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Transcript of Marketing Research - Evian

  • 1. U.C. Berkeley Extension MarkeCng Research Peter Young 2010evianresearchproject Caterina Simone5o Marcelo Brescia Sherly Cho Takumi Kodani
  • 2. SUMMARY 1 Company overview 2 Evian water 3 Target 4 Competitive profile 5 Research objectives 6 Survey methodology 7 Research results 8 Recommendations
  • 3. COMPANY OVERVIEW French brand Owned by Danone Group Entered in US market in 1978 Brand line: healthy and beauty products
  • 4. EVIAN WATER Traditional and online media High quality water spring + sponsorships water from the Alps New signature message 04 different sizes + limited Live Young edition packaging Environment friendly Premium water Presented in superstores and pharmacies
  • 5. TARGET All ages Higher discretionary incomes Multi-ethnic people TARGET 2 Healthy and authentic lifestyle TARGET 1 Well-Informed (normally know about the product that they are buying) Concerns over the environmental issues
  • 6. COMPETITIVE PROFILE HIGH PRICE Hard competition involving quality (mostly focusing on source types) and prices PRICE Environmental positioning is no more an option, but a necessity LOW PRICE Increasing of threats, such as tap water and flavored water SPRING WATER PURIFIED WATER SOURCE TYPES
  • 7. RESEARCH OBJECTIVES Where is Evian standing in the U.S. market? How do U.S. consumers see Evian ? What should Evian do towards the future in the U.S. market?
  • 8. SURVEY METHODOLOGY Survey of convenience Self-administered online survey @ Survey Share 12 structured questions: 1 to 3 demographic data 4 to 8 customers relation with bottled water 9 to12 specific variables related to Evian
  • 9. SURVEY RESULTS 82 RESPONSES 52% FEMALE 48% MALE -88% buy bottles of water 1) How often -51% of people who purchase bottled water are young (between 25-32 years old) do people purchase bottled water? -41% at work 2) When do people drink water? -26% of men at home -28% of women during exercises -41% of men :Price 3) Factors considered when -49% women :Quality purchasing water 4) Perception of Evian High Quality Premium water
  • 10. SURVEY RESULTS 40% of the interviewee answered that the best 5) Evians pricing pricing is between $0.82 -$1.25 -People over 41 years old Then, who is the most -Surprisinlgy 22.5% of young people between price sensitive? 18-24 yrs old are willing to pay more for quality High Quality perception both in Females and 6) Factors who influence the Males purchase -38% said: cheaper bottled water (Aquafina and Dasani). 7) Threats to Evian (42% of these are people from 18-40 years old) -24% said :tap water -24% :Crystal Geyser 8) Evians competitors -23% : Fiji -28% : others
  • 11. RECOMMENDATIONS FACT 1: almost 90% bottled water + 75% bottled water more than once/week RECOMENDATION 1: Keep developing sustainable actions FACT 2: 40% normally consume bottled water while working RECOMMENDATION 2: Direct part of communication/distribution to workplace
  • 12. RECOMMENDATIONS FACT 3: The biggest competitor of Evian = Crystal Geyser + other cheaper" brands RECOMMENDATION 3A: Start offering other types of benefits to their consumers (ex) sweepstakes, special events, cross-selling, etc. RECOMMENDATION 3B: Develop some contents to get closer to the target RECOMMENDATION 3C: Expand distribution to convenience stores in office areas
  • 13. RECOMMENDATIONS FACT 4: The majority considers Evian high quality/premium water RECOMMENDATION 4A: Focus of the campaign in the other benefits that Evian can offer to their consumers RECOMMENDATION 4B: Develop a more in-depth survey FACT 5: Constant price reduction - specific brands and/or private labels brands RECOMMENDATION 5: Maintain premium positioning + develop brand extension line with further focus in the low household income segment
  • 14. U.C. Berkeley Extension MarkeCng Research Peter Young 2010evianresearchproject Caterina Simone5o Marcelo Brescia Sherly Cho Takumi Kodani