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2. THIS ISOURISLAND 3. leftherios VenizelosVocational schoolINFORMATIONSCIENCE HEALTHCARE ANDWELFARE SCIENCE 4. Educational System Educational System of Greece of GreecePre-primary EducationPre-primary Education Primary EducationPrimary Education Secondary EducationSecondary Education 5. Higher Level Higher Level of Education of EducationHigher TechnologicalHigher Technological Higher UniversityHigher University Higher UniversityHigher University Education Education EducationEducation Education Education 6. Educational SystemEducational Systemof Greeceof GreecePre-primary EducationPre-primary Education Kindergarten Kindergarten Addressed to childrenAddressed to childrenfrom the age of 4 years old from the age of 4 years old and it lasts for 2 years and it lasts for 2 years 7. Educational SystemEducational Systemof Greeceof Greece Primary Education Primary Education Lasts 6 yearsLasts 6 yearsand includes and includes Date of entryDate of entrygradesgrades is the sixth year of ageis the sixth year of age1,2,3,4,5 and 61,2,3,4,5 and 6 8. Educational SystemEducational Systemof Greeceof GreeceSecondary EducationSecondary EducationLower SecondaryLower Secondary Upper SecondaryUpper Secondary VocationalVocational Education EducationEducation Education Lyceums Lyceums Gymnasio GymnasioGeneral LyceumGeneral Lyceum 9. Educational SystemEducational Systemof Greeceof GreeceThe types of Gymnasio Lower SecondaryofferingEducation training and preparation Gymnasio for aspecific vocational(Pupils attend a common direction,programme of studies) without lacking in generalknowledge subjectsLasts 3 yearsand includes Ecclesiastical Gymnasio Music Gymnasio grades Artistic School1,2 and 3 Sports School Special EducationSchools 10. Educational System Educational System of Greece of Greece Upper Secondary Upper SecondaryEducationEducation Vocational Lyceum Vocational Lyceum Vocational School Vocational SchoolGeneral LyceumGeneral LyceumEPALEPALEPAS EPAS 11. Educational System Educational System of Greece of Greece General Lyceum General Lyceum3rd grade 3rd grade 1st grade1st grade the same directions the same directions2nd grade 2nd gradegeneral knowledge generalknowledgebut Technologicalbut Technologicalprogramme includes three directions includesthree directionsDirection operates programme. .Direction operates in two coursesin two courses Information ScienceInformation Science TechnologyTechnologyand andTheoretical Theoretical ScienceScience and Production course and Production course Services courseServices courseTechnology Technology 12. Educational SystemEducational Systemof Greeceof Greece Vocational Lyceum EPAL 1st grade Technology Services Maritime Shipping occupations 13. Educational SystemEducational Systemof Greeceof GreeceVocational Lyceum EPAL 2nd grade A) Mechanical Engineering B) Electrician C) Electronics D) Building Works E) Information Science F) Economics and Management G) Health and Welfare H) Agronomy, Food and the Environment 14. Educational SystemEducational Systemof Greeceof Greece Vocational Lyceum EPAL3nd grade A) General mechanical engineering B) Car engineering C) Electrical facilities D) Computer systems & networks electronic experts E) Economics and Management employees F) Tourist enterprises employees G) Assistant nurses H) Medical & biological laboratories assistants I) Pharmacy assistants J) Technology & Food Control K) Landscaping Environment & Agro-tourism L) Modern Business Agriculture M) Merchant Marine Masters N) Merchant Marine Engineers 15. Educational System Educational System of Greece of GreeceVocational School EPASThe curriculum includes technical vocationalsubjects and workshop exercises.