Facebook sim card tracker for Hajj and Umrah

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Transcript of Facebook sim card tracker for Hajj and Umrah

  • Presented by Yiannis Hatzopoulos

    Hajj-SIM Geotracker

  • he project

    12+ mil Hajj SIMs dispensed each year

    Avg Hajj cost 5,000 USD/person8USD/Hajj-SIM

    Duration 2-3 weeks

  • he project

    No Wifi neededNo GPS necessaryNo 3G-4G / datapacksHajj SIMs are anonymousLast 60 days max

    Helps pilgrims keep in touchWith family/ Social netWith any type of mobile device

    Geolocated emergency alertsTo authorities


  • Market info

    P2P Hajj tracker apps

    Available with smartphones

    Iphone and Android

    Some paid Others free

    All needGPS

    DataplanAnd internet


    Competition :Where as

    FB Hajj SIM-trackerIs pure serverware

    WorksWith ALL

    Mobile platformsDoes not Need


    DataplanNot bound to SIM vendor

    BIG Energy saver for Smartphones

    @ tracking

    Our revenue source: revenue share with MNO1. Service activation fee2. Charge to broadcast text messages to FB3. FB advertising revenue

  • The team

    Yiannis Hatzopoulos Electrical engineer

    15 year trackEngineering Complex

    Telecom solutions

    Qualified to launch the product?

    Agile team buildingFrom past projectIslamic SIM card


  • The vision

    .Working on prototyping

    Checking market interestIn the KSA/Gulf region

    Development budget and network integration

    Strategic alliances with MNOs

    Thank you !

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