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Transcript of Erasmus+ happens greek school prsentation (2)

Greek School PresentationErasmus+ HAPPENS2015-2017



Attica Prefecture


33-35 Kyprion Agoniston Street, Haidari

11th Primary School of aidari, Athens

Our SchoolIn Greece, students attend Primary School from ages 6 to 12. There are six Grades in Primary School.

11th Primary School of Haidari

6 Grades13 classes310 students

The schoolyard

the school gardenthe basketball courtthe playground

the kiosk

lining up before classessaying the morning prayerSchool starts at 8.10 and ends at 14.00.Children whose parents work can follow the extended program and stay at school until 16.15.

practising sports in P.E.

learning about sports

sports activities

traditional floor gamesplaying during the break

Students love playing during the break.Our timetable has 4 breaks:09.40 -10.0011.30 - 11.4512.25 -12.3513.15 -13.25

The interior of our school

the patio

dining tables a Drama lesson

our reading cornerOdysseas Elitisthe first floor

Erasmus countries word cloudshanging in our school

the second floor

Our Classrooms

LanguageMathsEnvironmental StudiesEnglish Physical EducationArtDramaComputer Studies and Music are subjects that students are taught throughout Primary School.

Religious Educationand History are taught from 3rd to 6th Grade.

ScienceGeographySocial Studiesand French or German are taught in 5th and in 6th Grade.

The Computer Room

The Special Education Class

Individualised teaching is offered to students with learning difficulties

The school theatre school plays

folk dance lessons

meetings with the parents

educational programs

the school libraryThere are over 1500 books in our school library.Every week students can borrow a book and bring it back once they have read it.

Erasmus Corner

projects on sportsstaircase nutrition rulesErasmus countries gamesErasmus HAPPENS presentation

The school canteen

Students can bring a snack from home, or they can buy a snack at the school canteen during the break. Everything sold in the canteen is approved by the Ministry of Education.

The teachers Office.

14 teachers1 Special Education teacher 2 English teachers2 Physical Education teachers1 IT teacher1 Art teacher1 Drama teacher1 Music teacher2 French teachers1 German teacher

In our school there are 26 educators:

Our Headteachers office

The backyard

See what HAPPENS in our school?

11th Primary School of aidari, AthensHellas

Looking forward to having you here...