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EEE lab report of Eastwest university Bangladesh.. and praise.

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  • 1. EAST WEST UNIVERSITYDEPARTMENT OF EEECourse code: EEE 201Course name: Electrical circuit Lab reportExperiment no: 02Experiment name: Experimental study of sinusoids and theircharacteristics.Student name: Syed AbothoheId: 2011-1-80-023Section: 02Group no: 06Date of performance: 31-01-2012Date of submission: 07-02-2012

2. OBJECTIVE: In this experiment we observed the characteristics of sinusoids inoscilloscope, using a simple ac circuit. We have learnt how to use oscilloscope, and howto take reading from it.CIRCUIT DIAGRAMS:Figure 01-Circuit diagramEXPERIMENTAL DATA:Voltage (V) Capacitance (C) Resistance (R) Angular freq. (W)10 V P-P 1miroF 100 2*3.14*1000rad/sANSWER TO THE LAB-REPORT QUESTIONS:1. Amplitude voltage, Vm= 3.44V= Vm/ 2= 3.44// 2=2.43 VCOMPARING:Value of V from voltmeter Value of V from oscilloscope2.8 V 2.43 V2. Im= 0.034 AI= Im/ 2=0.034/ 2=0.024 ACOMPARING:Value of I from voltmeter Value of I from oscilloscope0.0179 A 0.024 A 3. 3. Impedance, Zm= V/I = 2.43/ 0.024