Europa and the bull

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Transcript of Europa and the bull


The long artful journey of a myth in time and place Europa and the bull

Ancient Times

Statuette of Beotia (550-500 BC) Louvre Museum, France

Metope from Temple, (510-550BC), Archaeological Museum, Palermo, Italy

Black-figure hydria (540-530 BC) Louvre Museum, France

Europa and the bull on a Greek vase, (480 BC) Tarquinia Museum, Italy

Europa and the bull Terracotta group from Athens, (480460 BC)National Antiquity Collection, Munich, Germany

Coin from Cyprus, (4th century BC)

Red Figure Shape Cylix (330 - 320 BC ), Kunst Historical Museum, Vienna, Austria

Europa riding the bull, Fresco from Pompeii(1st century AD)Naples, National Archaeological Museum, Italy

15th-16th-17th-18th century

The Rape of Europa, (1470), Liberale Da Verona, Louvre, France

Andrea Riccio, Rape of Europa, (1510), Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary

The Rape of Europa, Antonio Carracci, 1610National Gallery, Bologna, Italy

The Rape of Europa Hendrik van Balen, 1615 Belgium

The Abduction of Europa, Rembrandt van Rijn (Dutch painter), 1632

The Rape of Europa, Guido Reni (made for King Wladislaw of Poland), 1640

Europa and the bull, Claude Lorrain, 1667Royal Collection, London, UK

Europa: a new, accurate description (part of an old map), Frederick de Wit, 1700, The Netherlands

The Rape of Europa, Francesco Zuccarelli, 1740-50Academia Gallery, Venice, Italy

Allegory over Europe, Nicolai Abildgaard, 1780, The Amalienborg Museum, Denmark

Palace of the Marqueses de Tango, 18th century, Lisbon, Portugal

19th-20th-21st century

Europa riding the bull, 19th century, Palace of Luxembourg, France

Europa, George Frederic Watts, 1870, UK

The Rape of Europa, Paul Gaughin (French) 1898-1899

Carl Milles, (born in Sweden), Europa and the Bull, 1929

The Rape of Europa, Pablo Picasso, 1930, Spain

The Rape of Europa, Jacques Lipchitz (born in Lithuania),1941

Europa, Svetlin Vassilev (Bulgarian), 2007

Europa and the Bull, Oliver Priebe, Germany, 2009

Europas escape, Sally Fryer, UK

Zeus and Europa, Roy Tappenden, UK

Kenneth Zammit Tabona The Rape of Europa, Malta

The Rape of Europa, brass monument, N. Koundouros, N. Sotiriadis, P. Sotiriadis, Crete, Greece

Europa riding the Bull, Headquarters of the Council of the European Union, Brussels, Belgium The Rape of Europa, Hague, The Netherlands

Europa statue in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France

Europa and the bull, Eric Claus, The Netherlands

Europa, ceramic, Ivan Hodonsky, Czech Republic

Europa on the bull, Jits Bakker, 1998, Museum Centre of Turku, Finland

Europa and the Bull, Anthony Caro, UK

The Rape of Europa, sculpture, Rumen Mihaylov, Bulgaria20th century porcelain statuette, Hungary

19th century porcelain statuette, France

The myth of Europa in stamps

in coins and banknotes

The 5 German Mark bank note in 1948

The German ECU coin (before the Euro) in 1992The 2 Euro coin

and in rugs

Designed and hooked by Jule Marie Smith