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Glossary, Acronyms and Abbreviations
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Transcript of Glossary and Acronyms - Alberta€¦ · CRISP Comprehensive Regional Infrastructure Sustainability...

  • Glossary, Acronyms and Abbreviations

  • Syncrude Canada Ltd. Mildred Lake Extension Project Application for Approval December 2014

    Glossary – Page 1

    Glossary, Acronyms and Abbreviations % percent

    Σ sum

    δ containing delta

    σv lateral (horizontal) turbulence data

    σw vertical turbulence data

    σy initial horizontal (lateral) dimension for volume source

    σz initial vertical dimension for volume source

    χ2 chi-square

    μg microgram (one one-thousandth of a gram)

    μg/g micrograms per gram

    μg/L micrograms per litre

    μg/m3 micrograms per cubic metre

    μm micrometre

    (NH4)2(SO4) ammonium sulphate

    μS/cm microsiemens per centimetre

    +/- plus/minus (give or take)

    < less than

    > greater than

    °C degrees Celsius

    A&GWR Alberta and Great Waterways Railway

    AAAQO Alberta Ambient Air Quality Objectives and Guidelines

    AAC annual allowable cut

    ABMI Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute

    ACFN Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation

    ACIMS Alberta Conservation Information Management System

    AELSA aquatic ecology local study area

    AENV Alberta Environment

    AEP Aurora East Pit

    AER Alberta Energy Regulator

    AGCC Alberta Ground Cover Classification

    AGRASID Agricultural Region of Alberta Soil Inventory Database

    Al aluminum

    Al-Pac Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc.

    ALSA aquatics local study area

  • Syncrude Canada Ltd. Mildred Lake Extension Project Application for Approval December 2014

    Glossary – Page 2

    ANC acid neutralizing capacity

    ANHIC Alberta Natural Heritage Information Centre

    ANPC Alberta Native Plant Council

    AOSA Athabasca Oil Sands Area

    AOSERP Alberta Oil Sands Environmental Regional Program

    AOSTRA Alberta Oil Sands Technology and Research Authority

    API⁰ American Petroleum Institute degree AQLSA air quality local study area

    AQMG Air Quality Modeling Guideline

    AQRSA air quality regional study area

    ARGO amphibious all-terrain vehicle

    ARGR Arctic grayling

    ARSA aquatics regional study area

    ARU Acoustic Recording Unit

    AS Aurora South

    ASB Aurora Settling Basin

    ASP area structure plan

    ASRD Alberta Sustainable Resource Development

    ASWQG Alberta Surface Water Quality Guidelines

    AT Alberta Transportation

    ATV all-terrain vehicle

    AVI Alberta Vegetation Inventory

    A-weighted level or dBA A measurement of overall sound pressure level that accounts for the frequency content of the measured sound assessed with a frequency response similar to that of the human ear.

    A-Weighted Sound Pressure Level, dBA

    The sound pressure level in decibels as measured on a sound level meter using the A-weighting filter network. The A-weighting filter de-emphasizes the very low and very high frequency components of the sound in a manner similar to the frequency response of the human ear and correlates well with subjective reactions to noise. All sound levels in this report are A-weighted, unless reported otherwise.

    AWI Alberta Wetland Inventory

    bbl/d barrels per day

    BC:Al base cations to aluminum

    BCM bank cubic metres

    BFW boiler feed water

    BIP bitumen in place

    BLL blood lead level

  • Syncrude Canada Ltd. Mildred Lake Extension Project Application for Approval December 2014

    Glossary – Page 3

    BML Base Mine Lake

    BRSS Beaver River Silicified Sandstone

    BRST Brook stickleback

    BTEX benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes

    BURB Burbot

    C&R Conservation and Reclamation Plan

    CAC criteria air contaminants

    CaCO3 calcium carbonate

    CAESA Canada-Alberta Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture

    CALGRID California Petrochemical Grid Model

    CASA Clean Air Strategic Alliance

    CCME Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment

    CCV critical chemical value

    CEA cumulative effects assessment

    CEC cation exchange capacity

    CEMA Cumulative Environmental Management Association

    CH4 methane

    cm/s centimetres per second

    CMIP5 Coupled Model Inter-Comparison Project Phase 5

    CNC company consultative notations

    CNT consultative notation

    CO carbon monoxide

    CO2 carbon dioxide

    CO2E carbon dioxide equivalents

    CONRAD Canadian Oil Sands Network for Research and Development

    COPC chemicals of potential concern

    COSEWIC Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada

    cp centipoise

    CPDFN Chipewyan Prairie Dené First Nation

    CPF central processing facility

    CPUE catch-per-unit effort

    CRA commercial, recreational or Aboriginal

    CRISP Comprehensive Regional Infrastructure Sustainability Plan

    CSC Construction Sector Council

    cSOR cumulative steam oil ratio

    CT composite tailings

  • Syncrude Canada Ltd. Mildred Lake Extension Project Application for Approval December 2014

    Glossary – Page 4

    CWE cold water equivalent

    CWS Canada-Wide Standards

    dB (decibel) A unit describing the amplitude of sound, equal to 20 times the logarithm to the base 10 of the ratio of the pressure of the sound measured to the reference pressure, which is 20 micropascals.

    dBA (decibel A) Unit used for ‘A-weighted’ sound pressure levels. A-weighting is an adjustment made to sound-level measurement to approximate the response of the human ear.

    dBC Decibel C = C-weighted sound pressure unit

    DDA dedicated disposal area

    DEM Digital Elevation Model

    DFO Fisheries and Oceans Canada

    DID digital integrated disposition

    dL per decilitre

    DL disturbed land

    DLO Department License of Occupation

    DML department miscellaneous lease

    DO dissolved oxygen

    DRS disposition reservation

    DUA domestic use aquifer

    dv deciview

    EAH East Athabasca Highway

    EAP Enhanced Approval Process

    EC Environment Canada

    EIA environmental impact assessment

    EIP East In-Pit

    ELC Ecological Land Classification

    EMT Emergency Medical Technician

    Energy equivalent sound level or Leq

    A single number descriptor commonly used for environmental noise measurements and criteria. The Leq is used to quantify sound that constantly varies over time, such as sound commonly occurring in outdoor environments. Leq is defined as the steady, continuous sound level over the measured time period that has the same acoustic energy as the actual fluctuating sound levels that occurred during the same time period. Measurement periods commonly used for Leq measurements and criteria are daytime (07:00 - 22:00 hrs) and nighttime (22:00 - 07:00 hrs).

    EPEA Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act

    EPL end-pit lake

    ERCB Energy Resources Conservation Board

    ERP Emergency Response Plan

  • Syncrude Canada Ltd. Mildred Lake Extension Project Application for Approval December 2014

    Glossary – Page 5

    ESA environmentally significant areas

    ESCC Endangered Species Conservation Committee

    ESP electrical submersible pump

    ESRD Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

    ETA external tailings area

    EZE easement

    F1; C6-C10, excluding BTEX fraction 1

    F2; C>10-C16 fraction 2

    F3; C>16‐C34 fraction 3 F4; C>34 fraction 4

    FCS final closure scenario

    FEFLOW Finite Element subsurface flow system

    FFT fluid fine tailings

    FMA Forestry Management Agreement

    FMAOSS Fort McMurray-Athabasca Oil Sands Subregional

    FMFN #468 Fort McMurray First Nation #468

    FMU forest management unit

    FRL Fisheries Research License

    FWKO free water knockout

    FWMIS Fish and Wildlife Management Information System

    g/GJ grams per gigajoule

    GCM global climate model

    GDP gross domestic product

    GHG greenhouse gas

    GIS Geographic Information System

    GJ/h gigajoule per hour

    GLIMPS Geographic Land Information Management Planning System

    GMP groundwater monitoring program

    GPS global positioning system

    H2S hydrogen sulphide

    HBC Hudson's Bay Company

    HHRA human health risk assessment

    HI haze index

    HLSA hydrogeology local study areas

    HNO3 nitric acid

    HP high pressure

  • Syncrude Canada Ltd. Mildred Lake Extension Project Application for Approval December 2014

    Glossary – Page 6

    HQ hazard quotient

    HRA Historical Resources Act

    HRIA historical resources impact assessment

    HRLSA historical resources local study area

    HRRSA historical resources regional study area

    HRSA hydrogeology regional study area

    HRV historic resource value

    HSI habitat suitability index

    HSPF Hydrological Simulation Program-FORTRAN

    Hz hertz

    IHS inclined heterolithic stratification

    ILCR incremental lifetime cancer risk

    IQ Intellectual Quotient

    IR indicator resources

    IRC Industry Relations Corporation

    IRP integrated resource plan

    ISO International Organization for Standardization

    ISP industrial sample plot

    JOSM Joint Oil Sands Monitoring

    K potassium

    keq/ha/y kiloequivalent per hectares per year

    kg/h kilograms per hour

    kg/ha/y kilograms per hectare per year

    Kilowatt kW KIR key indicator resources

    KOH potassium hydroxide

    kPaa kiloPascal absolute

    kPag kilopascal gauge

    L/d litres per day

    L/min litres per minute

    LACT lease automatic custody transfer unit

    LARP Lower Athabasca Region Plan

    LB forage Large-bodied forage fish

    LCC Land Capability Classification

    LCCS Land Cover Classification System

    LFH Litter, Fibric, and Humic surface organic material

  • Syncrude Canada Ltd. Mildred Lake Extension Project Application for Approval December 2014

    Glossary – Page 7

    LFN low frequency noise

    LiDAR light detection and ranging

    LKCH Lake chub

    LKWH Lake whitefish

    LL lower lift

    LLD low liquid discharge

    LNDC Longnose dace

    LNSC Longnose sucker

    LOAEL lowest-observable-adverse-effect-level

    LOC license of occupation

    LP low pressure

    LSA local study area

    LSD legal subdivision

    LUB land use bylaw

    LWG Land Working Group

    masl meters above sea level

    MCFN Mikisew Cree First Nation

    mD milliDarcy

    MDL method detection limit

    MDP Municipal Development Plan

    MDS Maximum Disturbance Scenario

    Mm3 million cubic metres

    Mt Megatonnes

    MgO magnesium oxide

    MLL miscellaneous leases

    MLSB Mildred Lake Settling Basin

    MLX Mildred Lake Extension

    MNWH Mountain whitefish

    MOP maximum operating pressures

    MOSA mineable oil sands area

    MPOI maximum point of impingement

    MSL mineral surface lease

    MW megawatt

    N2O nitrous oxide

    NaOCl sodium hypochlorite

    NaOH sodium hydroxide

  • Syncrude Canada Ltd. Mildred Lake Extension Project Application for Approval December 2014

    Glossary – Page 8

    NFS near-face crushing and slurry preparation

    NH4+ ammonium

    NH4NO3 ammonium nitrate

    NLRHC Northern Lights Regional Health Centre

    NLSA noise local study area

    NMCP North Mine Centre Pond

    NMEPL North Mine End Pit Lake

    NMSP North Mine South Pond

    NO nitric oxide

    NO2 nitrogen dioxide

    NO3- nitrate

    NOX gaseous oxides of nitrogen (NO, NO2) or all nitrogen species (e.g., NO2, N2O, N3O)

    NOx gaseous oxides of nitrogen

    NRCB Natural Resources Conservation Board

    NRPK Northern pike

    NRRD Northern redbelly dace

    NRSA noise regional study area

    NRV natural range of variability

    NSMWG NOX-SO2 Management Working Group

    NTDB National Topographic Database

    NTS National Topographic System

    NTU nephelometric turbidity unit

    O3 ozone

    OBIP original bitumen in place

    ODA overburden disposal area

    ODA-N overburden disposal area-north

    ODA-S overburden disposal area-south

    OLM ozone limiting method

    OPP ore preparation plant

    ORF oil removal filters

    OSCA Oil Sands Community Alliance

    OSE oil sands exploration

    OSL oil sands leases

    OTSG once through steam generators

    PAD Peace Athabasca Delta

  • Syncrude Canada Ltd. Mildred Lake Extension Project Application for Approval December 2014

    Glossary – Page 9

    PAH polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

    PAI potential acid input

    PAL protection of aquatic life

    PAW process-affected water

    PBPK pharmacokinetic

    PDA pre-disturbance assessments

    PDC Planned Development Case

    PHC petroleum hydrocarbon

    pHRIA paleontological historical resources impact assessment

    PIL pipeline installation lease

    PLA pipeline agreements

    PM Particulate matter. May be relatively large and derived from crustal sources such as road dust (>10 μm), or be relatively small and derived from combustion sources both natural and anthropogenic sources (2.5 to 10 μm), or be derived through reactions in the atmosphere (secondary particulates;

  • Syncrude Canada Ltd. Mildred Lake Extension Project Application for Approval December 2014

    Glossary – Page 10

    RMWB Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

    ROW right-of-way

    RSA regional study area

    RSC reduced sulphur compound

    RSDS Regional Sustainable Development Strategy

    RWG Reclamation Working Group

    SAGD steam assisted gravity drainage

    SAR sodium adsorption ratio

    SARA Species at Risk Act

    SB forage small-bodied forage fish

    SCA Soil Correlation Area

    SCC Alberta Endangered Species Conservation Committee

    SCEM Site Conceptual Exposure Model

    SCR selective catalytic reduction

    SEIA socio-economic impact assessment

    SESA socio-economic study area

    SEWG Sustainable Ecosystems Working Group

    SIL Survey Intensity Level

    SiO2 silicon dioxide

    SLSC Slimy sculpin

    SML surface material lease

    SMU Soil Map Unit SO2 sulphur dioxide

    SO42- sulphate (partion)

    SPSC Spoonhead sculpin

    SPSH Spottail shiner

    SRD Sustainable Resource Development

    SRPR Species at Risk Public Registry

    SRU sulphur recovery unit

    SWIP Southwest In-Pit

    SWSS Southwest Sand Storage

    t/d tonnes per day

    TC tolerable concentration

    TCM total conversion method

    TDI tolerable daily intake

    TDS total dissolved solids

  • Syncrude Canada Ltd. Mildred Lake Extension Project Application for Approval December 2014

    Glossary – Page 11

    TEEM Terrestrial Environmental Effects Monitoring

    TEF toxic equivalency factor

    TEK Traditional ecological knowledge

    TEMF Terrestrial Ecosystem Management Framework

    THC total hydrocarbon

    TIA traffic impact assessment

    TK traditional knowledge

    TLSA terrestrial local study area

    TLU traditional land use

    TOR Terms of Reference

    TPR timber productivity ratings

    TRSA terrestrial regional study area

    TRV toxological reference value

    TSS total suspended solids, in water

    TURSA traditional use regional study area

    TV:BIP total volume to bitumen in-place

    Twp Township

    UL upper lift

    US EPA United States Environmental Protection Agency

    USLE Universal Soil Loss Equation

    VC valued components

    VEC valued ecosystem component

    VOC volatile organic compound

    VRU vapour recovery unit

    VSC valued socio-economic components

    WAC weak acid cation

    WALL walleye

    WATFLOOD University of Waterloo Flood Forecasting System

    WBEA Wood Buffalo Environmental Association

    WHEC Wildlife Habitat Effectiveness and Connectivity project

    WHO World Health Organization

    WHSC White sucker

    WMU Wildlife Management Unit

    WSC Water Survey of Canada

    YLPR yellow perch

    ZOI zones of influence

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