts {x}, in a particular situation, that through the classical mechanics, can not be explained, invariably, when in physics, there are changes, they take a long time to be accepted, and sometimes when these results are accepted, and we have another way of looking at things, and invariably also take much longer to recognize the reasoning of these four blocks together mechanics have not been able to solve specific facts regarding physical situations, consequently we now have a void that can not be filled, but we hereby have a broader view of the subject, I will add that, in my view, is just my personal opinion, which in the final analysis, it is more than that, but I think it is important as well as the opinion of others, manifest.As we saw with the introduction, mechanics helps us track, to lead us through it.Begin our analysis, based on our own concept of time and space, which will determine as the time and place, respectively.Hopefully in this analysis, we can bring something new, with sanity and sense, since generally, all contributions are considered important lines of thought are generally outlandish, others are nothing more than fantasy, the main purpose of this research document , is seen in the mechanisms, an example to support or successfully withstand what is presented.Mechanisms, not only how to analyze the mechanics, it is also a way to analyze our personal thoughts, and thoughts together online, we turn to specific reasoning.

Examples.Between individuals and nations find that there are differences, that is visible, these differences are based on language, religion, food, and history, among others, but these four are part of what we call culture, when visiting a country that is not ours, we can see that is different, not only for the things that are based as we said, language, religion, food, and history, we also found that build their houses differently, their social and political organization, is different laws are radically different when compared between the road and our country we visited, which is customary in our country, not in theirs, because if we

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analyze these differences exist, we can find out, in the case how to make their homes this may be due to the materials at their disposal in their territory, and if we follow find the reasons, the interesting thing is that there are differences explicable, but something a little incomprehensible is that we are beings of the same species, shaped by other unexplained should point out that there are differences that can not be explained, for example in the same continent, where several countries, and they all have the same materials to build their homes, we find that the styles of them are different, for example there are radical differences between the style of the houses of the Japanese, and the styles of the Germans, and these in turn are different from the English, their deeper, we find that there are differences in the countries, internal differences, for example in Mexico, we have about 56 different indigenous groups, these ethnic groups also have a good number of well-marked differences, if we continue to deepen, we will find that in cities, there are differences between sectors of the same perimeter, and his instead, we find differences between neighbors in the same apartment complex, if we go further, we will find many differences between members of a family, we can say that they have in common, genetics, education, language, customs, the food, the habits, the same house, and all the things that a family have in common, but we find that even in these conditions, individuals are different, this is really interesting.ReasoningThere is no logical explanation, see this additional information to what is logic.,The logic is a formal science that studies the principles of valid demonstration and inference. The word derives from the ancient Greek λογική (logike), meaning "endowed with reason, intellectual, dialectical, argumentative" which in turn comes from λόγος (logos), "word, thought, idea, argument, reason or principle."The logic examines the validity of the arguments in terms of its logical structure, regardless of the specific content of the speech and the language used in his speech and real states where such content can refer.This is exactly what you want to say that logic is a science "formal".In general I can add, that logic is a number of common sense arguments, we conclude as true the reasoning of an individual, and give us a common result.The mechanisms of thought, are truly complex, not part of logic, for example, we find differences between religions, we take as a basis the major religions of our planet, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, among these We can find huge differences, and some can find matches, but we can say that there are more differences than similarities, this single fact alone gives us the evidence that what we learn is a key factor driving our mechanisms of thought, because on the one hand we have in Christianity, a line doomed to forgiveness and harmony among individuals, and other such characteristics are not, are focused in another direction, if we go deeper we will find that the same line, for example in Christianity, among those who profess to be part of this group, there are differences, which can be identified as a form of government, doctrines, practices, and many others, if we go deeper, we find that among members of the same group, to say the same local church, there are differences, because a member means a passage of his doctrine, one way, and another member not well understood, we find that there is a variant, this is really interesting because we share a same species, but do not share the same mechanisms of thought.Reasoning

Here are some arguments, for example, the theory of Darwinian evolution, this theory is quite logical to me, from the point of view with which Darwin concluded his vision, as it seems that species evolve and change, by observations, then found here, that what they

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saw before those developments, there was only one line of thought, this is the view of creation, what we see is that under this view of things, mathematics, ranging from 2 +2 is four, because it somehow, we must now 2-2 is zero, are the same numbers but different results, not because the numbers are different, because if we see closely, the numbers are the same , a pair of numbers 2, this does not mean that I believe in evolution, because I do not, but the lesson is that under different points of view, diversity is obtained, for example for me this evolution is a fact, but I am not referring to the evolution of species, since I do not believe that, but I think in a natural and progressive evolution of organisms as a defense in certain circumstances, for example we can see this evolution in humans, is a fact, not an idea, if we compare the hands of two men of different occupation, one of whom is an employee of a company that is responsible for collecting pineapples, this is a man who uses his hands for that fruit harvesting, and we also another individual who works in the construction of concrete buildings, if we make an examination of the hands of both men notice that the two individuals are of the same species, perhaps one of them lives in Hawaii, and one in Venezuela, but despite being of the same species, their hands are noticeably different, first one of them his hands are rough and coarse, thickened skin, and the other guy, as his hands are noticeably worn, so that their Fingerprints can hardly be seen, if seen in a general way, and we have accurate and specific information about everything related to the two individuals, this is that meet a man that planet are, that kind are, what your job is, and everything about them, the conclusion of our analysis and observation of the hands of these two individuals is, that they are not equal, the explanation is correct, the result of what you write down in case someone asks us to make a report, anotaríamos securely in the report, that because the two men work and play in different environments, one has skin thicker hands because he works in construction, your body is changing in your environment, your body and body being protected as such has a strong physical work, his hands were full of keys, in order to cope with their daily work, working with cement and bricks building walls, on the other hand also correctly conclude that the other individual, has its worn hands as for his work, which is collecting pineapples, juice of these is deteriorating your skin because fingerprints are almost unobservable, to summarize, we find the correct answer to the information we have to take the exam in some aspects we can apply the logic, but what happens if the review of this pair of individuals, is a little different,'s put it another way, suppose the test that we'll will make a couple of individuals who died in a plane crash, and these two individuals are not land, other species are different from ours, and this species is unknown to us, the accident he suffered in an unknown flying machine engineering, we know nothing of them, do not have the details daily work, presumably the result us to score on the exam, where we analyze the hands of those individuals of other species, concluded by saying, know the causes because the hands of those individuals are radically different, although they appear to be both the same species, the reasoning seems to be following a logical question here is, can we apply this same procedure in all cases, the best answer is, no.Happens, we can say that is a logical outcome of both tests, not only logical, it makes sense, then we find that we have a line of thought by which we conduct ourselves.Returning to Darwinian evolution, I personally find that the logical conclusions of Darwin, are incoherent or outlandish, but differ on what the end here, because I believe in the creation of all things by God, and I think God made everything, and this thought is not only that someone Doctrino me in this belief, since apart my arguments are supported also on my way to analyze what he saw, and what I see, I will add that I do not find , no teaching, to infer the opposite, namely that God did not say that things were not going to change made as a

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result, I believe that God made everything but naturally these change under certain circumstances, but I find that the power can determine whether a species over millions of years to give a completely different, as a result of a natural evolution, that I can not determine, since the information available, it is observable that species adapt to gradual changes in their environment , but then I find that species believed extinct for millions of years, were discovered today, and these are not physical, not evolve, that is comparing the fossils in which first the species thought to be extinct, and the live animal hurdle today, moreover regarding reproduction, some species reproduce with others of different species, such as equine, but does not seem sufficient reason to assume a different reasoning that I have now.Just as we can summarize that the different branches of mechanics, aim, pose, different results observed in our environment visible, first classical mechanics in general, based on testing see what happens macroscopically environment, and secondly quantum mechanics makes difference in position against things happening microscopically, so that what appears to disagree if we look together makes sense and logic, this is not because classical mechanics is wrong, or oppositely, quantum mechanics.Here's another guideline thoughts, humans are the best inventors hitherto known on this planet, the scholars in the field of physics, are the most prominent, thanks to observations of the widespread deterioration of things, someone posit a natural mechanism called entropy, This mechanism is responsible for all this steadily deteriorating, iron corrodes, and things are deteriorating steadily, based their application on these observations, further refined entropy cataloged as a magnitude, this thanks to in his analysis of things, observed that this happens across the board in the universe, so that we now have this line of thought in the college, and that those who determine what should be taught in classrooms, agreed in that it has raised enough arguments and it is true, therefore approved his teaching.On the other hand, and with another position that I have found this line of thought, since I based on a personal analysis of observations on the subject, I found that what they concluded to be true, for me it is not, since in my opposition I have many resources to bring down its findings and therefore his teachings, here are some examples of these teachings entropic, this has already been mentioned in other documents.The rate on the table, the rate falls off the table and shattering breaks and parts are scattered on the floor, teaching is mainly because things happen as they happen, and not in the opposite way, the idea is that because do not throw table pieces forming rate and fall rate, this observation we have what they see and analyzed before a fact is that there is deterioration of organization of all things in the universe.Something very interesting and it should be noted, is that what they conclude, of why things happen this way and not in the opposite way, is not adequate observation, since based their conclusions on partial observations of an event {x}, this is rate on the table for me and based on a more accurate and detailed observation of the facts, I see that in the first place if it happened in the opposite way that fact, since the rate before rate was a lot of mud, somewhere in any country, after it became a person that mud into a beautiful cup, not only that, I will say as a joke, and I believe this very personal, as in taste genres are broken, I think the man who fabricate the charge, he did so, that the rate we broke for the study of entropy, was a very nice rate, which was used for a lesson absurd, since before testing the rate someone put on the table , so I summarize, that before this test, it is shown that if things happen in the opposite way, and more elaborate, here again the claim that Immanuel Kant, is absolutely right and that man can not know things they are, as we simplify, things logically determining how we perceive, this is widespread in all the teachings that are used today as

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an example in the field of physics, we find the same result in another document saw teaching box of marbles, that removing the divisions are arranged in no particular order, with this teaching is shown as an example what happens at the molecular level, this means that the entropy governs and leads gradually to mess around in a more consistent, the same test box I would say marbles, the opposite happened first, because the first marbles were made of some material that was not at all round and the same size, for example glass, after that of the bark of a tree, by means of an elaborate process was manufactured housing which served for the test, say also happened that oppositely, as in a bag marbles were scrambled, and disrupted by color, but before test were the colors in a particular order, and lined the divisions between these, so we conclude that before the test, the incident occurred conclude that they do not happen, or that first organized the marbles and subsequent this is disrupted.We can see that organic life on our planet, naturally denies these facts entropic, as organic life, is a unique example of organization, if someone argues that the two previous tests in which I conclude that there is no such entropy , arguing that there was intervention of human intelligence, in my remarks by saying that naturally happens with every living organism, as we can see without a doubt that life is a process that comes from disorder to order, and not in the opposite way, this is also observable in every visible physical facts as now we can see how our universe has a way of arriving at a precise organization by others as we see it from where it had gas and matter without a predetermined order somewhere in some galaxy, through natural processes we see how a star is born, is born a system, and concluded that the best example of that entropy is chaotic product of fancy, this only exists in the human mind, and is poorly made product analysis.Therefore mechanisms of thought is the best way to start a run, a further analysis of some event {x}, for any subject, Einstein's relativity where space is supposed to curve, where time and space, are united and flexible one thing, I see that the conclusion of this fact by way of seeing things is not based on actual physical verifiable facts, and also attach your procedure time and space wisely departed not from the beginning, since this theory of a universe already in process and changes, in my view, is ill-conceived theory of origin, and based on assumptions and mental exercises, which have no basis in fact, since the idea of eg Einstein, space, shows the force of gravity as nonexistent, which I do not think it right, as opposed to what is stated by Newton, that gravity is caused by the attraction of the mass, which raised by Einstein, can be dismantled easily, without a doubt, as I mentioned in another document, the gravity of Newton is successful because the oceans of our planet is proved, since so much water reacts to the force the gravity of the moon the moon, this proves beyond doubt that such an approach is that space which pushes toward the planets, it seems to me totally crazy, because if it were true raised by Einstein would not have tides ocean, the ocean will not be bent in the direction of the moon as space would push in the opposite way, the curvature of time and space, I must admit it is a very original, but it bases its concept of time and space, on assumptions unfounded, since time and space, lack of personality.

In terms of physics, we want to solve everything with logic and mathematics, and give a rational operation all things when we know beforehand that under special circumstances, a certain event {x}, and not result in what we assume must happen. Here we must separate what is possible, what is probable, are two words that look the same, but are two words that mean something entirely different.We conclude that the mechanisms of thought, are not regulated and do not contain a formula predictable actions are diverse and complex, and we are far from being able to

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determine how to control them or prosecute them, as this is in the first place, humanly impossible.

Natural Mechanisms

Consider some mechanisms, for example, as in a logical sequence have as one leads the other.SpaceMatterTimeLightGravityChemistryThe energyOrganic lifeThese mechanisms can see them as separate parts but components of the universe as a whole, the mechanics of some of them we can say that seem to obey a rule, with few variations, although this is not a rule, but may be predictable, and mathematically calculable, one such is the force of gravity, this mechanism seems to be the engine of energy, and universal cause of the organization we know of the cosmos,If we start from the beginning will be easier to reach a successful conclusion, we can see the space where the mechanism is played by others, in particular space can say it is the mechanism where matter moves without resistance, this can not mathematically qualify or quantify it, because his opposition to the matter we can say is no, and the way they interact with matter is nonexistent, a mechanism is predictable and unchanging, it can not be calculable, as far as we can see in Today seems infinite.Matter, we see this as a mechanism that gives rise to all matter is in constant change and transformation, in constant motion, of this we can say that there is never the same amount in the universe.The time is the mechanism that allows for us to relate the facts and material changes in trajectory.The light we consider the mechanism of nature, which disseminates and propagates at speed of the matter.Gravity is a mechanism, which can be described as only one aspect of the matter, it appears that this mechanism is inherent and dependent on matter, because if we see it from another angle, we can say of this force, which does not exist in independent, as it is driven only to matter, in other words the subject is the only one with the force of gravity, this acts at a distance and by contact.Chemistry, this natural mechanism as we can see different elements reaction when in contact.Energy is the mechanism, we can see only as an aspect of the matter, since we can label it as accelerating matter in any way we see it, we will come to the same conclusion, that energy is quite simply accelerating field .Organic life, we can describe it as the special mechanism of the universe, and that by itself this can procreate, reproduce, maintain and sustain, as a unique feature, under certain circumstances can turn what on intelligent breeds.These mechanisms as we assume, are the product of a singularity, or as we can simply say that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, as it appears logically agree

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that our entire universe have a beginning, in any form we see basically the same thing, the first these mechanisms to put it another way, make the mechanics, studied by our species, in a very general way we can say more or less accurate as we understand it. Next, in the first empty space, a burst which we describe as the Big Bang, begins the complex process of formation of our universe, matter is spread all over the space after this and surely the look we described the matter as gravity begins its process focusing on specific points and gas field, with time this appears in a simultaneous fact, everything happens in an instant, the aspect we call time, known as gravity inherent aspect , and another aspect we call energy, since the force of gravity, the mixture of different materials fired chemistry mechanism, which at once the sky lit up, giving way to light, after this the mechanisms multiforme connection brings forth life.Of these mechanisms must be noted, are not subject to regulated or specified mathematically, because if we look carefully, are constantly changing and circumstances specific points generate variants as the same way we have plenty of stars with different materials that compose them, but all consider stars, we find that under certain circumstances we can point to as special variants will increase.ExamplesExample 1. - The stuff we can not encapsulate the material in a simple equation, Emc, 2, since under close observation can not be explained by the very nature of this, much less variations with respect to the matter to energy.Example 2. - The force of gravity, we can consider a law to a mathematical equation or conclusion to describe with any accuracy, the specific facts of the matter, these facts to determine them as a law, must be observable and invariable throughout the universe, no exception to the rule, but we found that even within these estimates consider accurate, that law can not by itself provide an explanation for facts also observable in the universe, such as the stars later or external galaxies, variants are irreconcilable with what we consider the law, these, under the calculations and the law can not explain its physical behavior, compared to the stars that are more within a galaxy.Example 3. - The virtual time of human invention, can not be accurate because there is no sufficiently precise technology that measures, in terms of natural time, we can say this goes without stopping, as it is the physical changes of the matter in a path.The light we consider the natural mechanism of nature to spread in space.We can summarize these natural mechanisms are subject to constant change, and in each and every one of them are variants.Human mechanisms.Human mechanisms, we view them as mechanisms artificial intelligence product, these are designed in order to benefit from its use, used to facilitate work.From the beginning human ingenuity development tools, such as a spear, which was invented in order to facilitate hunting to provide food, it has gradually evolved by the invention and ingenuity, such tools increasingly complex, mainly in the area of communication, but focus our attention to only two human inventions, with enough to show that line of thought, these two inventions are internal combustion engines and electric motors, the motors are characterized, having a repetitive and systematic operation, but we can find variants functioning as internal combustion engines vary in fuel consumption, depending on where in the world they operate, because if we see what you spend on fuel in southern Americas vary compared to what they spend in Ecuador, that because they operate under different temperatures altitude and many other factors.Electric motors Similarly, in laboratory testing shows that not only consumption but in a

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different place in the same place where they test this is variable, even within the variability that is stable, but in other words stability in electric motors, are variable.Conclusion and Summary.As a general summaryWe can say that is visible and probably a universal variant, which as a consequence prevents formulate physical laws with specific character of magnitude, as can be calculated only matter physics.Just as this variant allows a general physical laws, but in no way can be considered matter physics accurate, this extremely complex due to the multitude of circumstances in which he serves our universe.


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