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Transcript of Lipid metabolism ketone body metabolism ppt BIOCHEMISTRY

  • 1.Dr. Vijay Marakala, MBBS, MD. Assistant professor BIOCHEMISTRY SIMS & RC

2. Definition Significance Synthesis Utilization Ketosis 3. DEFINITION Ketone bodies are metabolic products that are produced in excess during excessive breakdown of fatty acids. 4. Acetone Acetoacetate - hydroxybutyrate 5. Alternate sources to glucose for energy Production of ketone bodies under conditions of cellular energy deprivation Utilization of ketone bodies by the brain 6. Site Pathway Regulation 7. Ketone bodies are synthesized only in liver 8. Level 1 Lipolysis INSULIN GLUCAGON Level 2 Entry of fatty acid to mitochondria CAT-I Level 3 Oxidation of acetyl CoA OXALOACETATE 9. Ketone bodies are not oxidized in the liver. Utilized in extrahepatic tissues such as brain, heart, skeletal muscle and kidney 10. -Hydroxybutyrate CoA transferase Thiolase KETOLYSIS 11. Ketosis is a disorder of excessive production of ketone bodies 12. Carbohydrate deprivation Prolonged starvation Impaired uptake of glucose by the peripheral tissues Uncontrolled diabetes mellitus 13. Ketonemia Ketonuria Acetone breath Metabolic acidosis Hyperkalemia 14. In plasma hydroxybutyrate In urine Rotheras test Acetoacetate 15. Provision of glucose to the tissues Starvation carbohydrate ingestion Diabetes mellitus glucose and insulin Correction of acid-base and electrolyte imbalance Bicarbonate administration Reverses hyperkalemia