Get Hired! Landing A Product Job

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Transcript of Get Hired! Landing A Product Job

Get Hired! Landing the Product Job


Do what you are - Myers-Briggs

Finding Product RolesGet found: Optimize your LinkedIn profilePaid listings services: LinkedIn, IndeedCrawlers: LinkupIndustry Boards: Angelist, theproductjobs, MashableReviews on Glassdoor

It takes a network.

Win at InterviewingPreparation is requiredDress the partPrepare your pitchBring appropriate work samplesConnect with the interviewersPrepare thoughtful questionsFollow-up with sincerity

Dont do this.Falsify or misrepresent your backgroundBadmouth your company or bossTreat the interview casuallyMain reason for leaving is $Discuss personal issuesBe soft-spoken, give short answers

Thank youRick Aronsteinrick@aclion.comDirector, Head of Product RecruitmentAC Lion

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