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  • 1. Agilent U1270 Series HandheldDigital MultimetersBe Ready for WinterData SheetFeatures OLED display with 2000:1contrast ratio and 160 degreesviewing angle3,4 30,000-count resolution Measure up to 1000 V AC andDC Measure up to 10 A (20 A for30 s) Resistance, diode test,temperature, capacitance Low Impedance mode2,3,4 andLow Pass Filter Peak detection of up to 250 s Continuity test with beeper andbacklight1,2 Seven readings/s measurementrate for voltage and current Smooth function for accuratelystable readings Up to 10,000 points internalmemory for data logging Bluetooth wireless connectivitywith optional U1177A Bluetooth PC connectivity with optionalU1173A IR-USB cable IP 54 certified water and dustresistant CAT III 1000 V, CAT IV 600 Vsafety rating Up to 3000m operating altitude 40 to 55 C operatingtemperature41. U1271A2. U1272A3. U1273A4. U1273AXOperational down to 40 CtemperatureThe U1273AX OLED handheld digitalmultimeter, the latest addition to U1270Series, is capable of operating in winterweather down to 40C temperature.Even in frigid conditions, the U1273AXenables you to achieve immediate andaccurate results without the need towarm up in advance.OLED for more display clarityDesigned with OLED display, you canexperience crystal-clear measurementreadings with its outstanding 2000:1contrast ratio. The display also allowswider viewing angles up to 160NEWdegrees ensuring you get the rightreadings at the first glance even inpoorly lit environments.Increase productivity withBluetooth wirelessconnectivityFor wireless connectivity tosmartphones and tablets, the U1270Series is compatible with the U1177Ainfrared-to-Bluetooth adapter formaximum efficiency and productivityin completing measurements tasks.Adding the optional U1177A to aU1270 Series you can easily performremote monitoring and datalogging via Android devices orWindows-based PC.

2. 2Key FunctionsWater and dust resistance(IP54)The series tightly sealed designhelps protect against water, dustand damage. Each handheld DMMis certified with IP 54 ratings sothat you can carry out tests andmeasurements with confidence,even in harsh working conditions.Operational up to 3000 metersaltitudeFor high altitude applications suchas wind farm maintenance, you canmeasure with confidence using theU1270 Series, capable of measuringup to 3000 meters above sea level.High measurement rate atseven readings per second forVoltage and CurrentYou can detect even the slightestchange in your sensitive signals(Voltage and Current) with its highmeasurement rate capability. Byclicking the resettable smoothfunction button, you may customizethe readings sensitivity suitable forvarious tests.Visual alert for continuity test(for U1271A and U1272A only)Continuity detection in noisy anddark environments is made easywith U1270 Series loud beeper andflashing backlight that indicatescontinuity and thus improves safety.Up to 10,000 recording pointsfor manual, auto and eventloggingRecord measurements on-the-goand transfer data to PC convenientlywith the huge internal memory of upto 10,000 recording points. The GUIData Logging software and optionalU1173A IR-USB cable are requiredto transfer data or perform real timedata logging on a PC.Built-in Low Pass FilterThe U1270 Series offers a 1 kHz LPFor Low Pass Filter to provide accurateVariable Frequency Drive (VFD)output measurements. This functioneliminates high frequency noise andharmonics, ensuring motor filterefficiency.Figure 1. Comparison of voltage output from industrial motor VFD without and with Low Pass Filter functionality. 3. Figure 2. U1272A helps you identify the presence of stray voltage on a disconnected wire running parallel with the wirepowering up the VFD to an industrial motor. The image on the right shows the U1272A in low impedance mode.3Low impedance modeStray voltages are usually foundin non-energized electrical wiringadjacent to powered wires due tocapacitive or inductive couplingbetween these wires. The lowimpedance mode serves to eliminatefalse readings by dissipating thesestray voltages thus improves safetyand measurement efficiency duringvoltage measurement.Peak detect at 250 sThe peak detect function allowsyou to capture the engine or motorstartup transient as fast as 250 s.Key Functions 4. 4Front and Back Panel DescriptionOLED display with 2000:1contrast ratio and 160degree viewing angleSmart 1 removes residualvoltage of up to 1000 mVAuto diode 1 automaticallydetermines diode polarityTemperature measurement:J type thermocouple210 to 1200 C 1, K typethermocouple 200 to 1732 CLow Pass Filter (LPF)removes unwanted highZLOWMeasure up to1000 V AC and DCfrequency signals1 provides both highand low impedance modesto eliminate stray voltagesMeasure up to 10 A(20 A for 30 s)Front panel1. U1272A, U1273A and U1273AX only30,000 counts resolutionPeak detect recordstransients as fast as 250 sOnce connected to any HH DMM via Bluetooth adapter you are able to log and viewmeasurements graphically from smart phones and tablets. 5. 5Front and Back Panel DescriptionBack panelProbe holder/storageIR-USB connectivity withoptional IR-USB cableHang holeSlim, ergonomic designfor better gripEasy fuse and batteryaccess from battery coverbeneath the stand 6. 6Choose Among These Four ModelsDi U1271A U1272A U1273A U1273AXBasic FeaturesDisplay resolution 30,000 counts 30,000 counts 30,000 counts 30,000 countsDisplay LCD LCD OLED OLEDBacklight Yes Yes N/A N/ATrue RMS AC AC + DC AC + DC AC + DCMeasurementsVoltage Up to 1000 V AC, DC Up to 1000 V AC, DC Up to 1000 V AC, DC Up to 1000 V AC, DCBasic dcV accuracy 0.05% + 2 counts 0.05% + 2 counts 0.05% + 2 counts 0.05% + 2 countsCurrent Up to 10 A(20 A for 30 s)Up to 10 A(20 A for 30 s)Up to 10 A(20 A for 30 s)Up to 10 A(20 A for 30 s)Resistance Up to 100 M Up to 300 M Up to 300 M Up to 300 MFrequency, capacitance,Other measurementstemperature, continuity,diode testFrequency, capacitance,temperature, continuity,diode testFrequency, capacitance,temperature, continuity,diode testFrequency, capacitance,temperature, continuity,diode testAC bandwidth 20 kHz 100 kHz 100 kHz 100 kHzYes Yes Yes YesLow pass filterLow impedance mode Yes Yes YesSmart Ohm Yes Yes YesSafety and RegulatoryOver-voltage safetyCAT III 1000 V,CAT III 1000 V,CAT III 1000 V,protectionCAT IV 600 VCAT IV 600 VCAT IV 600 VCAT III 1000 V,CAT IV 600 VGeneralLogging memory 200 points 10,000 points 10,000 points 10,000 pointsConnectivity Optional IR-USB andBluetoothOptional IR-USB andBluetoothOptional IR-USB andBluetoothOptional IR-USB andBluetoothOperating temperature 20 to 55 C 20 to 55 C 20 to 55 C 40 to 55 CAltitude 3000 meters 3000 meters 3000 meters 3000 metersWater and dust ingressprotection IP 54 IP 54 IP 54 IP 54Battery life Up to 300 hours 4X AAAAlkalineUp to 300 hours 4X AAAAlkalineUp to 60 hours 4X AAAAlkalineUp to 100 hours 4X AAALithiumWarranty 3 years 3 years 3 years 3 years 7. 7General SpecificationsDisplay U1271A and U1272A: Liquid crystal display (LCD) (with maximum reading of33,000 counts) U1273A/U1273AX: Organic LED (OLED) display (with maximum reading of33,000 counts)Power consumption U1271A/U1272A: 460 mVA maximum (with backlight enabled) U1273A/U1273AX: 180 mVA maximum (with maximum brightness)Battery type 4 1.5 V Alkaline battery (ANSI/NEDA 24A or IEC LR03), or 4 1.5 V Zinc Chloride battery (ANSI/NEDA 24D or IEC R03) 4 1.5 V Lithium battery (ANSI/NEDA 24LF or IEC FR03)Battery life U1271A and U1272A: 300 hours typical (based on new Alkaline batteries for DCvoltage measurement) U1273A/U1273AX: Based on new Alkaline batteries for DC voltage measurement:30/45/60 hours typical at High/Medium/Low brightness, respectively Based on new Lithium batteries for DC voltage measurement:50/100 hours typical at High/Low brightness, respectively Low battery indicator will flash when the battery voltage drops: For non-rechargeable batteries: 4.4 V (approximately) For rechargeable batteries: 4.5 V (approximately)Fuse 10 35 mm 440 mA/1000 V 30 kA fast-acting fuse 10 38 mm 11 A/1000 V 30 kA fast-acting fuseInput impedance at off mode 1.67 k (protected by positive temperature coefficient resistor)(U1272A, U1273A and U1273AX only)Operating environment Operating temperature: U1271A/ U1272A/U1273A: 20 to 55 C, 0% to 80% RH U1273AX: 40 to 55 C, 0% to 80% RH (using Lithium batteries) Full accuracy up to 80% RH for temperatures up to 30 C, decreasing linearly to50% RH at 55 C Altitude up to 3000 meters Pollution degree IIStorage compliance 40 to 70 C, 0 to 80% RHSafety compliance CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 61010-1-04 EN/IEC 61010-1:2001 ANSI/UL 61010-1:2004Measurement category CAT III 1000 V/CAT IV 600 VElectromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Commercial limits compliance with EN61326-1Ingress protection rating IP-54Temperature coefficient U1271A/U1272A/U1273A: 0.05 (specified accuracy)/C (from 20 to 18C, or 28 to 55C)U1273AX: 0.05 x (specified accuracy/ C (from 40 to 18C, or 28 to 55C)Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) > 120 dB at DC, 50/60 Hz 0.1% (1 k unbalanced)Normal Mode Rejection Ration (NMRR) > 60 dB at 50/60 Hz 0.1%Dimensions (W x H x D) 92 207 59 mmWeight U1271A: 518 grams (with batteries) U1272A: 520 grams (with batteries) U1273A: 500 grams (with batteries) U1273AX: 500 grams (with batteries)Warranty Three years for product Three months for products accessoriesCalibration cycle One year 8. 8Specification Assumptions Accuracy is given as (% of reading + counts of least significant digit) at 23 C 5 C, with relative humidity less than80% RH. AC V and AC A/mA/A specifications are AC coupled, true RMS and are valid from 5% of range to 100% of range. The crest factor may be up to 3.0 at full scale except for the 1000 V range where it is 1.5 at full scale. For non-sinusoidal waveforms, add (2% reading + 2% full scale) typical, for crest factors up to 3. After ZLOW voltage measurements, wait at least 20 minutes for thermal impact to cool before proceeding with any othermeasurement. 9. 9E