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presentation giving at the Professional Development Workshop in Gothenburg Sweden

Transcript of eTwinning for Democracy

  • 1.eTwinning for Democracy Anne GilleranPDW Goteborg, Sweden, 6 November 2008

2. Introductions1. Democracy 2. eTwinning 3. The Internet phenomenon 4. eTwinning & Democracy 3. What is Democracy?It is derived from the Greek ([dimokratia] (helpinfo)), quot;populargovernment 5th - 4th Century BCDo you know how many countries are in the world? 237 countries in the worldDo you know how many are democracies? 127 Electoral Democracies 4. A History lesson! 5. Who is this man?Theodore Parker fromMassachusetts 18101860Democracy is direct self-government, over all thepeople, for all the people, by allthe people 6. And this man? Abraham LincolnGettysburg Address 1863 that all men are created equal.and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. 7. The Consitution of the 5th RepublicFrance States that the principle of the Republic of France is quot;gouvernement du peuple, par le peuple et pour le peuplequot; a literal translation of Lincoln's words. 8. Wikipedia 5/11/2008 definition ofdemocracy Even though there is no universally accepted definition of 'democracy',[4] there are two principles that any definition of democracy includes. The first principle is that all members of the society have equal access to power and the second that all members enjoy universally recognized freedoms and liberties.[5][6][7] 9. Another History lesson! Now an accompanying measure to the Comenius programme 10. What is ? ? 11. eTwinning isAn initiative of the European Commissionto give an opportunity to as many EUchildren as possible to communicate withother children in other EU countriesusing Information and CommunicationTechnologies at school. 12. eTwinning2005 - Officially launched in January2007 - Officially Integrated into the LifeLong Learning Programme2013 - Due to run until this date 13. Central Support Service. National Support ServiceRun by the European (1 in each country)Schoolnet on behalf of theEuropean Commission 14. Official Definition eTwinning is a portal : Which takes advantage of the possibilities offered by the Internet and digital media to promote European school cooperation, collaborative learning and project based pedagogy. eTwinning does not finance single projects but supports them by offering tools and support. 15. Re-examine this sentenceTo promote:European school cooperation Collaborative learning Project based pedagogy. 16. AssumptionThat teachers can only do these throughproject work 17. What has happened since 2005? The Internet phenomenon 18. 1. The Internet has changedPre 2004 Web 1.x Passive Read the news Retrieve information Essentially an online encyclopedia 19. Interactive & Creative Web 2.0- make the news - publish ideas - create archives - comment on events - communicate 20. Phases of the WebAt the Technet Summit in November 2006, Reed Hastings, founder and CEO of Netflix, stated a simple formula for defining the phases of the Web:Web 1.0 was dial-up, 50K average bandwidth, Web 2.0 is an average 1 megabit of bandwidth and Web 3.0 will be 10 megabits of bandwidth all the time, which will be the full video Web, and that will feel like Web 3.0. 21. Since 2005 February 2004April 2006January 2005 February 2004. October 2006February 2005 199920062005/06 22. 23. The Internet is democratic Democracy and the Web Editorial New York Times - Published: May 19, 2008 Users of the Internet take for granted their ability to access all Web sites on an equal basis. That could change, however, if Internet service providers started discriminating among content, to make more money or to suppress ideas they do not like. A new Net neutrality bill has been introduced in the House, which would prohibit this sort of content discrimination. Congress has delayed on this important issue too long and should pass net neutrality legislation now. 24. eTwinning for Democracy Who can join eTwinning? What are the rules of eTwinning?Who can benefit from eTwinning? 25. What has happened in eTwinning since 2005?September 2005 7000 teachers registered 6 Nov 2008: 47630 active membersActive project run at approximately 15% of this figure 26. Image of the network of connected eTwinning schools in Europe 27. Networked WorldeTwinning is not just about projects. Projects are the outcome of a much larger processSocial Networking The process of community 28. To benefit from a media you must understand the media 29. What is the future? Teachers connected in groups 2008/2009To collaborate and create together within and outside formalprojects Creativity & Science teachers eTwinning ambassadors 30. 2009Online learning eTwinning learning events Professional development on line communities of practice based on pedagogical resources 31. eTwinning continues To be connective & non bureaucraticTo offer recognitionTo be supportive and offeropportunity for professionaldevelopmentTo have built in quality assurance at national and European level in the form of Quality Labels 32. eTwinning also continuesTo empower the teachers and pupils ofEurope to work together engaging andcreating ideas.To provide the tools to promoteunderstanding between schools ofdifferent cultures 33. And It still costs nothing! 34. Digital Natives? In this fast evolving world there are no natives! But they all have a voice! 35. Over to You! Thank you for your 36. Leonard Cohen Song:Democracy VBPI1U