Hypothesis Testing

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Hypothesis Testing. Power factors. Sample Size Increase. Sample Size Decrease. Effect Size Increase. Effect Size Decrease. Standard Deviation Decrease. Standard Deviation Increase. Alpha Decrease. Tails Decrease. Power factors. Power calculations. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Hypothesis Testing

  • Hypothesis Testing

  • Power factors

    1-Beta ()Increase in this factor will?Affect power how?Alpha ()?Effect Size?Sample Size (N)?Standard Deviation (X)?Tails of Test?

  • Sample Size Increase

  • Sample Size Decrease

  • Effect Size Increase

  • Effect Size Decrease

  • Standard Deviation Decrease

  • Standard Deviation Increase

  • Alpha Decrease

  • Tails Decrease

  • Power factors

    1-Beta ()Increase in this factor will?Affect power how?Alpha ()Increase powerEffect SizeIncrease powerSample Size (N)Increase powerStandard Deviation (X)Decrease powerTails of TestDecrease power

  • FactorHow much control does the experimenter have?Sample SizeA lotStandard Deviation of Population ScoresA littleEffect SizeNoneAlpha LevelVery LittleNumber of TailsVery Little

  • Power calculations

    Only used in this class with single sample Z tests where population mean and standard deviation is given/known

    Otherwise , it would be a calculation horror show

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