LHCb Hybrid to Pedestal

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LHCb Hybrid to Pedestal. John Carroll. Metrology. Top of Silicon. This side is Paddle and R side. R to Phi face to face Width 1.995mm. R to Phi face to face Width 2.017mm. Tilt on left side From CL 0.367mm. Tilt on right side From CL 0.443mm. Hybrid. Tilt of Hybrid. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of LHCb Hybrid to Pedestal

  • LHCb Hybrid to PedestalJohn Carroll

  • Metrology

  • Top of Silicon

    This side is Paddle and R sideR to Phi face to faceWidth 2.017mmR to Phi face to faceWidth 1.995mmTilt on left sideFrom CL 0.367mmTilt on right sideFrom CL 0.443mm

  • Hybrid

  • Tilt of HybridLeft side leans 221m Right side leans 216 m

  • ?

  • Detector Plane


  • Top of Paddle

  • Position of Face

    Nominal distance from CL to face 0.56mmDistance on existing Pedestal 0.44mm

  • Summary1)Hybrid leans ~220 m (away from paddle)2) Paddle face offset in Z by 120 m3) Existing twist in hybrid (for hybrid #45 70 m)4)Accuracy of video measurement using focus 10 m