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Genesis of Cosmic Equation is a book that explains the space / time and brings new formulas and calculations in the world of science. Utilizes the special theory of relativity with Tesla's dynamic theory of gravity and confirmed by gravitational waves.

Transcript of Genesis of Cosmic Equation - Part 1 First Edition. English language


    Autor of the book : Goran enanovi Rocky +38598803843 tel Viber WhatsApp Rocky_Rokel skype

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    E= m*c ={(c*2)*} *(4*r) =kg*m*s=V*C


    Autor of the book : Goran enanovi Rocky +38598803843 tel Viber WhatsApp Rocky_Rokel skype

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    About the author _____________________________________________________________________ 3

    Introduction ___________________________________________________________________ 4 The sensational discovery : Cosmic formula___________________________________________ 6 Explanation and origin of cosmic formula ___________________________________________ 7 Pythagorean theorem - the way to a solution _________________________________________ 9 The definition of the EM wave _____________________________________________________ 10 Reverse engineering space/time without mass _______________________________________ 11 Photoelectric effect and the photoelectric results ______________________________________ 11 Electron elementary charge and locating faults ________________________________________ 15 Definition of photons in the formula wave ___________________________________________ 16 The modified constants ___________________________________________________________ 19 The mass of the electron __________________________________________________________ 21 The sensational discovery : the Planck formula that lacks ________________________________ 23 The fine structure constant _______________________________________________________ 24 The sensational discovery : New formula and the amount of unified mass of atoms ___________ 26 Check of the formula ____________________________________________________________ 28 Calling the documentation ________________________________________________________ 31 All copyrights reserved ____________________________________________________________ 33


    Autor of the book : Goran enanovi Rocky +38598803843 tel Viber WhatsApp Rocky_Rokel skype

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    About the author

    Goran enanovi born 28.04.1972 . in Zagreb , Republic of Croatia is a self-taught scientist and researcher .Their

    preferences and interests toward science shows still in its infancy when it is starting to preoccupy questions about the

    evolution of the World and the size of the Universe . Also trying to find answers to the question of who were the ancient

    civilizations on Earth , why they disappeared , what was the purpose and the need to build the great pyramids , and

    whether there are alien worlds ... ?

    Maturation begins to look for answers in the literature and television shows that have been available to him .

    That was the first time that they had with Nikola Tesla and his majestic appearance and work, he becomes an idol and

    inspiration for his further progress in school and in life today.

    After completing primary school has enrolled in secondary vocational school in Zagreb and completed his schooling as a

    professional Electro for household appliances . In this period of schooling Goran started to engage in electronics as a

    hobby and concluded its first radio transmitters , radio receivers and various electronic circuits and became a radio

    amateur .

    Inspired by the work and progressive ideas of Nikola Tesla , Goran depth study the nature of the EM radio waves in all

    frequency bands .


    Nineties: Deals with the installation and servicing of satellite antenna and gained vast experience and achieved excellent

    results in the business.

    At the beginning of this century and deals with GSM communication devices that have just started to emerge in Croatia


    Employed as the main service in a private company and that achieved huge successes ( without previous professional

    seminars and training ) in the third and fourth degree servicing of mobile phones .

    Late 2005. year until today Goran intensely devoted to scientific re - proving the wireless transmission of energy through

    the natural media .

    2013th Goran calculated and constructed devices for the wireless transfer of energy by Tesla principle and successfully

    carried out the experiment with the actual goal- wireless transfer of energy through the Earth .

    04/29/2013 comes to sensational discovery of cosmic formula .


    Autor of the book : Goran enanovi Rocky +38598803843 tel Viber WhatsApp Rocky_Rokel skype

    Page 4


    E= m*c c=299792458m/s

    Joule unit of energy J

    Where kg is the kilogram , m is the meter , s is the second , N Newton , Pa Pascal , W is watts , C is the

    coulomb , and V is the volt . In A.Einstein formula E is energy , m is mass , c is the speed of light .

    This has so far set up a paradigm based on the speed of light as a fixed constant in the universe , and it

    seems that everything is as it should be, but still something wrong.

    When the 1905th The A. Einstein introduced the world his formula end expounded the theory , science is

    headed in the right study of atoms and atomic energy and followed and many great discoveries .

    Yet we just keep this on the theory and formula and find key answer to the question of what results she

    disagrees and theoretically should be stacked in the above equations .

    Let's start from the beginning and let's look at two basic principles of relativity :

    1.postulate relativity

    The laws of physics are the same in all inertial reference systems .

    2. Constancy speed of light in vacuum

    The speed of light in vacuum has the same value 'll all inertial reference systems .

    The speed of light in vacuum c (299792458 m / s ) is so huge that we would not notice a delay between

    transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves under normal circumstances .

    Speed of light in vacuum is actually only the absolute velocity and the same for all observers as specified

    in the second postulate .

    I studied these postulates and came to the conclusion that they did not really have a problem as they

    strive so hard to find and do .This will complete the definition of photons :

    A photon is an elementary particle , the quantum of electromagnetic radiation , which moves in the

    vacuum speed of light c . There is no rest mass , and contains energy and information . According to the

    first and second postulate STR - and here we come to the first problem : Photon not ( classically beyond

    comprehension ) particles and only has wave properties . If we understand it as can be seen that the

    photons travel constantly vacuum and says no definition of rest mass . Which is understandable and

    supports both postulates . From another point of view let's look Einstein's formula, and we can conclude


    Autor of the book : Goran enanovi Rocky +38598803843 tel Viber WhatsApp Rocky_Rokel skype

    Page 5

    that the product of the masses can not be the product of two masses that would result in energy . What

    exactly is c squared in the formula ? We define the mass in kilograms , c is defined as the movement of

    m / s . From this we can conclude that the mass in the formula E = m * c has the energy and have the

    energy of movement , rest mass energy arises then multiplying the mass of electrons and photons have

    no mass and also idle . When we say energy mass movement that we mean another vector external or

    internal force acting on the mass. This begs the question of how to actually move these photons to the

    second postulate of STR 's?

    For decades , the question arises whether a photon is a particle or a wave and finally we solve this

    dilemma as it should . The particles have a dual nature as , for example, an electron which is proven 1929

    years of Louis de Broglie French physicist for which he received the Nobel Prize . Modern research at

    CERN have shown that dual nature have all bosons to the latest discovered Higgs boson that decays into

    two photons for which Peter Higgs and Francois Englert 2013 years also received the Nobel Prize for the

    discovery and of course the boson .

    At the end, the photon does not behave like particles - no dual nature . Let us continue with this

    assumption and get back to the question what is it c squared in Einstein's formula. Since there is no

    particle properties is understandable that the answer was in the domain of electromagnetic . But before I

    full explain EM characteristic of light c , be noted that it is necessary I will c squared considered as a space

    / time ( m / s ) where there is a particle of mass m . According to the theorem of Pythagoras square of

    the length expressed in meters is equal to c m , also