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Global Economy

Global Economy

Traditional BreakfastHow much does it cost?

eTwinning Project:

Learning to live like Global citizens

: Solving Problems

Learning targetsTo work in groups.To understand the different currency existing in some countriesTo realize than products prizes differ from one country to anotherTo practise in calculations with money

Regent's Park Children's Centre posted photos of their traditional breakfast dishes and posted products prices

We read the recipes and noticed that in England they dont use euros but Great Britain Pounds

Although we talked about GBP, all calculations were done in euros

We read the recipe and translated the ingredients

Then we made a list

We used plasticine to symbolize theingredients

Making 3 packs of half a dozen of eggs

Making 3 packs with 8 sausages each one

Making 20 slices of bread

Making a pack of bacon

Lets estimate the cost of eggs TOTALLY (89cents+89cents+89cents)

Lets estimate the cost of the sausages TOTALLY (66cents+66cents)

3 packs of half a dozen eggs= 178cents

400 grams of bread=50 cents

1 packet of mushrooms=90cents

1 pack of bacon= 1euro 50cents

Each team gets money to pay for the ingredients they have selected

Sausages cost 132 cents.For a second we have mixed cents and euros and we thought that sausages cost 132 eurosStudents insisted that they had money enough to pay 132 euros but after we talked they realized that paying 132 for 18 sausages is too much money.

So we explained that after adding cents and cents the result will always be cents

132 cents= 100 cents + 32 cents 1euro

Then each team drew on the whiteboard the coins they had selected before

Finally we counted them

Finally we played The supermarket