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  • 1. Micro-Particle Cleaning Gun Cleans carpet, plastic and upholsteryinteriorEG-1002 Blasts cleaning solution into crevicesunable to reach by hand Low moisture, atomizes cleaner anddetergent into 1~10 mThe Micro-Particle Cleaning Gun releases a fine mist of cleaning solution that does not over saturate surfaces. The cone-shaped nozzle and oscillating tip create a tornado-like cleaning action that cleans hard and soft surfaces like nothing youve seen before. Youll see the liquid turning dirty as grime is released from the surface. Wipe with a microfiber towel. Then turn the dial to shut off the water and use the compressed air to dry the cleaned area. Itsthat simple.

2. Shampoo Gun Turns your favorite shampoo into superthick, long-lasting foam EG-1001 The suds(2~8m) cling to vertical surfaceswithout running off Longer presoaking time than traditionalfoamersThe Shampoo Gun turns your favorite car shampoo into super thick, long-lasting foam. This air-driven foam gun works with your air compressor to produce frothy, rich foam that has amazing cling. The suds are so light and fluffy,they cling to vertical surfaces without running off. The Shampoo Gun can be used for interior or exterior detailing.Use it with a carpet cleaner or with auto shampoo to spray a snow storm of foam!For optimal performance, the Shampoo Gun works best with an air compressor that produces 5 CFM or more at 90 psi. 3. Multi-Function Cleaning Gun Cleans engines, wheels, tires, vents, trunk, EG-1003door jams, etc.. Pressurized cleaning brush easily breaksdown stubborn dirt and grease Green solution 10L/hour waterconsumptionThe Multi-Function Cleaning Gun gently loosens stubborndirt. No separate brush is needed! The air flow from thegun vibrates the bristles for constant, effortless cleaning.The cleaners come from separate inner infusion tube, so itcreates sufficient lubrication when the surface is beingbrushed. The Multi-Function cleaning gun is perfect forcleaning delicate or hard-to-reach surfaces, such asengines, wheels, tires, vents, trunk, door jams, etc.. 4. Detail Spray Gun Mini HVLP detailing spray gun EG-1008 High atomization with low nozzle airpressure Saves paint and protects the environment Complies with environmental regulations Stainless steel nozzle and needle allowsuse with water based paints. Ideal for paint protection, glass sealant,quick detail spray, water based paints, etc.. Featuring: 5. Dust Collector Vacuum Gun A blow & suction gunEG-1006 Breaks down stubborn dirt then sucksimultaneously Increases vacuum efficiency and power upto 50%The Dust Collector Vacuum Gun is a blow & suction gunwhen connecting with wet/dry vac and air compressor. Areversal Tornado-like air flow breaks down stubborn dirt,then the vacuum sucks at the same time. The DustCollector Vacuum Gun significantly reduces air ductparticle flows during operation and increases vacuumefficiency & power up to 50%. The optimum air pressureoperates between 85 and 95 psi. 6. Air Blow/Dry Cleaning Gun Cleans and dries debris and moisture out ofEG-1005hard-to-reach areas Channels air into a powerful tornado-likemotion Quickly lifts dirt and moisture from anysurfaceThe Air Blow Gun works with your air compressor to blowdebris and moisture out of hard-to-reach areas of a vehicle.Use the Air Blow Gun inside or outside the vehicle. Thecone channels air into a powerful tornado-like motion thatquickly lifts dirt and moisture from any surface. The conecovers a larger area than the air flow coming directly froman air compressor, yet it is still targeted enough toconcentrate tremendous air power right where your vehicleneeds it. The dry cleaning cone with brush is excellent for cleaningexterior trim and interior delicate instrument panels orfabrics. The soft bristles are safe on any surface. Theyprovide a soft buffer zone between the surface beingcleaned and the plastic cone. You can clean the plastic stereo face orheadliner at a safe distance. Plus, the bristles help deflect loose debrisaway from the delicate surface to prevent scratching. 7. High Gloss Dressing Gun Dresses vinyl, rubber, tire, plastic, leather, EG-1004wood, stone, etc.. Enhances durability and gloss withexcellently atomized dressing Saves chemical consumption up to 80%The High Gloss Dressing Gun efficiently dresses vinyl, rubber, tire, plastic, leather, wood, stone, etc.. It excellently atomizes the chemical so the treated surfaces have prolonged perfection and gloss. The adjustable cone controls the fan in order to apply on the surface in differentsizes. Save chemical consumption up to 80%. 8. Extractor Gun Removes tough interior stainEG-1007 Packs all the features into a lightweight,convenient cleaning geek Perfect tools for professionalsThe ability to remove tough interior stains is what setssuccessful detailers apart from everyone else. Clean, spot-free carpet and seats will keep clients coming back. The Extractor Gun is a perfect tool for professional detailers. This compact gun packs all the features of EVERGREEN into a lightweight, convenient cleaning geek. A tornado cleaning action with vibrating bristles immediately releases dirt and grease on fabric, carpet or solid surfaces, and the extension vacuum hose allows you to suck the dirt when being connected with a wet/dry vac.