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Eye Strain

Electronic eye strainBy--- Patrick Homer

Eye StrainAsthenopia (aesthenopia) from the Greek word "asthen-opia : -" oreye strainis an ophthalmological condition that manifests itself through nonspecific symptoms such as fatigue, pain in or around the eyes, blurred vision, headache and occasional double vision.

Eye Strain SymptomsSore, tired, burning or itchingWatery or dry eyes.Blurred or double vision.Headache.Sore neck, shoulders or back.Increased sensitivity to light.

Strained Eye

ReasoningThe Reasoning for why this painful occurrence happens, is because your eye can move at a certain speed allowing you to see everything very quickly very suddenly, But when you Concentrate your pupils on an image, or a screen for long period of time and then suddenly jolt up from that image your eyes will not be fast enough to transfer from high concentration, to a lower concentration in a matter of milliseconds.---- After looking at a screen for like a half an hour close your eyes for about 30 seconds and get back to work

PreventionTo Prevent this disease from occurring in your home just limit your use of electronics, use your phone for an hour and then go outside, play cards, do homework, just take a break from electronics. Or just take small 30 second-40 second eye breaks so your eyes can adjust to what they might see next.

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