Insights are subjective

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in·sight visió insig pananaw kuvan einblick διορατικότητα 洞察力 понимание увид insikt by Apo Bordin [email protected] @Apopotamus
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Quick presentation about "insights" for my Ad Research class.

Transcript of Insights are subjective

  • 1. insig visi pananaw insight kuvan by Apo Bordin [email protected] @Apopotamus insikt einblick
  • 2. innsihht Sight with the eyes of the mind. An INSTANCE of apprehending the true nature of a thing faculty of seeing into inner character or underlying truth. The capacity to gain an ACCURATE and deep INTUITIVE understanding of a person or thing. Power of acute OBSERVATION and deduction. An understanding of the motivational forces BEHIND one's actions, thoughts, or behavior. It explains WHY we do what we do. An insight states a TRUTH that alters how you see the world. definitions
  • 3. Its the negative space. Those things that we see every time but that we dont notice. [C.M.] my definition
  • 4. Young girl - Old woman: Looking at the same thing and seeing two different perspectives.
  • 5. Black earphone; black earphone; black earphone; white earphone [!] You wouldnt know what kind of mp3 player other people have; But you know hers is an iPod. inpractice
  • 6. Realizing that people are more willing to share secrets with unknown than with people they know and care. inpractice
  • 7. Art [insight] is everywhere. December 2004 Most inuential artwork of the 20th century. February 2008 Invention of Conceptual Art. Looking at an usual object from a different angle or perspective and seeing the insight right there. inpractice
  • 8. is NOT Research [it is a tool for the discovery] Discovery >> Insight The Big Idea
  • 9. Sony Bravia Big Idea insight vs. big idea
  • 10. Honda Accord Big Idea insight vs. big idea
  • 11. Ikea Unboring Big Idea insight vs. big idea
  • 12. Fonzies Chips Insight If you dont lick your ngers, youll halve the pleasure Everybody licks their ngers after eating chips But how many times do you notice that? in vs. idea
  • 13. Its intuitive, a gut feeling. Ponder more than think Keep connecting things you dont usually connect Stay away from routines Be open-minded Be curious Stay hungry. Stay foolish. -Steve Jobs Walk in stupid. -Dan Wieden finding
  • 14. innsihht Sight with the eyes of the mind. "Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them. -Hume finding
  • 15. final einde fin akhir fine end loppu ende slut