Fertility Focus: Enhancing The Nations Herd

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Fertility Focus, Inc. Develops product for use in cattle production. Our Product EmGarde increases fertility in the Embryo Transfer Process up to 20%.

Transcript of Fertility Focus: Enhancing The Nations Herd

  • 1. Fertility Focus Enhancing the nations herd

2. Multiple Ovulation Embryo Transfer 500,000 embryos transferred world-wide 249,000 in North America 53,000 donor cows 3. The Problem 58% pregnancy rate Prostaglandin (PGF2alpha) 4. Binding retards development Uterus PGF2 5. The Solution: 2 ml 1 ltr+ US Patent # 7,075,197 Canada # 2,594,358 6. PGF Receptor Antagonist PGF2 Uterus 7. The Value Proposition 15% increased fertility Up to 50 pregnancies per donor per year $75,000 value 8. The Market Worldwide - $168 million N. America - $78.9 million Total IVF and MOET available market 9. Market Strategy Distributors Personal Networks Trade Shows and Conferences: National Cattlemens Beef Association American Embryo Transfer Association Website 10. Timeline 2013 2014 2015 Company Formed License Agreement Business Model Initial Production Angel Round $150k SBIR proposal $1m Revenue Release Lyophilized Product Release IVF Product $1.8m Revenue 11. Validations License Agreement with UTRF Facility Use Agreement with UTAI Co-Founded with Tech 20/20 Initial Product Introduction Inventors/researchers on Team 12. The Team Neal Schrick, PhD Chairman Dean UT Animal Sciences Lannett Edwards, PhD CTO Lead researcher on cloning Shawn Carson, MBA President Tech 20/20 David Snider, CPA CFO Tech20/20 13. Shawn Carson carson@tech2020.org 865.773.8974 Enhancing the nations herd