Endothelin-1 Immunoreactivity in plasma is elvated in HIV-1 infected ...

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Transcript of Endothelin-1 Immunoreactivity in plasma is elvated in HIV-1 infected ...

  • Volume 72 1994 linical Investigator Continuation of Klinische Wochenschrift

    Editor in Chief . Zl lner , Munich

    Editorial Board

    G. Adler, Ulm K.-H. Usadel , Frankfurt a.M. \-M.J. Mihatsch, Basle

    M.E. Bert rand, Li l le G. Vantrappen, Louvain B.S. Mi tche l l , Chapel Hill T. Brandt, Munich P. von Wiehert, Marburg O.-A. Ml le r , Mun ich . Erdmann, Munich K.G. Wormsley, Dundee J.G. Puig, Madr id W. Gerok, Freiburg E.O. Riecken, Ber l in G. Giebisch, New Haven E. Ritz, He ide lberg F.-D. Goebel , Munich Advisory Board R. Ritz, Bas le D. Hussinger, Freiburg

    Advisory Board S. Sacks, London H. Kaess, Munich R. Arno ld , Marburg H. Schuster, Mun ich J.R. Kalden, Er langen W.G. Danie l , Hannover H.-P. Schuster, H i ldeshe im G.J. Krejs, Graz A. Dist ler, Ber l in W. Seeger, Glessen W. Kubier, Heidelberg H.L. Fehm, Lbeck H.-G. S ieber th , Aachen H. Lffler, Kiel R. Ferl inz, Mainz F.-A. Spenge l , Munich J. Lubsen, Rotterdam 0 . Gtze, Gtt ingen G. Steinbeck, Mun ich P.M. Mannucci , Mi lan F.A. Gr ies, Dsseldorf J.A. T ischf ie ld , Ind ianapol is P.A. Miescher, Geneva W.L. Gross, G. Utermann, Innsbruck G. Paumgartner, Munich Lbeck/Bad Bramstedt H. Vetter, Bonn H.D. Pohle, Berl in E.G. Hahn, Er langen C. Wagener, Hamburg D.L. Scott, London H.-L. Hahn, Wiesbaden M. Wienbeck, Augsburg P.C. Scr iba, Munich D. Hoelzer, Frankfurt a.M. G. Wol f ram, Mun ich D. Seidel , Munich C. Kel ler, Munich R. Z ieg ler , He ide lberg G. Seifert, Hamburg H.J. Kramer , Bonn


  • Contents of Volume 72 No 1: PP 1 - 84 publ ished December 6, 1993 No 2: PP 8 5 - 166 publ ished January 3 1 , 1994 No 3: PP 167- 250 publ ished February 28, 1994 No 4: PP 2 5 1 - 330 publ ished March 31 , 1994 No 5: PP 3 3 1 - 414 publ ished May 6, 1994 No 6: PP 415 - 480 publ ished June 23, 1994 No 7: PP 4 8 1 - 554 publ ished July 26, 1994 No 8: PP 555 - 638 publ ished August 30, 1994 No 9: PP 639 - 730 publ ished September 19, 1994 No 10: PP 7 3 1 - 814 publ ished October 19, 1994 No 11 : PP 815 - 936 publ ished November 2, 1994 No 12: PP 937 - 1098 publ ished December 16, 1994

    Supplement to Volume 72/lssue 6: Erythropoiet in and Auto logous Transfusion, Dresden, September 14-18, 1993

    Abe - * Mizunashi Aboudan F -> Evers J Ackermann -> Krmer BK Adamek RJ, Wegener M, Wienbeck , Kh-

    ler , Hoffmann , A l tmeyer : Long-term manomet ry of tubular esophagus in progress ive systemic sclerosis 343

    Adams - Jablonowski Adlkofer F -> Einhaus Adorf D, Gra jer KH, Kaboth W, Neri C:

    Agranulocytos is induced by ant i thyroid therapy: effects of t reatment with g ranulocyte colony st imulat ing factor 390

    Agnati LF - Fuxe A g u i l a r M Gomez JM Ahmad - Syed TA Ahmad SA - Syed TA Albert i -> Antonel l i A Albrecht - Stel lbr ink HJ Albrecht , Stel lbr ink HJ, Gross G, Berg B,

    Helmchen U, M e n s i n g H : Treatment of atypical le ishmanias is wi th interferon result ing in progression of Kaposi 's sarcoma in an AIDS patient 1041

    Alexander --> Ranke C A l l e r b e r g e r F -> VogetsederW Al tmeyer - * Adamek RJ Andbjer Fuxe Andresen D Behrens S Angermann CE -> Stempfle HU Antonel l i A, Campatel l i A, Di Vito A, Alber

    ts B, Baldi V, Salv ioni G, Fallahi P, Ba-schier i L: Compar ison between ethanol sc lerotherapy and empty ing with inject ion of sal ine in t reatment of thyro id cysts 971

    Anzai -> Nagafuchi S Arno ld JC, Hei l ig , Kal l inowski , Otto G,

    Kommere l l , The i lmann L: Soluble tumor necrosis factor receptors in patients wi th recurrent hepatit is C v i rus infect ion after l iver t ransplantat ion 470

    Atzpodien J -> Buer J Auberger -> Wintergerst U Aufenanger J Ensenauer R Avenar ius H-J Ranke C

    Baart de la Fail le Lupus therapy 749 Bacher - * Wang

    Bcker A Bokemeyer D Bcker A -> Kramer HJ Bajo A -> Laso FJ B a k k e r C J G : Magnet ic resonance angiog-

    raphy 85 Baldauf J -> Jurna I Baldi V Antonel l i A B a l d u s M , Ml ler M, Walter H, Brass H,

    Q u e i e r W : A case of pure red cell ap las ia : fo l low-up on different immuno-suppressive reg imens 1051

    Balfour DJK - Benwel l MEM Banyai -> Capek Barash V Chajek-Shaul Bartens W, Wanner C: L ipoprote in(a) : new

    insights into an atherogenic l ipoprotein 558

    Bar tmann - Jab lonowsk i Baschier i L Antonelli A Base W -> Sexl V Bauer J, Hohagen F, EbertT, T immer J,

    Ganter U, Kr ieger S, Lis S, Postler E, Voderholzer U, B e r g e r M : lnterleukin-6 serum levels in healthy persons correspond to the s leep-wake cycle 315

    Bauer -+ Hagendorff A Baumgar tner G - * Pecherstorfer B a y r a k t a r M , Usman A, K o r a y Z : Effect of

    the new somatostat in analogue SMS 201-995 on exogenously used insul in 669

    Becher Schmitz U Beger -> L immer J Behrens S, Andresen D, Brggemann T,

    Schrder R: Ventr icular f ibr i l lat ion relat-ed to coronary spasm in patients wi thout s igni f icant coronary or other structural heart d isease 307

    Behr R Fssle R BehrT, Fischer P, Ml ler-Felber W,

    Schmidt-Achert M, Pong ra t zD : Myofi-br i l logenesis in pr imary t issue cultures of adult human skeletal musc le : expres-sion of desmin , t i t in, and nebul in 150

    Belohradsky BH -> Wintergerst U Benker G -> Jaspers C Benwel l MEM, Balfour DJK, Khadra LF:

    Studies on the inf luence of nicotine infu-sions on mesol imbic dopamine and lo-comotor responses to nicotine 233

    Berg - Albrecht Berger -> Bauer J Bergmann L - Kamps BS Berg PA -+ Klein R Bergs C - Schneider Bernecker - Erlacher L Besenthal I -> Knisei W Beyenburg S -> Schrder R Beyer J -> Kubier A Bingley PJ - Wagner R Biscoping J -> Fssle R Bittl -+ Br iegel J Blaustein MP: Endogenous ouaba in : phy

    siological activity and pathophysio logical impl icat ions 706

    Bleich - Greger R Blum HE Offensperger W-B Bobrow Flinter F Bode-Bger S Ranke C Bodmann KF, Trster S, Clemens R, Schu-

    ster HP: Hemodynamic profi le of intra-venous fenoldopam in patients with hy-pertensive cr isis 60

    B o e h m e M W J , Werle E, Kommere l l B, Raeth U: Serum levels of adhesion mo-lecules and thrombomodul in as indica-tors of vascular injury in severe Plas-modium fa lc iparum malar ia 598

    Bogner C -> Gawaz Bogner JR - Lieg! U Bogner JR -> Rolinski Bhmer Malessa R Bokemeyer D Kramer HJ Bokemeyer D, Fr iedr ichs U, Bcker A,

    Kramer HJ, Meyer-Lehnert H: Cyclospo-rine A enhances total cel l calc ium inde-pendent of Na-K-ATPase in vascular smooth muscle cel ls 992

    Bker KHW Ml ler MJ Boldt I - Brennemann W Bonifacio -> Wagner R Bonmann -> Witzke Borberg Waidner Borensztein -> Pinet F Borrs R -> Laso FJ Bottazzo GF Wagner R Boye -> Flinter F Brandl BC - * Stempfle HU Brass Baldus Braun GG -> Tschaikowsky Brech W - Murer Brennemann W, Brensing , Leipner ,

    Boldt I, K l ingml ler D: Attempted pro-tection of spermatogenesis f rom i r radia-t ion in patients with seminoma by D-Tryptophan-6 luteinizing hormone re-leasing hormone 838

    Brensing KA -> Brennemann W Breyer S -> Wenisch C Brezinschek HP -* Wascher TC Brezinschek R - * Wscher TC Br iegel J , Kel lermann W, Forst H, Hal ler

    M, Bittl M, Hoffmann GE, Bchler , Uhl W, Peter K, Phosphol ipase A 2 Study Group: Low-dose hydrocort isone infusion attenuates the systemic in f lammatory response syndrome 782

    Brockmeyer NH - Malessa R Brockml ler J -> Drakou l i sN Brodt H-R -> Kamps BS Brown D -> Sabol ic I

  • IV

    Brckmann C -> Wintergerst U Brggemann Behrens S Brunkhorst R, Wrenger E, Koch K M : Low-

    dose predniso lone/ch lorambuci l therapy in patients wi th severe membranous g lomerulonephr i t is 277

    Bchler -> Br iegel J B u e r J , Kirchner , Schomburg , Sch-

    ler A, Manns , Lopez-Hnninen , Duensing S, Po l iwodaH, Atzpodien J : Cytokine-based biotherapy of gastrointestinal tumors 526

    Butruk -> Habior A Butz Hoppe-Seyler F Bye S, Mal lmann R, D u l e y J , S im-

    monds HA, Chen J, Tischf ield JA, Sa-h o t a A : Identif ication of a 7-basepair delet ion in the adenine phosphor ibosy l -t ransferase gene as a cause of 2,8-dihy-droxyadenine urol i th iasis 550

    Caine Y Chajek-Shaul Calzetti C Pedretti G Campatel l i A -> Antonel l i A Canessa C -> Hor isberger J-D Capek M, Schnack C, Ludvik B, Kautzky-

    Wil ler A, Banyai M, Prager R: Effects of Captopril t reatment versus placebo on renal function in type 2 diabet ic patients with microa lbuminur ia : a long-term study 961

    Cascorbi I - * Drakoul is Caspary WF -> Wehrmann Castro de S -> Laso FJ Chajek-Shaul T, Scherer G, Barash V, Shi -

    loni E, Caine Y, Stein O, Stein Y: Metabolic effects of nicotine on human adipose t issue in organ culture 94

    Cheema KM -> Syed TA Cheema R - Syed TA Chen J Bye S Christ M, Klauss V, Pl iml W, Theisen K,

    W e h l i n g M : Volumes and N a + / H + an -t iporter activity of lymphocytes in patients with congest ive heart fa i lure 985

    Chuman -+ Nagafuchi S Cissewski -> Rzepka AH Classen H-G -> Rob PM Clemens R -> Bodmann KF Cocozza S -> De Lorenzo F Co l lazosJ , Mart inez E, Flores M, M a y o J :

    Aspergi l lus pneumonia successful ly treated with i t raconazole in a patient with systemic lupus erythematosus 920

    Col lazos J : Glycochol ic acid in chronic active hepatit is and mi ld l iver diseases 36

    Collet C - * Lingenfelser Cordero - Laso FJ Corvol Pinet F Creutzig A -> Ranke C

    Danek A, Witt TN, Mann K, Schweikert HU, Romalo G, La Spada AR, Fischbeck K H : Decrease in androgen binding and effect of androgen t reatment in a case of X-linked bulbospinal neuronopathy 892

    Danos -> Hagendorff A Danpure CJ : Molecula