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Colony at the Georgia Southern University

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Colony at the Georgia Southern University

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Sigma Lambda Gamma @ GSULori “Confiable” Woznick #19 The Phenomenal ΦΑ Chapter @ Penn State Univ.Alpha Line Anchor, Fall 1999B.S. Marketing 2000Univ. of North Florida M.B.A. International Business 2005

North Florida Alumnae AssociationXi Epsilon (UNF) Chapter AdvisorGSU Colony Operations Advisor

Financial Advisor, CSNA, CRPC ®Bank of America Merrill EdgeJacksonville, FL

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Sigma Lambda Gamma @ GSUFelicia “La Luchadora” Anzaldúa#38Beautiful Beloved BB Chapter @ University of MissouriEpsilon Line Captain, Spring 2005B.S.B.A. Finance and Banking 2008Pace Univ. M.B.A. Financial Mgmt. 2011

Former AAME, VP of Chapter Operations, MGC President, National Awards Committee Member & NYCAA MemberGSU Colony Intake Advisor

Goodwill VolunteerProud Air Force Wife:KansasDC UtahDCPakistanDCRobins Air Force Base, Warner Robins, GA

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Sigma Lambda Gamma @ GSU

Ms. Helena HernándezLecturer of Spanish @Georgia Southern University

B.A., Los Andes University, Bogotá - ColombiaM.B.A., Georgia

Southern UniversityM.Ed., Georgia Southern University

GSU Colony Faculty Advisor

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How did you hear about meeting?What made you want to learn more

about Sigma Lambda Gamma?

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Sigma Lambda Gamma Is:

• An historically Latina-based, multi-cultural sisterhood dedicated to the empowerment of ALL women through morality, service and academic achievement.

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Sigma Lambda Gamma Is:

A sisterhood of women who recognize, among other things, the need for unity and support among women of varying cultures to prepare for success in a global environment.

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FACTSWhere: University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa

When: April 9, 1990

Colors: Shocking Pink and Majestic Purple

Mascot: Purple Panther

Motto: “Culture is Pride, Pride is Success.”

Nicknames: “Gammas” or “Women of Distinction”

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Women of Distinction“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere

effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives - choice, not chance, determines your destiny.”-Aristotle

-9th oldest national, historically Latina-based sorority. Largest with most Chapters in the most states.

-4th oldest national, multi-cultural Sorority. More than 2.5x as many chapters as the 2nd largest.

-Fastest growing fraternal organization, period. 5-6 new chapters/year.

-Campuses include: Ivy League, HBCUs and West Point Military Academy

-Young Women’s Leadership Program -Emotional Intelligence

-National, free-standing headquarters with full-time staff

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Women of Distinction

Sister Taylor Balderas-youngest person to serve on Toledo’s City Council

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Women of Distinction

Sister Lauren Cisneros-Miss Colorado 2005

Sister Tamika Henry-Miss Guyana 2010

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Women of Distinction

Phenomenal Phi Alpha Sister Rachel Luna-Life Coach, Author and Creator of “The Tailor Made Life”

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Women of Distinction

Beautiful Beloved Beta Beta Sister Tenita Johnson-Author and Founder and CEO of

“So It Is Written Writing & Editing Services”

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Women of Distinction

Phenomenal Phi Alpha Sister Diana Lopez-LongFounder & CEO of Diosa Nails

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Women of Distinction

Sister Veronica Guevara accepting National Medal for Museum and Library Service at White House

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Women of Distinction

Sister Mary Peterson (current Executive Director) received the Jack L. Anson Award from the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors. The award which

is presented to a well-respected individual not in the field of higher education, who has demonstrated a long-term commitment to the

fraternity/sorority community beyond his/her respective organization.

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• As of 2013, we boast:– 11 Colonies– 129 Chapters– 29 Alumnae

Associations– 11 Regions– 32 States– 1 National Sisterhood

Part of the SOLID Southeast Region, with established chapters at USF, UCF, UT, FAMU, UM, UA, FIU, SCSU, LSU, FAU, UNF, St. Leo and *Georgia Southern Colony*

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Sigma Lambda Gamma @ GSU• Colony:

– Established on Friday, May 24, 2013– Georgia Southern’s FIRST Multi-cultural Sorority

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SLG’s 5 Principles

Academics Community Service

Cultural Awareness Morals & Ethics

Social Interaction

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• Required Entity GPA: 2.75

• Mandatory study hours

We have an obligation to ourselves, our

families and our sorority to achieve academic success

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Community Service•Mandatory Service Hours

Allows us to exemplify the

impact of change we wish to see in others and in our


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Community Service

Sister Allison Nevalga in Nicaragua African American Breast Cancer Foundation founded by Sister

Lindsey Compton

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National Philanthropies

TRIO Program: Federal outreach programs assisting low-income, first generation and disabled students move through the academic pipeline.

• Breast Cancer Awareness: educating communities on one of the leading causes of death among women.

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Cultural AwarenessWe strive to educate the community on our distinct cultures and encourage the exploration and sharing of traditions,customs and experiences.

Our sisterhood represents over 112 ethnicities.

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Morals & EthicsAs Women of Distinction, we

are committed to the empowerment of all women

through exemplary and admirable leadership.

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Social InteractionOne of the benefits

of sisterhood is networking and

building a support system. We believe

that our first principle,

Academics, should be balanced by

Social Interaction to have a more well-

rounded collegiate experience.

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Step & Stroll

Rampage Step Team (NE/MA Regions)

G*Squad (Southern California)

Yard Show (UNF)

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Membership Criteria

Columbia University’s Alpha Ship UNF’s Founding Ship

• Minimum Cumulative G.P.A.: 2.6/4.0• Full-time student at Georgia Southern• Must have at least 12 credits• Dedication to women’s empowerment and a desire to be a

Catalyst for Change

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What can SLG do for you?

• Become a leader– Headquarters Staff

Positions– Alumnae Volunteer

Positions– National Board of

Directors – Campus Leadership


• Be a part of SLG history at GSU

• Help the community• Improve leadership

skills• Network• Find sisterhood• Empower others

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Women of Distinction

Live Our Value s

Set the Standa rd

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For more

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India Arie- Beautiful Flower