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  • 1.Draw the VESPR structures for 14.1.1 Include bond angles, names ofshapes

2. Bonding AHL Describe sigma and pi bonds Explain hybridization in terms of sp sp2 sp3 Explain relationship between Lewisstructure, shape and hybridisation 3. Sigma Bonds Sigma bonds are all single bonds, and resultfrom axial overlap of orbitals. 4. Bonds Result from sideways overlap of parallelporbitals 5. Basics A single bond is a SIGMA bond A double bond is ONE SIGMA ONE PI A triple bond is ONE SIGMA TWO PI 6. Hybridisation sp3 7. Hybridisation sp2 8. Hybridisation - sp 9. Homework Task Using the following molecules create astudent help sheet to explain the bonding, theshape, the hybridisation, and number of sigmaand pi bonds. In Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Propene. 10. Geometry and Hybridisation All you have to do is count the negativecentres, and dont forget lone pairs Inorganic : 4 negative centres is sp3, e.g. NF3 ( 3bp 1nbp in this case ) 3 negative centres is sp2, e.g. BF3 ( 3bp in this case ) 2 negative centres if sp Organic : sp3 is Td 109.5, e.g. Alkanes sp2 is Trig Pl 120, e.g. Alkenes, Carbonyl groups sp is lin 180, e.g. Alkynes 11. Starter Explain how sp2 hybridization arises Use electrons in boxes notation to explainyour answer. 12. When electron pairs are not confinedto two adjacent bonding atoms but extend over 3 or more atoms 13. Benzene Facts Planar regular hexagon All bond angles 120 degrees Bond lengths intermediate between single anddouble bonds Reluctant to undergo addition reactions. 14. Nitrate Ion 15. Nitrite Ion Resonance Structures ? 16. Carbonate Anion 17. Ozone 18. Ethanoate 19. Learning Check N01/420/H(2) part (a) ONLY