English projects from 6th class!!!

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Εργασία στο μάθημα της αγγλικής γλώσσας από την μαθήτρια Ιορδανίδου Ειρήνη

Transcript of English projects from 6th class!!!

  • 1. English projectsfrom 6 th class!!!

2. crostics.Search and find thingsCultures around the worldHappy placeOut doors funOpen for all the childrenLearn everything 3. A cute girlLovelyElegantXaxa (I laugh all the time!!!)Active 4. SmartA beautiful girlVery importantVarious hobbiesInsane for Harry PotterNice personAngelic heart 5. AdaptableGeniusGold personElegantLovelyOriginalSelfish 6. Always the most handsome boyNever stupidAny time dunks to the basketSpecial basketball playerThe smartest boyAlways cuteSuccessfulIn technologyOnly the bestSweet child 7. Amazing girlTrendyHair brownEyes brownNever tiringAble for everything 8. Pet fanAthleticNice girlA super womanGreat classmateInterestingOh my god!Tragic!!!Are you special like me? 9. JoyfulOld friendHonestNervous 10. Athletic typeNervousTallon the spot!Not jealousIn fashionSociableKarate kid 11. In fashionReasonIntelligentNaughtyIncredible 12. Always happyNot uglyAmazingSo I am beautifulTo make people happyAll day excitingSeriousImaginativeAlways daring 13. DiamondIronyOnly cleverNormalImportantSweetI am handsomeSmiley 14. GlamorousIronyOriginalReadyGenerousOfficialSuper 15. A in the millionReally coolGorgeous haircutIron heartReading beeOriginal personality 16. MysteriousAngelRomanticImpossibleAble 17. NoisyIrresponsibleKind I dont think so!Only oneSorry (false) 18. AthleticNaughtyToughOriginalNimbleIrresistibleShyToo polite 19. MsSweet and kindTeacherElegantLovelyLeaderAmazing 20. 2