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Transcript of GB Cordless Angle Drill Instruction Manual F Perceuse .P Furadeira Angular a Bateria Manual de...

  • GB Cordless Angle Drill Instruction Manual

    F Perceuse dAngle sans Fil Manuel dinstructions

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    I Trapano Angolare a Batteria Istruzioni per luso

    NL Snoerloze Hoekboor Gebruiksaanwijzing

    E Taladro Angular Inalmbrico Manual de instrucciones

    P Furadeira Angular a Bateria Manual de instrues

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    ENGLISH (Original instructions)Explanation of general view

    1 Button2 Battery cartridge3 Switch trigger4 Lamp

    5 Reversing switch6 Chuck key7 Sleeve8 Chuck key holder

    9 Hook portion10 Slot11 Rail


    Due to our continuing program of research and devel-opment, the specifications herein are subject to changewithout notice.

    Specifications and battery cartridge may differ fromcountry to country.

    Weight, with battery cartridge, according to EPTA-Pro-cedure 01/2003


    Intended useThe tool is intended for drilling in wood, metal and plastic.


    General Power Tool Safety WarningsWARNING Read all safety warnings and all

    instructions. Failure to follow the warnings andinstructions may result in electric shock, fire and/orserious injury.Save all warnings and instructions for future refer-ence.


    CORDLESS DRILL SAFETY WARNINGS1. Use auxiliary handle(s), if supplied with the tool.

    Loss of control can cause personal injury.2. Hold power tool by insulated gripping surfaces,

    when performing an operation where the cuttingaccessory may contact hidden wiring. Cuttingaccessory contacting a live wire may makeexposed metal parts of the power tool live andcould give the operator an electric shock.

    3. Always be sure you have a firm footing.Be sure no one is below when using the tool inhigh locations.

    4. Hold the tool firmly.5. Keep hands away from rotating parts.6. Do not leave the tool running. Operate the tool

    only when hand-held.7. Do not touch the drill bit or the workpiece imme-

    diately after operation; they may be extremelyhot and could burn your skin.

    8. Some material contains chemicals which may betoxic. Take caution to prevent dust inhalationand skin contact. Follow material supplier safetydata.


    DO NOT let comfort or familiarity with product(gained from repeated use) replace strict adherenceto safety rules for the subject product. MISUSE orfailure to follow the safety rules stated in this instruc-tion manual may cause serious personal injury.



    FOR BATTERY CARTRIDGE1. Before using battery cartridge, read all instruc-

    tions and cautionary markings on (1) batterycharger, (2) battery, and (3) product using bat-tery.

    2. Do not disassemble battery cartridge.3. If operating time has become excessively

    shorter, stop operating immediately. It mayresult in a risk of overheating, possible burnsand even an explosion.

    4. If electrolyte gets into your eyes, rinse them outwith clear water and seek medical attention rightaway. It may result in loss of your eyesight.

    5. Do not short the battery cartridge:(1) Do not touch the terminals with any conduc-

    tive material.(2) Avoid storing battery cartridge in a con-

    tainer with other metal objects such as nails,coins, etc.

    (3) Do not expose battery cartridge to water orrain.

    A battery short can cause a large current flow,overheating, possible burns and even a break-down.

    6. Do not store the tool and battery cartridge inlocations where the temperature may reach orexceed 50C (122F).

    Model DA330D DA331D

    CapacitiesSteel 10 mm 10 mm

    Wood 12 mm 12 mm

    No load speed (min1) 0 800 0 800

    Overall length 298 mm 310 mm

    Net weight 1.1 kg 1.1 kg

    Rated voltage D.C. 10.8 V D.C. 10.8 V

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    7. Do not incinerate the battery cartridge even if itis severely damaged or is completely worn out.The battery cartridge can explode in a fire.

    8. Be careful not to drop or strike battery.9. Do not use a damaged battery.

    SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS.Tips for maintaining maximum battery life1. Charge the battery cartridge before completely

    discharged.Always stop tool operation and charge the bat-tery cartridge when you notice less tool power.

    2. Never recharge a fully charged battery cartridge.Overcharging shortens the battery service life.

    3. Charge the battery cartridge with room tempera-ture at 10C 40C (50F 104F).Let a hot battery cartridge cool down beforecharging it.


    Always be sure that the tool is switched off and the bat-tery cartridge is removed before adjusting or checkingfunction on the tool.

    Installing or removing battery cartridge (Fig. 1)CAUTION:

    Always switch off the tool before installing or removingof the battery cartridge.

    Hold the tool and the battery cartridge firmly wheninstalling or removing battery cartridge.Failure to hold the tool and the battery cartridge firmlymay cause them to slip off your hands and result indamage to the tool and battery cartridge and a per-sonal injury.

    To remove the battery cartridge, withdraw it from the toolwhile pressing the buttons on both sides of the cartridge.To install the battery cartridge, hold it so that the batterycartridge front shape fits to that of the battery installmentopening and slip it into place. Insert it all the way until itlocks in place with a little click.

    CAUTION: Always insert the battery cartridge all the way until it

    locks in place. If not, it may accidentally fall out of thetool, causing injury to you or someone around you.

    Do not install the battery cartridge forcibly. If the car-tridge does not slide in easily, it is not being insertedcorrectly.

    Battery protection systemThe tool is equipped with a battery protection system.This system automatically cuts off power to the motor toextend battery life.The tool will automatically stop during operation if thetool and/or battery are placed under one of the followingconditions: Overloaded:

    The tool is operated in a manner that causes it to drawan abnormally high current.In this situation, release the switch trigger on the tooland stop the application that caused the tool to becomeoverloaded. Then pull the switch trigger again torestart.

    Low battery voltage:The remaining battery capacity is too low and the toolwill not operate. If you pull the switch trigger, the motorruns again but stops soon.In this situation, remove and recharge the battery.

    Switch action (Fig. 2)CAUTION:

    Before inserting the battery cartridge into the tool,always check to see that the switch trigger actuatesproperly and returns to the OFF position whenreleased.

    To start the tool, simply pull the switch trigger. Tool speedis increased by increasing pressure on the switch trigger.Release the switch trigger to stop.

    CAUTION: Be sure to hold the tool firmly before the tool is

    switched off.

    Lighting up the front lampFor model DA330D (Fig. 3)For model DA331D (Fig. 4)

    CAUTION: Do not look in the light or see the source of light

    directly.Pull the switch trigger to light up the lamp. The lampkeeps on lighting while the switch trigger is being pulled.The lamp goes out just after the switch trigger isreleased.NOTE: Use a dry cloth to wipe the dirt off the lens of lamp. Be

    careful not to scratch the lens of lamp, or it may lowerthe illumination.

    Reversing switch action (Fig. 5)This tool has a reversing switch to change the directionof rotation. Depress the reversing switch lever from the Aside for clockwise rotation or from the B side for counter-clockwise rotation.When the reversing switch lever is in the neutral position,the switch trigger cannot be pulled.

    CAUTION: Always check the direction of rotation before operation. Use the reversing switch only after the tool comes to a

    complete stop. Changing the direction of rotationbefore the tool stops may damage the tool.

    When not operating the tool, always set the reversingswitch lever to the neutral position.

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    Always be sure that the tool is switched off and the bat-tery cartridge is removed before carrying out any workon the tool.

    Installing or removing drill bitFor model DA330D (Fig. 6)To install the bit, place it in the chuck as far as it will go.Tighten the chuck by hand. Place the chuck key in eachof the three holes and tighten clockwise. Be sure totighten all three chuck holes evenly.To remove the bit, turn the chuck key counterclockwise injust one hole, then loosen the chuck by hand.After use, return the chuck key to the storage cavity onthe tool.For model DA331D (Fig. 7)Hold the tool firmly and turn the sleeve counterclockwiseto open the chuck jaws. Place the bit in the chuck as faras it will go. Hold the tool firmly turn the sleeve clockwiseto tighten the chuck.To remove the bit, hold the tool firmly turn the sleevecounterclockwise.

    Chuck key holderFor model DA330D (Fig. 8)To install the chuck key holder, point the hook portion of ittoward the housing. Then insert the rails of the chuck keyholder to the slots of the tool housing until it locks inplace with a little click.To remove, hold the chuck key holder and then take itout.


    Hold the tool firmly with one hand on the gripping partof the tool when performing the tool.

    For model DA330D (Fig. 9)For model