LHCf Detectors

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LHCf Detectors Sampling Calorimeter W 44 r.l , 1.6λ I Scintilator x 16 Layers Position Detector Scifi x 4 (Arm#1) Scilicon Tracker x 4(Arm#2) Detector size Arm#1 Arm#2 LHC Ring ATLAS

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Arm#1. Arm#2. LHCf Detectors. LHC Ring. ATLAS. Sampling Calorimeter W 44 r.l , 1.6λ I Scintilator x 16 Layers Position Detector Scifi x 4 (Arm#1) Scilicon Tracker x 4(Arm#2) Detector size W90 x D280 x H620. Where we are with Arm1?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • LHCf DetectorsSampling Calorimeter W 44 r.l , 1.6I Scintilator x 16 LayersPosition Detector Scifi x 4 (Arm#1) Scilicon Tracker x 4(Arm#2) Detector size W90 x D280 x H620LHC RingATLAS

  • Where we are with Arm1?Arm1 was fully assembled in Japan in July 2006 (scintillators + fibers + Tungsten) and brought to CERN for the Beam Test

  • Where we are with Arm2?Plastic scintillators + Light guides + Tungsten: Production in Japan finished in July 2006They were brought in Florence end of JulyFirst Silicon module (Milestone INFN):Production in Florence finished in July 2006Assembly of Arm2 for beam test was done in Florence in August 2006Arm2 was brought at CERN for the beam test on August 16, 2006To complete Arm2 3 more silicon modules are necessaryWe will finish the modules before ChristmasArm1 and Arm2 are now both in Florence clean roomsFinal integration of Arm2 will be done before March 2007

  • Florence clean room (thanks to CMS!!!!!)

  • Pre-calibrationsFor all PMTsPMT gain at "1 MIP" was pre-calibrated by using plastic scintillator with 90Y beta ray. HV dependence of gain was measured with all PMTs by using N2 laser.Saturation effect was measured up to 7 TeV gamma shower maximum. For all ScintillatorsThe position dependence of light yield was measured to make correction tablesFor Scifi & MAPMTsGain and photon yield difference of each channel was measured by 12C ion beam.

  • Pre-calibrationsPosition dependence of light yield of scintillator PMT Linearity checked by N2 Laser.

  • Beam test @ SPSArm1 & Arm2 were delivered to Cern on August 16, 2006They were set up for the beam testBeam period: August 28, September 4H4 Test AreaElectrons up to 200 GeVProtons up to 350 GeVMuonsGoal of the test beam:Energy calibration of the calorimeterMeasurement of the spatial resolution of silicon systemFlorence telescope (ADAMO) is used to precisely reconstruct tracks

  • SPS Beam Test CERN : SPS T2 H4 2006 Aug. 28 Sep. 4 Incident ParticlesProton 150,350GeV/cElectron 100,200GeV/cMuon 150GeV/cSetupDAQ rate 1kHz at Arm#1( fast enough for 7 TeV run)

  • Event View - electron -Shower profile re-constructed from ADC of Scifi 200GeV/c Electron Beam Event @ 40mm Calorimeter.ADC of scintillator Layer 0 - 11 : 2 r.l. step Layer 12 -16 : 4 r.l. step

  • Event View - proton -Proton 350GeV/c40mm Calorimeter ADC40mm shower profile6r.l.10r.l.30r.l.42r.l.Incident PositionArm1 40mmTower the Other Event

  • Status of AnalysisAnalysis of H4 beam line test is under going. Data and MC show reasonable agreement even at very preliminary stage. Now checking energy scale, energy resolution, position dependence, position resolution, particle identification. ADC distribution of third plastic scintillator layer (6r.l.) for 200GeV electron

  • Few plots of the beam test results for siliconA high energy electron shower seen on x and y silicon ~ 5 ADC countsXY

  • Energy measured100 GeV electronsHigh GainXY

  • Energy measured350 GeV protonsHigh GainXY

  • Now the integration in LHCAll the cables have been pulled on both sidesThe quartz fibers for calibration have been pulled on both sidesThe container for the fibers of Arm2 have been pulled, fibers will be installed laterInstallation and commissioning dates have been fixedLSS1L Bake-out of the section: December 2006;BRAN and LHCf commissioning: from 8/01/2007 to 26/01/2007;BRAN and LHCf final installation: from 14/08/2007 to 17/08/2007.LSS1RBRAN and LHCf commissioning: from 23/04/2007 to 11/05/2007;bake-out of the sectiont= June, July 2007;BRAN and LHCf LSS1R final installation: from 09/10/2007 to 12/10/2007.Transport and installation procedure is under detailed studyThermal tests in the Tan will be done this week with a thermal mockup. Position of racks in USA15 are defined, racks are allocated, the precise crate allocation in the racks is under study

    Very big help from TS/LEA group (Anne-Laure Perrot and Daniela Macina)

  • Arm#1,Arm#2