Jan 2011 Headless Screw System Elastic Pin Jan 2011

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Jan 2011 Headless Screw System Elastic Pin Jan 2011 Slide 2 May 2011~May 2012 Sternum & Rib System New Slide 3 3.2-3.5/4.0 Cervical Screw-Rod-Hook System New June 2011 Slide 4 New June~August 2011 External Fixation System Pin & Rod & Clamp(Hoffman II) Slide 5 New 3.5 Proximal Tibial Lateral 4H~7H New 3.5 Distal Tibial Lateral 4H~7H Sep 2011 Oct 2011 Slide 6 New 3.5/ 2.7 / 2.5 Distal Radius 3.5/ 2.7 / 2.5 Clavical Reconstrction Nov 2011 Dec 2011 Slide 7 New Plan of 2012 (Feb~May) 2.5 /2.7Mini-fragment Loc System Mini-fragment Staple System 4.0 /4.5/5.0/6.0/7.5 Double Compression System V Screw-screw Cannulate system Before EFFORT 2012 Slide 8 New Plan of 2012 (Feb~ May ) Maxillofacial Plate&Screw System Before EFFORT 2012 Slide 9 New Plan of 2012 (Feb~May) Before EFFORT 2012 Elastic Pin(II) System Interspinous Process System Intervertebral Spacer Slide 10 About LISS Solution The LISS System, we just fix postion in three kinds of plates until now: Femoral DCP-LCP, Tibial DCP-LCP, Proximal Tibial LCP Pre-determine the location of the plate, Insert the 1 st Kirshner Pin according Find the incision place by put the Plate Resist in the pin Insert the plate Until the cephalic slot of the plate assort with the Pin by the view of the CT. Insert the 2nd Kirshner Pin plate into the other cephalic slot of the plate from the incision viewing. Put the template(or the same implants) by assembling the 2 pins on the surface of the skin Make the incision by the guide of the template, and lnsert the screws need in proper order Slide 11 Development On Instrument Mask For some Multi-holes Type in the anatomy part, Such as : 1) Proximal Humeral, 2)Distal Rodius, 3) Distal Femoral, 4) Distal Tibial. We just planed to develop the accuracy of the screw-insert, And the point is on the Instrument. Old TypeNew Type Wire GuideAnd combine the three guide into one assembly,Which can be more Quick and Accurate. Drill Guide Screw Guide The above plates is a bit different from the old types. And with a separate system,So Call the MASK SYSTEM, All of this type will be a little higher price for the higher-class usement.