Lab report 04

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EAST WEST UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF EEE Course code: EEE 201 Course name: Electrical circuit ΙΙ Lab report Experiment no: 04 Experiment name: Power factor improvement by parallel capacitor. Student name: B. M. ADNAN Id: 2011-1-80-020 Section: 02 Date of performance: 28-02-12 Date of submission: 13-03-12

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EEE lab report of Eastwest university Bangladesh.. and praise.

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  • 1. EAST WEST UNIVERSITYDEPARTMENT OF EEECourse code: EEE 201Course name: Electrical circuit Lab reportExperiment no: 04Experiment name: Power factor improvement by parallel capacitor.Student name: B. M. ADNANId: 2011-1-80-020Section: 02Date of performance: 28-02-12Date of submission: 13-03-12

2. OBJECTIVE: The main aim of this experiment is to provide us more understandingof practical implementation of parallel capacitor bank in improving power factor of aninductive load.CIRCUIT DIAGRAM:Figure: circuit diagram to study PFI.EXPERIMENTAL DATAR1 R2 V L f 102.1 100 5