Future for (Stopped) RISING.....the road to DESPEC.

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Future for (Stopped) RISING .....the road to DESPEC.

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Transcript of Future for (Stopped) RISING.....the road to DESPEC.

  • Future for (Stopped) RISING .....the road to DESPEC.

  • D. Rudolph et al., RISING, Feb/Mar'06

  • Stopped Rising Array @ GSI: 15 x 7 element CLUSTERsPhotopeak efficiency ~11% at 1.3 MeV....best array in the world for such studies....bar none.

  • Coincidence SpectraD. Rudolph

  • Decay Scheme of 54NiD. Rudolph

  • Fission and fragmentation studies in A=130 regionMany new isomersNew systematics Isomeric ratios from two reaction mechanism

  • 100Sn vs 132SnH. Grawe: N=50 TBME scaled by (88/132)1/3 to N=82 SPE from 99In and 131In, respectively

  • S. Pietri et al.,RISING data 107Ag beam

  • Possible Physics to be addressed by Next (Isomer) Campaign?238U beam....128Pd82 (96Pd50 mirror.... holes in N=82)202Os126....(holes in N=126)Neutron-rich ~Pb (212-214Pb)....190W-170Dy (K-isomerism as a probe of def.)Highest spins in fragmentation (> 144Tb)....208Pb at high spins? I ~ 30 hbar?Fission fragment studies, shape evolution (N~60-70...Gary Simpson....)

    Other beams..Isospin Sym. Tz=-2, 52Ni24:52Cr28 ....(Dirk Rudolph...)N=Z ~100Sn (Bob Wadsworth, Magda Gorska...)

  • March 2006:148Tb I=27 147Gd I=49/2Highest angular momentum states observed in fragmentation I nucleus published year and first author:19/2 43Sc 1994 W-D Schmidt-Ott et al. 54Fe 1995 R. Grzywacz et al.25/2 205Tl, 205Pb 1998 M. Pfutzner et al.35/2 175Hf, 179W, 181Re 2002 M. Pfutzner et al.43/2 215Ra 2006 Zs. Podolyk et al.27 148Tb 2007(?) E. Werner-Malento, Zs. Podolyk et al.Angular momentumyear of publication148Tb


















  • Future: European Radioactive Ion Beam (fragmentation) facility: FAIR (Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research) (Darmstadt, Germany) low-energy cave0-200 MeV/ufragmentation/fission~1GeV/ufragmentseparator350mring branch

  • Open questions in nuclear physicslimit of existence, neutron skins, change in the shell structure, weak binding effects, nucleosynthesis

  • Far future: FAIRyields

  • Future decay: RISING active stopper (2007)(J.Benlliure, P. Regan et al.)isomeric decay: CERN-ISOLDE

  • AdvancedGAmmaTrackingArray

    High photo-peak efficiencyGood angular resolution

  • HISPEC/DESPEC detectorsBeam detectors (Z, E, pos.)Gamma-ray detectors AGATA (demonstrator to GSI in 2010)Charged particle detectors dE-E for 50-100 MeV/u 4 PI dE-E for Coulomb barrierPlungers Tracking of outgoing particles, (spectrometer, dE/E, TOF) Implantation and decay detector DSSDDESPEC Ge array Fast timing BaF2, LaBr3:Ce, other?Neutron detectorsTotal absorption spectrometer NaI:Tl, BaF2, LaCl3:CeElectro magnetic moments

  • Grant success:Advanced Implantation Detector Array (AIDA)Part of UK contribution to FAIREPSRC grant to:Universities of Edinburgh and Liverpool Daresbury and RutherfordGrant award 2.25M4 year grant

    DESPEC Active Stopper (AIDA) funded in the UKAIDASi strip detectorsASIC readoutMicroelectronicsElectronics and DAQ

  • Stopped Rising Array @ GSI: 15 x 7 element CLUSTERsPhotopeak efficiency ~11% at 1.3 MeV...next array must be even better (....for Stopped Beams.)

  • 1) Daresbury LaboratoryUK 2) University of LiverpoolUK 3) University of SurreyUK 4) UAM MadridSpain 5) Universidad de SalamancaSpain 6) IFIC ValenciaSpain 7) GSI DarmstadtGermany 8) Universit t zu KlnGermany 9) IFIN-HH BucharestRomania10) University of CamerinoItaly11) University of JyvaskylaFinland12) University of SofiaBulgaria13) Royal Inst. of Tech., StockholmSweden14) IReS StrasbourgFranceMembers of the DESPEC Ge array working group 11 February, 2005 GSI, Germany

    7 April, 2005 Surrey, UK

    4 November, 2005 Madrid, Spain

    22 February, 2006 GSI, GermanyMeetingshttp://www.ft.uam.es/Nuclear/Nuc_Exp_Inv_DESPEC_home.htm

    DESPEC active stopper funded in last round (Liv. + Edin. + DL. + RAL)

  • Alternative: array of 6/8 Clover detectorsDESPEC gamma-ray arraymajor UK Grant to be:Surrey, Liverpool, CLRC,Daresbury, York, Brighton, Manchester, Paisley.

  • Array of stacks of seg-mented planar Ge detectorsArray of CLOVER detectors? prototype simulationsTHE question ......

  • DESPEC (DEcay SPECtrocsopy)-ray tracking clusterStanislav TashenovGSI, Darmstadt

    82Nb n=z=41