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Transcript of GB Cordless Jig Saw Instruction Manual F Scie sauteuse ...· P Serra Tico-Tico a Bateria Manual de

GB Cordless Jig Saw Instruction Manual

F Scie sauteuse sans fil Manuel dinstructions

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I Seghetto alternativo a batteria Istruzioni per luso

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E Sierra Caladora Inalmbrica Manual de instrucciones

P Serra Tico-Tico a Bateria Manual de instrues

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ENGLISH (Original instructions)Explanation of general view

1 Battery2 Buttons3 Cutting action changing lever4 Lock-off button5 Switch trigger6 Blade holder7 Bolt8 Hex wrench9 Blade

10 Roller11 Hook12 Dust cover13 Cutting line14 Base15 Edge16 Graduation17 Starting hole18 Hose

19 Rip fence (Guide rule)20 Fence guide21 Threaded knob22 Pin23 Aluminum base24 Anti-splintering device25 Cover plate


Due to our continuing program of research and devel-opment, the specifications herein are subject to changewithout notice.

Specifications and battery cartridge may differ fromcountry to country.

Weight, with battery cartridge, according to EPTA-Pro-cedure 01/2003


Intended useThe tool is intended for the sawing of wood, plastic andmetal materials. As a result of the extensive accessoryand saw blade program, the tool can be used for manypurposes and is very well suited for curved or circularcuts.


General Power Tool Safety WarningsWARNING Read all safety warnings and all

instructions. Failure to follow the warnings andinstructions may result in electric shock, fire and/orserious injury.Save all warnings and instructions for future refer-ence.


CORDLESS JIG SAW SAFETY WARNINGS1. Hold power tool by insulated gripping surfaces,

when performing an operation where the cuttingaccessory may contact hidden wiring. Cuttingaccessory contacting a live wire may makeexposed metal parts of the power tool live andcould give the operator an electric shock.

2. Use clamps or another practical way to secureand support the workpiece to a stable platform.Holding the work by hand or against your bodyleaves it unstable and may lead to loss of control.

3. Always use safety glasses or goggles. Ordinaryeye or sun glasses are NOT safety glasses.

4. Avoid cutting nails. Inspect workpiece for anynails and remove them before operation.

5. Do not cut oversize workpiece.6. Check for the proper clearance beyond the work-

piece before cutting so that the blade will notstrike the floor, workbench, etc.

7. Hold the tool firmly.8. Make sure the blade is not contacting the work-

piece before the switch is turned on.9. Keep hands away from moving parts.10. Do not leave the tool running. Operate the tool

only when hand-held.11. Always switch off and wait for the blade to come

to a complete stop before removing the bladefrom the workpiece.

12. Do not touch the blade or the workpiece immedi-ately after operation; they may be extremely hotand could burn your skin.

13. Do not operate the tool at no-load unnecessarily.14. Some material contains chemicals which may be

toxic. Take caution to prevent dust inhalationand skin contact. Follow material supplier safetydata.

15. Always use the correct dust mask/respirator forthe material and application you are workingwith.


Model VJ01

Length of stroke 18 mm

Strokes per minute (min1) 0 2,400

Blade type B type

Max. cutting capacities

Wood 65 mm

Mild steel 2 mm

Aluminium 4 mm

Overall length 231 mm

Net weight 1.7 kg

Rated voltage D.C. 10.8 V / 12 V max


WARNING:DO NOT let comfort or familiarity with product(gained from repeated use) replace strict adherenceto safety rules for the subject product. MISUSE orfailure to follow the safety rules stated in this instruc-tion manual may cause serious personal injury.



FOR BATTERY CARTRIDGE1. Before using battery cartridge, read all instruc-

tions and cautionary markings on (1) batterycharger, (2) battery, and (3) product using bat-tery.

2. Do not disassemble battery cartridge.3. If operating time has become excessively

shorter, stop operating immediately. It mayresult in a risk of overheating, possible burnsand even an explosion.

4. If electrolyte gets into your eyes, rinse them outwith clear water and seek medical attention rightaway. It may result in loss of your eyesight.

5. Do not short the battery cartridge:(1) Do not touch the terminals with any conduc-

tive material.(2) Avoid storing battery cartridge in a container

with other metal objects such as nails, coins,etc.

(3) Do not expose battery cartridge to water orrain.

A battery short can cause a large current flow,overheating, possible burns and even a break-down.

6. Do not store the tool and battery cartridge inlocations where the temperature may reach orexceed 50C (122F).

7. Do not incinerate the battery cartridge even if itis severely damaged or is completely worn out.The battery cartridge can explode in a fire.

8. Be careful not to drop or strike battery.9. Do not use a damaged battery.

SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS.Tips for maintaining maximum battery life1. Charge the battery cartridge before completely

discharged.Always stop tool operation and charge the bat-tery cartridge when you notice less tool power.

2. Never recharge a fully charged battery cartridge.Overcharging shortens the battery service life.

3. Charge the battery cartridge with room tempera-ture at 10C 40C (50F 104F). Let a hot bat-tery cartridge cool down before charging it.


Always be sure that the tool is switched off and the bat-tery cartridge is removed before adjusting or checkingfunction on the tool.

Installing or removing battery cartridge (Fig. 1) Always switch off the tool before installing or removing

of the battery cartridge. To remove the battery cartridge, withdraw it from the

tool while pressing the buttons on both sides of the car-tridge.

To install the battery cartridge, hold it so that the batterycartridge front shape fits to that of the battery install-ment opening and slip it into place. Always insert it allthe way until it locks in place with a little click. If not, itmay accidentally fall out of the tool, causing injury toyou or someone around you.

Do not use force when installing the battery cartridge. Ifthe cartridge does not slide in easily, it is not beinginserted correctly.

Battery protection system The tool is equipped with a battery protection system.This system automatically cuts off power to the motor toextend battery life.The tool will automatically stop during operation if thetool and/or battery are placed under one of the followingconditions: Overloaded:

The tool is operated in a manner that causes it todraw an abnormally high current. In this situation,release the trigger switch on the tool and stop theapplication that caused the tool to become over-loaded. Then pull the trigger switch again to restart.

Low battery voltage:The remaining battery capacity is too low and thetool will not operate. If you pull the switch trigger, themotor runs again but stops soon. In this situation,remove and recharge the battery.

Selecting the cutting action (Fig. 2)This tool can be operated with an orbital or a straight line(up and down) cutting action. The orbital cutting actionthrusts the blade forward on the cutting stroke andgreatly increases cutting speed.To change the cutting action, just turn the cutting actionchanging lever to the desired cutting action position.Refer to the table to select the appropriate cutting action.


Position Cutting action Applications

0 Straight line cutting action

For cutting mild steel, stainless steel and plas-tics.

For clean cuts in wood and plywood.

I Small orbit cut-ting actionFor cutting mild steel, alu-minum and hard wood.

II Medium orbit cutting action

For cutting wood and ply-wood.

For fast cutting in alumi-num and mild steel.

III Large orbit cut-ting actionFor fast cutting in wood and plywood.


Switch action (Fig. 3)CAUTION:

Before installing the battery cartridge into the tool,always check to see that the switch trigger actuatesproperly and returns to the OFF position whenreleased.

When not operating the tool, depress the lock-off but-ton from A side to lock the switch trigger in the OFFposition.

To prevent the switch trigger from accidentally pulled, thelock-off button is provided.To start the tool, depress the lock-off button from B sideand pull the switch t