Foxboro Evo DCS - Εκδήλωση Explore Innovation - Αθήνα, Ιούνιος 2016

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Το μέλλον του βιομηχανικού αυτοματισμού μέσω του Foxboro Evo DCS Jan Kander Sales Manager Easter Europe Schneider Electric
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Transcript of Foxboro Evo DCS - Εκδήλωση Explore Innovation - Αθήνα, Ιούνιος 2016

  • Foxboro Evo DCS

    Jan Kander

    Sales Manager Easter Europe

    Schneider Electric

  • Foxboro Evo -

    a future proof DCS platform

  • Page 4 Confidential Property of Schneider Electric |

    Does your system look like this?

    born in April 1987

  • Page 5 Confidential Property of Schneider Electric |

    This is how Foxboro Evo looks today


  • Today 1990s 2000s 1980s 1st distributed software

    1st open industrial system

    1st Ethernet control bus

    1st object software

    1st standard UNIX

    2 msec logic in I/O

    Redundant fieldbus

    1st embedded digital fieldbus

    1st Windows NT-based control

    Adaptive feed forward control

    1st expert controller tuning

    FDSI Superior integration to third parties

    1st InFusion Enterprise Control

    Intrinsically safe I/O

    Cyber Security Enhancements

    100 Series Upgrade Program

    Wireless Network

    Next gen HMI & Eng tools

    Universal I/O

    Dynamic SAMA, Unified Control & Safety

    CP280, CNI, MPC, MRC,

    Situation Awareness Graphics

    Field Device Manager

    Compact FBMs

    Legacy DCS plug-in migration

    All digital instrument bus

    Self-healing 1gb Mesh Network

    Anybus fieldbus integration

    1st on Windows XP & Solaris 8

    1st Redundant, secure, high

    speed, Ethernet remote I/O

    1998 1999 2011 2005 2005 1999 1987 2015

    One System, 29 Years of Continuous Investment & Innovation

    The Foxboro DCS Paradox

    The DCS with the longest proven track record - is also the most modern!

  • People Who Use Our Systems

    Project and








    & Supervisors




  • Foxboro Evo is designed to offer value across every

    function within an operation:

  • The all new Foxboro Evo

    Process Automation System

  • Secure Development Lifecycle Assurance (SDLA) August 2015

    The SDLA process includes security training for staff, security assessments during the design, code

    and test processes, and effective response when security defects are found.

    Various Schneider Electric solutions can conform to this security standard today and the goal is to

    drive all development centers to this standard in the next couple years.

    We are proud to lead the way. Being the

    worlds first IACS provider to achieve this

    important benchmark is a testament to our

    commitment to delivering control and safety

    solutions that minimize system vulnerabilities

    and are resilient to cybersecurity threats.

    R. M.

    The ISASecure SDLA


    demonstrates Schneider

    Electrics long-standing

    commitment to secure

    industrial automation and

    control systems, and it

    sets a major benchmark

    for the industry as a


    A. Ristaino, MD


  • Every bus

    Every I/O module

    Every control processor

    Every network connection

    Highest Availability

    No undetected failures

    Bumpless switchover to shadow module

    Top to bottom Fault Tolerance

  • Invensys 7/11/2016

    Devices in each area connect to a pair of switches

    Tolerates multiple faults - alternate communication paths between devices

    RSTP in switches - automatically manages the connection paths, data routing


    CP2 CP3 CP4 CP5 CP1

    Network finds a new path milliseconds after a fault occurs


    X Network automatically finds the most efficient path

    CPs switch connection path to the network (patented by Foxboro)


    WS 1

    WS 2 WS 3

    WS 4

    Fault Tolerant Mesh Network

  • Confidential Property of Schneider Electric


    Industry trends

    Plants are larger,

    more complex


    monitoring load

    Lack of


    Increased levels of


    Operators become


    Role is reduced to

    dealing with upsets



    Loss of direct


  • FCS Tools Intuitive engineering tool for

    configuring I/A Series & Enterprise-wide


    FCS InTouch Application Easy-to-use & Fully Modernized HMI Solution

    Object-oriented programmable graphics

    Powerful wizards & templates

    Optimized scripting logic

    Real-time and historical trending

    and many more

    FCS Configuration Tools Visio as graphic editing engine


    Bulk generation, self documentation

    Live updates/edits of real-time

    Foxboro Field Device Manager

  • Wonderware Historian &

    Historian Client, Information


    Collects plant data

    SQL-based with substantial productivity

    Analysis capabilities

    Reports using MS Office components

    Remote viewing with Information Server

    Enables workers to:

    Stay informed

    Identify problems

    Investigate root causes

    Collaborate with co-workers

  • Maintenance Response


    Proactive Field Device Maintenance


    Real time field device monitoring

    Maximizes operational uptime, workforce

    productivity & safety

    Minimizes Operations and Maintenance cost

    Any field device

    Any bus,

    Any vendor

    One system

  • Confidential Property of Schneider Electric

    Managing risks in high hazard industries Our priority is to help you protect your most valuable assets from harm or

    damage, minimizing risk to people, property and the environment.


    As the foremost supplier of safety systems we are the safety system market share leader


    We have more than 30 years experience of safety and critical control applications


    We have supplied more than 14,300 systems


    Our solutions are operating in more than 80 countries around the globe


    Our proven solutions have been operating for more than one billion operating hours


    We have more than 650 safety experts available where and when you need them

  • Triconex Safety PLC

    integration user's choice integrated or separated

    Features DCS Configurator reads information from PLC

    and builds from that corresponding DCS functions

    based on rules engine automatically

    LifeCycle support included (add/modify/delete

    automatically during lifecycle of plant)

    Unified experience, configuration &

    system management

    No common mode of failure

    Fast fault detection and recovery (< 1 sec.)

    Benefits Reduce overall footprint & cost

    Simplify engineering & maintenance effort

  • Modicon PLC, Drives

    and MCC integration


    Tested, Validated and Documented

    Architecture of Motor Drives & Modicon

    PLC integrated with Foxboro Evo DCS


    Easy integration between the systems

    Drives Energy Management

    Control and HMI Templates

    Industry Applications

  • Long Term LifeCycle Support

    Can still load a database from a 1987 controller into current I/A

    Series system

    (after a minor migration process)

    Support of first field I/O (100 series FBMs) from 1987 to 2016 makes

    29 years of guaranteed I/O hardware support (1987-2016)

    Plug-compatible migration to current I/O generation without

    touching the field wiring

  • 21


    by our






  • 22


    platform for



  • Hellenic Petroleum

    Elefsina Refinery

    Refining capacity of 100,000 bbl/d

    Upgrade project appx 1.4 billion.

    The upgrade includes the installation of 3 main units:

    High Pressure Hydrocracking unit (Hydrocracker),Thermal Cracking unit (Flexicoker) ,Vacuum

    Distillation unit

    Strategically site for the Group, storage capacity (3,3million m3), logistics infrastructure for

    imports and exports


    Spanish company ecnicas Reunidas and Asprofos (subsidiary of HELPE S.A.).

    Scope of supply: whole DCS/ESD systems

    DCS: Foxboro I/A

    40 Operators stations, 57 Red CPU`s, app 20 000 IO Hardwired, 34 Serial Links, 80 Ethernet


    ESD: Triconex (Tricon and Trident)

    23 Tricon & Trident systems, app 7000 Hardwired IO

    In Operation since 2012

  • &


    Both are part of MYTILINEOS Group

    334 MW High Efficiency Combined Heat and Power (CHP/High Efficiency CHP)

    plant Ag. Nikolaos, Viotia

    operation in June 2008

    6 Operating Stations,1 Engineering Station, 5 RedCP270, Trident, approx. 2000 I/O

    444.48 MW Combined Cycle Thermal Power Plant (CCGT) in the same area

    operation in June 2011

    7 Operating Stations, 1 Engineering Station, 8 RedCP270, approx. 1800 I/O

  • Foxboro Evo:

    Protects the operational

    integrity of our customers

    plants, enhances the

    operational insight of each

    worker, and enables our

    customers to adapt easily and

    affordably to change

    Operational Integrity Reduce to continuous production,

    business continuity, safety & security

    Operational Insight Enable each worker to be faster,

    agile & more accurate

    Future Proof Operation Ensure technology & intellectual

    property you invest in today won't be

    obsolete tomorrow