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EEE lab report of Eastwest university Bangladesh.. and praise.

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  • 1. EAST WEST UNIVERSITYDEPARTMENT OF EEECourse code: EEE 201Course name: Electrical circuit Lab reportExperiment no: 07Experiment name: Frequency response of passive filters.Student name: B. M. ADNANId: 2011-1-80-020Section: 02Date of performance: 27-03-12Date of submission: 03-04-12

2. OBJECTIVE: The main aim of this experiment is to learn about different type ofpassive filters. As well as learn how to determine the cut-off frequencies of the passivefilters.CIRCUIT DIAGRAM:Figure 01: Low pass and high pass filter.Figure 02: Band stop and band pass filter. 3. ANSWER TO THE LAB-REPORT QUESTIONS:ANS: 01Low pass filter:Cut-off frequency, fc = 1/ (2100110^-6)= 1591.5494 Hz = 2 fc= 1591.5494 2= 10000 rad/secVoltage across capacitor, Vc = [(-j100)/ (100-j100)] 1= 0.707