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Alpha Ωmega Rosicrucian Mystery School
Ultimate Life Mastery
By Rosicrucian Imperator David Griffin
I congratulate you for making a great decision to empower yourself by taking this first step.
What you have downloaded are simple yet powerful ancient proven methods the Rosicrucians
compiled over centuries to help you free the Soul and reconnect to the GOD-FORCE, the
universal energy field that once connected, wakes up the Divine energies deep within you…the
true, free, God-power inside of you.
This book will give you the ritual and tools to connect with the divine GOD-FORCE and help you
become the Master of your own Destiny.
You see for the past 100 years or more, humankind has slowly but surely been dumbed down,
herded and put to sleep, so a few elitists can truly takeover and rule, make all the decisions for
you even down to whether you will be able to procreate, the type of food, where you can
afford to live, what type of job you can get, down to whether you have access to a clean food
and water source or whether you get food and water poisoned with chemicals, medicines and
GMO the majority are forced to consume nowadays.
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But there is a way to break out, a way that the ancient Rosicrucians developed and offered to
their initiates in order to create enlightened, GOD-FORCE connected souls that had the ability
and power to be Masters of their own destinies and out of reach of the tyrants and power
abusers of their time.
These techniques have been passed down across Millennia, and now more than ever, people
just like you have the capability of accessing these secret rituals, so that you too can learn the
true undiluted methods to give you back the power, connect with the GOD-FORCE and become
a true Master of your own Destiny, as opposed to unwittingly being someone else’s slave.
It is truly an exciting time to be alive as we are releasing to you the ancient texts of the ancient
Egyptian Mystery School of Ra that once thrived in the initiatic center at Heliopolis. This order
of dedicated enlightened Magickal Adepts, the Initiate-Adepts of Ra, shed light throughout
ancient Egypt.
For the following empowerment Spell that I composed for you, I drew from actual Ra Magick
contained within authentic ancient Egyptian texts.
By the way, you are not “worshipping” Egyptian Gods by working this empowerment Spell.
Instead, you are learning a secret basic technique from the ancient Magick of Light.
The Magick of Light is a uniquely Western, secret set of spiritual techniques and methods. The
primary goal of the Magick of Light is to become “more than human.”
To become “more than human” means to cultivate your energetic Soul, and to become
conscious in higher dimensions beyond the physical, so that when your physical body dies, you
can continue consciousness on higher planes where you no longer need a physical body.
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Unlike Yoga and meditation, you are not importing the Magick of Light wholesale from the Far
East. The Magick of Light is your uniquely Western spiritual heritage and birthright.
The ancient Egyptians called the Magick of Light the “Science of Immortality.” Rosicrucian
Masters called it the Via Regale -Aeterna Aegyptica (Egyptian Eternal Royal Art) and its methods
were among the most carefully guarded secrets of the Golden Rosicrucian order.
The Magick of Light is a set of powerful tools for spiritual liberation. You can use the Magick of
Light to connect to GOD-FORCE, for vibrant health or for longevity. Using the Magick of Light,
you can wield GOD-FORCE like an invisible sword to spiritually protect yourself and others.
You can use the Magick of Light to manifest mundane things like food, shelter, love, and money
– But you can use the Magick of Light better to wield GOD-FORCE for ENERGETIC EVOLUTION
(Soul growth), to achieve Enlightenment, Spiritual Ascension, and Conscious Immortality.
The best way to think of the Magick of Light is as "spiritual TECHNOLOGY.” If you prefer, you
can even replace “Ra” with “Christ” in the empowerment Spell below - and the method will still
get you astonishing results!
In the same way that Yoga is effective spiritual technology to keep your physical body limber,
the ancient Magick of Light is top notch spiritual technology to feed and strengthen your
energetic Soul.
The Magick of Light comes down to you across Centuries, preserved in secret by an unbroken
chain of Hermetic Masters and Rosicrucian Adepts.
Arising in ancient Sumeria, the Magick of Light arrived in Egypt with the Magi - ancient
Chaldean spiritual warriors who battled an inter-dimensional evil they called Ahriman.
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The Magi passed the Magick of Light to the Initiate-Adepts of Ra of Heliopolis in ancient Egypt.
Like the Magi before them, the Initiate-Adepts of Ra also became great spiritual warriors,
ultimately defeating and driving back an interdimensional evil they called Set.
Stories describing the battles between Horus and Set, abundant in Egyptian myth and lore, in
reality describe the ancient magical conflict.
Carried to Europe with the Greek and Roman Empires – the Magick of Light had to be protected
through the Dark Ages from those who would either misuse it or destroy it for power - blindly
enslaving humanity to a materialistic wasteland.
The Magick of Light was therefore hidden within Hermetic and Rosicrucian Mystery Schools,
where it was secretly preserved for centuries, practiced by Hermetic Masters and Rosicrucian
And now, at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius and the dawn of a new Millennium, the time
has at last has come to fully reveal the secrets of the ancient Magick of Light to all who seek
Enlightenment, spiritual liberation, and true freedom.
Why? Because Black Magicians in league with interdimensional evil, have already turned the
Magic of Light on its head and misused it to bind and enchant humanity.
We see the effects of Dark Magick all around us. Just look at random people on the streets.
Many have such a vacuous stare in their eyes that they look like zombies. Such people are
indeed enchanted by a Dark Spell manifesting through television programming.
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Would you like to see other concrete manifestations of Black Magick cast to binding and
enchanting humanity? Just look at the spy cameras freshly installed on every street corner.
Guess what? Every major city worldwide has a similar network of cameras!
We are rushing head long into a global surveillance state where humanity has no privacy left
and our most precious freedoms will cease to exist. Already, you no longer merely watch your
television. With the advent of the new smart televisions, your television now watches you as
There are many ways we can see the limiting effects Black Magick cast on humankind. For
example, for most people our consciousness is limited to perceiving the physical dimension.
Most people can’t see at all beyond the physical. Most do not realize that higher spiritual
dimensions even exist – let alone that we can become conscious in those lofty spiritual realms
while still living in a physical body.
Fortunately for humanity at this critical nexus in time, we still have the Magick of Light – and we
can use it to break the Dark Spells cast to bind and enchant us together with the rest of
I invite you therefore, to take another step towards freedom, and discover with me now your
first technique from the Magick of Light. It is called the “Assumption of God-Forms.”
The assumption of God-Forms is one of the most powerful spiritual methods of the ancient
Magick of Light. It is also one of the simplest techniques to learn and use - and it yields
immediate, concrete and observable results.
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In its simplest form, a Magician (Mage) using the Assumption of God-Forms gradually builds up
the image of the God-Form with the imagination until he or she completely identifies with it,
like stepping into character when putting on a mask.
This opens up a current of GOD-FORCE energy passing through the Mage that gives enormous
power to manifest just about anything you need or want.
The rite begins with an ancient hymn awakening the solar energies of the Egyptian Sun God Ra.
By the end of the rite, you identify yourself so completely with the built up God-Form, that two
things happen:
1. Your words take on nearly Divine manifestation power, making this an astonishingly
effective, all-purpose spell.
2. You will directly experience GOD-FORCE energy in your physical body.
The direct experience of GOD-FORCE energy this rite is designed to give you is PHYSICAL. Look
for physical sensations of energy moving in your body during and immediately following the
rite. This is not something you imagine, but rather something you should actually be able to feel
in your body if you are performing the rite correctly.
Some describe the physical sensation of this flow of GOD-FORCE energy as being “like
champagne bubbles running down your arms.” Others describe it as “waves of energy that rush
up your spine, then shine out through your hands, head and feet.”
Everyone describes the feeling of this energy in their bodies a little differently, but once you
reach out and connect with the GOD-FORCE, you will unmistakably feel its energetic flow in
your body.
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With practice, you can learn to shine GOD-FORCE energy as brightly as a miniature sun, and
learn to wield the GOD-FORCE for protection and to manifest your will in the world.
The ancient Egyptians revered Ra as the god who created everything. Also known as the Sun
God, Ra
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was revered as giver of all life energy. Ra was a powerful deity and a central god of the Egyptian
The ancient Egyptians worshiped Ra more than any other god. Pharaohs often connected
themselves with Ra in their efforts to be seen as the earthly embodiment of the Sun God.
Initiate-Adepts of ancient Heliopolis understood the Rites of Ra as a method for charging their
energetic Souls with GOD-FORCE energy.
Rosicrucian lore explains we live in a vast ocean of vital life energy emanating from the Sun and
stars. Without this vital energy, no life on Earth could survive.
In the East, Taoist sages call this life force Chi. Ancient Tantric Masters called it Kundalini. The
Gurus of Yoga call it Prana.
Here in the West, Hermetic Masters and Rosicrucian Magi call this energy LVX (pronounced
Lux). Master Christ simply called it Life, and claimed we can all have this Life energy in hitherto
unknown abundance.
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This LVX-Force has been known by initiates since the dawn of time. Although it has been called
by diverse names around the world, the best way to understand it - is just to call this divine life
energy what it really is: GOD-FORCE!
GOD-FORCE energy is the fabric of the Universe. Blazing like galaxies of stars, GOD-FORCE
energy flows within you and without you.
God-force is the vital life energy that courses though every living thing, from the green sap of
plants to the life force in every cell of your body.
And guess what? You can have all of this vital life force that you want. It can bestow many
things on you - from health and longevity to eternal conscious life - and best of all, it is
absolutely free!
You only need to learn how to feed your energetic Soul with GOD-FORCE energy, then you have
access all of it that you want – forever.
GOD-FORCE energy is right here. All around you. Lots of it. Right now. All the time.
Unfortunately, however, we live in a completely materialistic culture. Not that here is anything
wrong with materialism per se, but we also need spiritual life force to feed our energetic Soul.
Your Mother taught you how to feed your physical body with material food. Why did no one
teach you how to feed your energetic Soul with GOD-FORCE?
When you downloaded this ebook, you took the first step towards a new life of freedom,
abundance, longevity, and vibrant health. You placed your trust in me - so I will not disappoint
you. Let me show you how to feed your energetic Soul with GOD-FORCE, so it will grow strong
and healthy.
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The Rite I am about to share with you is designed to fill you full of vitality and life energy.
Consider it emergency first aid to show you how to feed your Soul by learning to shine the
Once you get a direct experience of GOD-FORCE energy, you will want to learn more. By
strengthening your energetic body so you can shine more and more GOD-FORCE, the Magick of
Light awakens the sleeping powers of your Soul - Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Psychic Ability, Astral
Projection, and ultimately, Conscious Immortality.
You will see positive manifestations happen and occur, blockages begin to being removed and
abundance as well as welcome opportunities in all forms start to appear for you just by
performing this following ancient Rite.
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As thriving individual beings, we are all originally connected through a divine pool of universal
energy, the center/source of which can be termed the GOD-FORCE.
It is this energy pool that we begin to get closed off from as a result of physical incarnation. Our
quest in life is to become one in Harmony with all that is within and all that is without,
becoming true creative expressions of the GOD-FORCE and in the process creating ourselves as
a unique expression of the GOD-FORCE.
Once we manage to attain this Harmonious state, this balance, we become TRUE Masters of
our own destiny and as a result we can literally bend the universe to our desires if one so
But first in order to begin, we must achieve balance within ourselves – develop our core center.
Throughout life the struggle is to ‘wake-up’ to remove the veil of illusion we place on ourselves
and to remove the blinders and bindings the establishment and elitists deliberately place on us
in order to enslave us and prevent this awakening and reconnecting of our souls to the GOD-
It is at this point when we reconnect to the GOD-FORCE that we recognize who we actually are,
and are able to achieve our fullest potential. In this we also attain TRUE HAPPINESS.
True Happiness is achieved from a complete state of total balance, a harmony with oneself that
then permeates into a state of Harmony with all other beings.
As living purposeful beings, our natural state is one of harmony and communication with others
and the environment, this harmonious interaction with others is vital, to our true nature if we
are to achieve our fullest potential as spiritual divine beings.
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Not being "in Harmony" is an unnatural state and a sign that something is either wrong with
your Magical/Spiritual evolution or that you are in fact being tampered with and under
someone else’s control. This rite will help resolve these conditions if present.
This perfect balance, between material desires and spiritual aspirations is termed as ‘Nirvana’ in
Hinduism and Buddhism, yet the reconnecting to GOD-FORCE achieves something that is even
on a higher level than merely achieving ‘Nirvana’.
One of the major benefits and goals of the Rosicrucian system is to make sure every human
being has the means to become one with the GOD-FORCE and live in total balance, in a
harmonious relationship on the Physical, Emotional (Astral), Mental (Mercurial), and Soul
(Solar) planes.
By the way, you can use this Rite to manifest just about anything you want or need in the
world, merely by changing the intention. Since my intention is to give you a direct taste of what
connecting with the GOD-FORCE feels like, that is how the Rite is written.
There are a few simple pre-steps that, remove negative energies and prepare you to fully enjoy
the maximum benefits that this Ancient Rite will bestow upon you. You can also just do the rite
itself, but the following adds even more power to the Rite.
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Prepare some clean cotton wool or cotton soft hand cloth.
Boil water about 12 ounces…
Place a half teaspoon of Epsom salt in a small bowl.
Once the water boils, pour the water into the bowl and dissolve the Epsom salts…
Add a bit more cold water so the water is still hot but not scolding.
Now carefully (make sure the water isn’t scolding hot) dip the cotton towel or cotton wool into
the Epsom water…squeeze the excess water out then place on your closed eyes for 2 minutes…
This will help the eyelids and eye stimulate healthy circulation and aid the body in draining
impurities…healthy eyes are vital to a healthy happy mind and body…
After 2 minutes take off the cotton buds…splash cold water over your face 7 times…
Then pat your face gently dry.
You should be feeling great right about now.
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Next boil some mineral water, enough for one full glass at least.
Pour yourself a glass of mineral water in a heat proof drinking glass or mug.
Add 1 teaspoon of organic apple cider to it and mix, add 2-3 teaspoons of natural liquid honey
and also 1 teaspoon of ground organic cinnamon, then add 1 teaspoon of pure lemon juice.
The ancient Egyptians were big believers in the health benefits that apple cider, clean water
and honey would bring to the body especially in cleansing and regenerating.
Now don’t drink it yet…place the now ready tonic drink to one side…we will bless it with
spiritual energies soon…
If you would like to hear me pronouncing the names in the below step correctly, you can
stream the audio files embedded here in one of many magical resources available to
Rosicrucian Mystery School members.
Find a space where you can stretch your hands out to your sides while standing erect.
Calm yourself with a few deep breaths in and long slow relaxed breaths out..and relax.
Center yourself and let the cares of this world fade away. Take a deep breath and exhale
completely then breath deeply and slowly. Stay mentally alert and let all your thoughts fade
away. Stand erect with your hands at your side.
Imagine yourself feet connected to the cool healing earth, your mind travelling up and through
the universe past our galaxies and into the furthest point in space…
You see a pin point of very bright light in the dark distance, it draws nearer and nearer until it is
a meter above and slightly in front of your head, the light is magnificently bright and emanates
a powerful calming happy energy.
Touch your forehead
Reach up with your right hand above your head as far as you can reach. Hold your wrist straight
and don't bend it. Bring your fingers together and draw a straight line down to your forehead.
As you draw this line, imagine or visualize it as a line of white light that extends to infinity above
and comes down through the crown of your head to the middle of your head. Rest your fingers
momentarily on your forehead, intone: "ATAH" which means "For thine is..." and then continue
with the next step.
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Some people hold their index and middle fingers together with their thumb, the three digits
touching each other. The other two fingers are folded down into the palm of their hand. Others
hold their index and middle fingers erect, fold their other two fingers down into the palm of
their hand and rest their thumb on those two fingers. Yet others use only their index finger and
fold the others into their palms. You decide which fingers you want to use and how.
Intone: "ATAH" which means "for thine is." Intoning may be done aloud, silently or any way in
between. It may be done with a wide vibrato, called vibrating, with no vibrato or any way in
between. Some people mumble. Others speak distinctly. You decide how you want to intone
the names of Deity and the prayer accompanying the Qabalistic Cross.
Touch your lower abdomen
This point is about half-way between your belly button and pubic line. As you bring your hand
to this position draw a line of white light from the middle of your head to the middle of your
lower abdomen halfway between your front and back. Imagine or visualize this white line as
continuing downward to infinity. You now have a line of white light extending through you to
infinity above and below. Rest your fingers here momentarily and intone: "Malkuth" which
means "The Kingdom." Some people next point down to infinity and then go to the next step.
Others just go to the next step.
Touch your right shoulder
Touch your right shoulder and imagine or visualize a line of white light extending to infinity on
your right. Imagine this light going not into your shoulder but straight through your side to your
heart. Rest your fingers on your shoulder momentarily and intone: "Ve Gevurah" which means
"the Power." Then move to the next step.
Some Qabalists prefer to form a Calvary Cross by having the light forming the crossbar go
through their shoulders rather than their heart. These same Qabalists usually visualize or
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imagine the whole cross moving forward and backward to infinity when forming the standing
Touch your left shoulder
Touch your left shoulder and visualize or imagine the horizontal line of white light coming
straight out from your heart and extending to infinity on your left. Rest your fingers on your left
shoulder momentarily and intone: "Ve Gedulah" which means "and the Glory." Then go to the
next step.
Form a standing cross
Extend both of your arms out to the side forming a standing cross. Visualize or imagine a line of
white light extending from your heart straight ahead to infinity and straight back to infinity thus
making a three-dimensional Elemental Cross. Intone: "Le Olam" which means "forever and
ever." Then bring your hands together in the prayer position and intone: "Amen." Then drop
your hands to your side.
Open your eyes if closed.
Extend your right hand over the top .
Your left hand is over your heart region..
Imagine a golden light travelling from your heart through your right arm, the golden energy
emanates through your right palm and into the tonic drink.
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Repeat this prayer aloud.
“Blessed are you, elixir of life, by the name RA who by the rising Sun, the living energy of life,
blessed and transformed us. Grant that when we Drink this water or make use of it, we will be
refreshed inwardly by the power of the Universal life and connect us to the Divine GOD-FORCE.
Take this tonic with you to charge with solar life force to imbibe in the below rite.
Go outside just before dawn. With the first rays of sunlight of the golden dawn, raise the cup
with the tonic to the rising sun, and imagine the Sun filling the liquid with solar life energy,
health and vitality, then read the following:
"Homage to thee, who art Ra when thou risest, and Temu when thou settest. Hail, thou Disk,
thou lord of rays, who risest on the horizon day by day! Homage to thee, O Herukhuti, who art
the god Khepera, the self-created, when thou risest on the horizon and sheddest thy beams of
light upon the lands of the North and the South, thou art beautiful, yea beautiful, and all the
gods rejoice when they behold thee, the King of heaven.
O thou god of life, thou lord of love, all men live when thou shinest, thou art crowned king of
the gods.
The company of the gods rejoice at thy rising, the earth is glad when it beholds thy rays.
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Thou art the lord of heaven, thou art the lord of Earth, the creator of those who dwell in the
heights and of those who dwell in the depths.
Thou art Khepera, the self created One who didst come into being at the beginning of time.
I go forth each day over heaven and earth made strong by my mother Nut.
The Goddess Nebtunnut is established upon my head, and her uraei of the South and of the
North are upon my brow. She taketh up her place before me.
Isis and Nephthys salute me, they sing songs of joy unto me at my rising in the boat, they
protect me with their hands.
Thoth is established in the bows of my boat to destroy utterly all my foes.
Behold, I am the maker of eternity, adored when I rise in my boat into the heavens. I am the
giver of life – and I shine upon all creation.
For I am Ra he who is Herukhuti the divine man-child, heir to eternity, the self begotten and self
born, king of earth.
I am Ra, mighty one of victories, Power of Powers, who dost make strong my throne against evil
fiends glorious in majesty in the Sektet boat, and exceedingly mighty in the Atet boat.
I am he whose words once spoken must take effect in the world…
I am he, whose word once uttered must come to pass."
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Identifying with the God form of Ra, state your manifestation desire with Godlike power and
authority, then drink the elixir. Saying, “I fill myself with life energy and connect deeply with the
Take one step backwards, stepping out of the God-Form of Ra. Clap your hands, the laugh
hysterically. Feel yourself return to your normal state of consciousness. Rest assured. Using this
rite, especially at dawn, you will grow in energetic strength and your desires WILL manifest in
the world. I use it even today to charge my energy body I have used it to manifest many things
over the years with 100% success.
If you do not get the results you were looking this time, just repeat another day until you do.
You will get results. Guaranteed.
The “Assumption Of Godforms” used in this rite is just the first step and one tiny part of the
ancient Rosicrucian system of the Magick of Light.
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In 1999, at the dawn of the new Millennium, I did something that shook the world of Magick to
its very core. I compiled every Hermetic and Rosicrucian magical ritual, spell, and ceremony of
the Magick of Light into what I call the Ritual Magick Manual.
For the first time in recorded history, you can now obtain ALL the highest secrets and closely
guarded Rosicrucian practises of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, without having to
join the Order and rise through the grades!
If you act now, you can pick up your digital copy at the gift price of just $7 HERE.
Alpha Ωmega Rosicrucian Mystery School
We are the sole and exclusive owners of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn® trademark in
the EU (reg. 000063925). In the United States, we operate by legal agreement adopted by the
United States District Court as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, outer order of the
Alpha Ωmega Rosicrucian Mystery School.