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maxETA MAX ServicesAbout EtaMax Services: "Your way to maximum efficiency."

Mission: EtaMax views its mission as increasing the business world's productivity by providing every organization with efficient business processes and working model it deserves.

Products and Services:EtaMax provides feedback outsourcing, outsourcing, efficiency analysis, process re-engineering and environment re-engineering.

Q. In an ever increasing competitive industry, which companies are likely to survive?Ans. Either of the following:The best (obviously)The one with co-operative man powerThe one with efficient working modelThe one with prime quality services/productsIt is not enough that we do our best; sometimes we must do what is required.Winston Churchill3 steps a company is required to take in order to be the best?Step 1: To know where does it want to reach. (Benchmarking)

Step 2: To know how far it is from where it wants to be. (Feedback and Analysis)

Step 3: To redirect its path towards its destination. (Re-engineering)You take the 1st step and does the rest.maxmax offers following solutions for Step 2 & Step 3max provides following services for Step 2 :Neutral Feedback: Feedback generated by max Organization Feedback: max generates feedback from the employeesCustomer Feedback: max generates feedback from the customersEfficiency Estimation: max determines the current efficiency of an organizationmax provides following services for Step 3 :

Efficiency Estimation: max determines the weakest and the strongest efficiency influencers.Environment for maximum efficiency: max develops a work friendly environment to motivate the employees to deliver with maximum efficiency.TQM: max delivers a work model to improve and maintain quality of services or products offered by an organization.BPR: max redevelops, restructures and re-engineers the working model with modern and efficient technologies.Still in doubts?Following FAQs might help.What sort of companies can benefit from these services?Ans: All sorts of companies, big or small, global or local, government or corporate, manufacturing or services, power plant or workshop, etc. can benefit from these services.Does our company need to improve in efficiency?Ans: If you believe that your company isnt the best yet or has the potential to be the best or has some room for improvement, then your company needs to improve in efficiency.What are the alternatives?Ans: Starting a separate department for quality & maintenance and hiring people fulltime for such services. (It may sound like an alternative but actually is not. Besides being expensive it has challenges like overcoming internal conflicts which is not the case with outsourcing.)

FAQs continued.How much does it cost?Ans: With max s ECF(Economized Cost Function) the cost of the services can be as low as 500 rupees. (Note: The cost depends upon the number of estimated days required for completion of the project. The above cost is for the project able to be completed in one day.)How long does it take to get the desirable results?Ans: It only takes as long as it takes to understand the working model plus a few days to install the new system.Why max ?Ans: max follows the policy of one project at a time. This enables us to focus on your project with complete concentration and potential.e-mail us at:[email protected]

or contact: +91 9699111551(Amit Chawla,MD, EtaMax)