H πόλη μας

6 ο Δημοτικό Σχολείο Νέας Ιωνίας (6 th Primary School of Nea Ionia-Athens)


Στα πλαίσια του προγράμματος etwinning οι μαθητές και οι μαθήτριες της Ε΄ τάξης του 6ου Δ.Σ.Νέας Ιωνίας ετοίμασαν το συγκεκριμένο power point.

Transcript of H πόλη μας

  • 1. 6 (6th Primary School of Nea Ionia- Athens)

2. (A short description of our town) 3. (The foundation of ourtown). 1923. 27 .(The town of Nea Ionia was founded in1923. The 27th of June it is considered tobe as the foundation day). 4. ! (Our town!) .(This is how our town looks like from thesatellite). 5. !(The sightseeings of our town) (The aqueduct of Adrianos) 6. (The Panetolio) . 1930 . (Panetolio is located near a pine planted square and its considered as a culturalcentre of our town. It was built in 1930 and it was used as a casino and hotel during the second world war). 7. (Church of St. George) 12 .(It is dedicated to St. George and it wasbuilt in 12th century 8. (Mothers statue) . (It is considered to be one of the mostimportant statues of the town for the residents 9. (The OlympicAthletic Centre) 2004. 1. .(Here took place the OlympicGames of 2004. Its 1 km awayfrom our school. 10. (The main stadium) 11. !(Thats Athens) . (A view of Athens) 12. !(The Acropolis) 6 .(Built in the 6th century BC) 13. !(Parthenon) .(Temple dedicated to goddessAthena). 14. Theatre Lycabettos 15. Herodium Theatre 16. .(That was a shortpresentation of our town) !(Lets hope youve enjoyed the presentation). 17. Special thanks to:Mr. Panayiotis Tzefrios(computer teacher) and Mrs CoCoti Frosso (teacherof foreign language)for making this presentationpossible.