Greek Muses C hannel i ngs - Ole Gabrielsen C h a n n e le d m e s s a g e fro m M u s e T h a lia...

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Transcript of Greek Muses C hannel i ngs - Ole Gabrielsen C h a n n e le d m e s s a g e fro m M u s e T h a lia...

  • Greek Muses Channelings Channeled by Marijana Gabrielsen

    From Wikipedia: “In ancient Greek religion and mythology, the Muses (Ancient Greek: Μοῦσαι, Moũsai) are the inspirational goddesses of literature, science, and the arts. They are considered the source of the knowledge embodied in the poetry, lyric songs, and myths that were related orally for centuries in these ancient cultures. Greek Mousa is a common noun as well as a type of goddess: it literally means "art" or "poetry".”


  • Muse Domain Emblem

    Calliope Epic poetry

    Writing tablet , Stylus , Lyre

    Clio History Scrolls , Books , Cornet , Laurel wreath

    Erato Love poetry

    Cithara (an ancient Greek musical instrument in the lyre family)

    Euterpe Music , Song , and Lyric Poetry

    Aulos (an ancient Greek musical instrument like a flute ), panpipes , laurel wreath

    Melpome ne

    Tragedy Tragic mask , Sword (or any kind of blade ), Club , Kothornos (boots)

    Polyhymn ia

    Hymns Veil , Grapes (referring to her as an agricultural goddess)

    Terpsicho re

    Dance Lyre , Plectrum

    Thalia Comedy Comic mask , Shepherd's crook (the vaudeville act of pulling someone off the stage with a hook is a reference to Thalia's crook), Ivy wreath

    Urania Astronomy Globe and compass


  • Channeled message from Muse Thalia

    “I come with the message of peace. A peace that is a state of mind, heart, and soul. I will not teach you how to find peace because everyone has his or her own way of finding peace. But peace in the soul is crucial for life. If you do not have peace, you can’t live this Earthly life properly. Peace is when you reach God. How do you reach God? You reach God by connecting to God in many different ways. There are as many ways as there are people. So someone will search in religion, someone will search in a simple prayer, someone will search in meditation. It doesn't matter as long as your intention is pure and full of love.

    God is always there, always for you. Don’t doubt that. The only person who can disconnect you from God is you. And you are the one who connects to God also. But the trick is, the connection is always there, just you are not aware or you are aware of that connection. That is the little detail. Awareness or not being aware.

    I would love to introduce you to a story. It is a story of a traveler, of a girl who was a traveler. She used to travel a lot. Traveling to all places possible, all the monasteries, all the temples to find peace. Wherever she went, she couldn’t find peace. Something was missing. She was meditating with monks, she was praying with monks, she was doing everything possible but still, she couldn’t find the inner peace. And then she said: “I can’t find the peace, I’m lost, I give up, there is no way to find peace! There is no God. '' She gave up on life completely, on everything.

    And then, what she did, she came back home. And she said: “You know what? I will dedicate this life to Earthly life, to be a good and honest person.” And she started with daily activities, with everyday life, a bit disappointed, but she really was determined to live a better life than before the search for peace and God. But the thing is, the more she was doing the earthly jobs, and the more she was grounded, the more she was a better person, the more she was herself. She somehow at one point realized that she found what she was searching all around the world, and that was the inner peace. That was God, that was the sparkle and the voice of God inside of herself. And then she realized that God is omnipresent. God is everywhere. In a rock, everywhere, as Jesus said. And then she realized what she missed. She missed the journey, the inner journey. She thought the peace is something you should find outwards, and then you find, you reach it, and then you have it, and then you are satisfied. But she


  • realized that actually it is not about the destination, as people say, it is about the journey. And it is about everyday dedication. Every day committing to peace. And you do that by being yourself, by being simple, honest, worthy, by being who you truly are. God is already there. Don’t worry about God. “Worry” about yourself in that way and then, you will reach God. Because, you don’t need to reach anything, that’s the trick. You just have to simply realize that God is there. But sometimes we forget about that. And by being truly good people, we remember that and in the remembering is the answer. Remember every day and you will always hear God’s voice.”

    Muse Calliope

    “I am Calliope. I am here to tell you something about the angels. They are spiritual beings, ethereal, full of love and light. They live their lives in peace, sometimes in worries, sometimes in sadness, but most of it, they dedicate it to love God and human beings. They are here because of you, humans.

    The angels said: “We will protect them, guide them, but we will not mix in their free will.” And that is what the trick is. We have to allow angels to come into our lives, to allow them to interfere for the highest good. We need to understand the archangels’ and angels’ realm. They are there to help us, to guide us, to give us the answers, to lead us on our path. Most in the world they want is to see us happy.

    You do not know how an angel or archangel is happy when a person smiles from a soul - when you laugh from the soul. They love