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Hellenic American monthly magazine published by Ellopia Media Group

Transcript of Ellopia Press Christmas 2008

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    Obama in a New EraHellas on Flame ""New York Unemployment rises!!!Tassos Papadopoulos: THE LEADERKaufman Astoria Studio:Groundbreaking6 Years Ellopia Press Magazine



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    As news broke of Barack Obama's victory in Iowa, one of the cou ntry's whitest states, political pundits of all stripes quickly told us that we were witnessing a historic shift: the end of race and racism as campaign issues. Even CNN's dour conservative political analyst Bill Bennett waxed multiculti as he proclaimed that Obama "taught" African Americans that race wasn't an issue they needed inorder to succeed in politics. Though enthusiastic about the Obama victory, Bennett's more jocular colleague Jack Caf-ferty was not quite ready to intone a full-throated Kumbaya. But he did declare that the Illinois senator's win "gives him currency in a state where the color of his skin may be an issue."NBC's Tom Brokaw credited the Mike Huckabee victory in the Republi-can caucus to "his defense against illegal immigration," an issue not viewed in racial terms by white voters. On all parts of the political and media spectrum, pundits and politicos are interpreting the Iowa results to mean that we inhabit a color-blind electoral system. While watching a black man win the vote of an overwhelmingly white electorate is especially welcome in such racially-charged times as ours, and while the victory of a poor (at least in terms of electoral cash) populist preacher over the preferred Republican candidates of corporate America is refresh-ing, we are hardly entering the age of race invisibility in politics. Instead, Iowa points us towards the age of invisible race politics. To his credit, Barack Obama has carefully cultivated an image as a "change" candidate who takes the higher ground, one that talks about race -- but not racism. Iowa confirms that, in doing so, he can make even the whitest electorate feel like it's voting to overcome the catastrophic legacy of racial discrimination, like the Oprah viewer that gives himself or herself a racial pat on the back for really, truly liking her show."[Obama] is being consumed as the embodiment of color blind-ness," political theorist Angela Davis told the Nation magazine recently, adding that "it's the notion that we have moved beyond racism by not taking race into account. That's what makes him conceivable as a presidential candidate. He's become the model of diversity in this period ... a model of diversity as the difference that makes no difference. The change that brings no change."It was interesting to watch Obama deliver the most memorable

    and moving caucus victory speech in memory, one that included King-like intonations and references to the activists who "marched through Selma and Montgomery for freedom's cause" in the 1960s. Such inspired, impassioned pleas follow a campaign trail-tested rhetoric in which racism such as that surrounding the Jena Six case remains a largely unspoken part of Obama's speeches and policy platforms. He appears to be more comfortable getting choked up when speaking about the fight against the racist past than he does dur-ing those few times he talks about the racist present.On the Republican side, Mike Huckabee also did his part to pro-mote invisible race politics. The GOP underdog did so in no small

    part thanks to the issue of im-migration, a very racial elec-toral wedge that many voters believe has nothing to do with race. By focusing on "illegals," "illegal aliens" and other racial codes, Huckabee and other Republican candidates get to ride the juggernaut of anti-immigrant, anti-Latino senti-ment gripping the country -- without appearing racist. Pundits have even taken to calling the immigration issue the "New Willie Horton," in reference to how, during the 1988 presidential race, a po-litical advertisement deployed by George H.W. Bush against Democratic rival Michael Du-kakis featured a black man convicted of murder who,

    after being furloughed. raped a woman. Many African Americans and others deemed the Horton ads a thinly veiled appeal to anti-black sentiment in the electorate. Regardless of the outcome of this year's election, the success of Barack Obama and the immigration politics of Mike Huckabee signal clearly that we are well on our way to a new era in race and politics. Obama's story and his echoes of King make us feel good about ourselves and God knows this country desper-ately needs that.

    The question we need to ask is: "Are we willing to push him to talk seriously about those echoes of the racial past in the pres-ent that he so skillfully avoids?" Failure to ask these and other questions will leave us vulnerable to the silent poison of invisible race politics.

    Obama in a New Era of Race Politics by Roberto Lovato, New America Media

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    The 2008 Greek riots and demonstrations started on 6 December 2008, when 15-year-old student Alexandros Grigoropou-los (Greek: died from a gunshot wound in his heart, inflicted by a policeman fol-lowing an altercation between a police patrol and a small group of youths in the Exarcheia district of central Athens.The death of Grigoropoulos resulted in large demonstrations, which in many cases escalated to widespread riot-ing, with hundreds of youths damaging property and engaging riot police with Molotov cocktails. Demonstrations and rioting later spread to several other cit-ies, including Thessaloniki, the country's second-largest city. Outside Greece, soli-darity demonstrations, riots and, in some cases, clashes with local police also took place in a number of European cities

    including London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Frankfurt, Madrid, Barcelona, Copenha-gen, Bordeaux, Seville as well as Nico-sia, the capital of Cyprus, and the west-ern Cypriot city of Paphos. Newspaper Kathimerini called the rioting "the worst Greece has seen since the restoration of democracy in 1974".While the unrest was triggered by the shooting incident, many commenta-tors described the reactions as express-ing deeper causes as well, especially a wide-spread feeling of frustration in the younger generation about specific eco-nomic problems of the country (partly as a result of the global economic cri-sis), a rising unemployment rate among the young generation and a perception of general inefficiency and corruption in Greek state institutions.


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    Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY), Vice Chair of the Joint Economic Committee, issued the following statement regarding the New York State Labor Departments November 2008 state employment data. The data show that the New York State unemployment rate rose to 6.1 percent in November and that private sector em-ployers shed 23,500 jobs last month, the largest one-month decline since October 2001. Across the Empire State, workers are having a tough time holding onto and finding jobs, said Congresswoman Ma-

    loney. The recession will only exacerbate New Yorks unemployment problem in the months to come. Estimates show that New York stands to lose near-ly 150,000 jobs in a year if the Detroit Three auto-makers are allowed to fail. We cannot afford to lose these good middle-class jobs, so President Bush must act quickly to use Troubled Asset Relief Program funds to rescue these companies. We also need an eco-nomic recovery package that puts people back to work and gets our econ-omy back on track, so Congress will have one ready early next year for our new President. By providing aid to the

    states, we can preserve health care for families, maintain vital services such as education, and cre-ate jobs by investing in our crumbling infrastructure and developing new en-ergy sources.Highlights from the November 2008 state and metropolitan area employment re-

    lease: Unemployment is on the rise. In Novem-ber, New York States unemployment rate rose 0.4 percentage points in November to 6.1 percent, up from 4.6 percent a year ago. Compared to a year ago, there are 145,300 more people unemployed in New York State, an increase of 34.4 percent.Job losses are mounting. Over the past year, New York State employers have shed a total of 32,300 jobs. Leaving aside the 9,400 jobs created in government, job losses in the private sector totaled 41,700 over the past year, with most of the losses occurring in the past 2 months.Financial activities and manufacturing continue to shed jobs. The largest losses in this recession have been in the financial activities and manufacturing industries. Over the past twelve months, New York employers have cut 15,800 jobs in financial activities and 17,600 jobs in manufacturing. Other sectors with major job losses include retail trade and profes-sional and business services. However, employers in industries related to educa-tion and health services and government continue to add jobs.Nearly 115,000 New Yorkers applied for unemployment insurance in November. Over one million New Yorkers have filed for unemployment insurance so far this year, and more than 215,000 have filed for extended benefits made available in the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Act of 2008.Unemployment in New York City grew especially rapidly, possibly fueled by job losses in the financial services sector.

    The unemployment rate in New York City jumped from 5.7 percent in October to 6.3 percent in November. This was a faster rate of growth than in areas of the state outside New York City, where unemploy-ment went from 5.7 percent in October to 5.9 percent in November.

    New York Unemployment rises!!!Spikes to 6.1 Percent

    Maloney: We need an economic recov-ery package that puts people back to work and gets our economy back on track.

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    Tassos Papadopoulos, the hard-line former president of Cyprus who ushered the divided island into the European Union after rallying Greek Cypriots to reject a United Nations peace deal, died Friday 12th of 2008 in Nicosia. He was 74. His death, of lung cancer, was con-firmed by Greek officials. Mr. Papadopoulos was president from 2003 until this past March. His successor, President Demetris Christofias, called him one of the protagonists of our coun-trys modern history.

    There are no magic words or expressions that I can use to ease the pain for the loss of a beloved leader. Tassos Papa-dopoulos willl be remembered in history as an individual who epitomizes leadership, integrity, conviction and courage. His defining moment will always be the historic response of "NO" to international pressure to accept a solution which re-warded the aggressor, and legitimized an illegal occupation and was nothing more than an international injustice! As we say goodbye, we take strength from his courage and our commitment and dedication to a free Cyprus with equal rights for all Cypriots. Our deepest sympathies to his wonderful wife Fotini, and to his family.PSEKA President Mr. Philip Christopher

    President of the Republic of Cyprus, Demetris Christofias, has expressed deep sorrow for the death of former Cypriot Presi-dent Tassos Papadoulos, who passed away Friday. "I would like to express my deep sorrow and the sorrow of all the people

    of Cyprus for the loss of former President of the Republic Tas-sos Papadopoulos, President Christofias said.Noting that Tassos Papadopoulos has devoted his whole life to matters concerning the society since he was young, Presi-dent Christofias said that the former President took part in the national struggle of the people of Cyprus for independence and played a leading role in the Republics affairs, as Minister who served from various posts, as interlocutor and a very close col-laborator of the late Archbishop Makarios III.

    The Cypriot President talked about the "close friendship" he en-joyed with Tassos Papadopoulos saying: "we cooperated, we fought together for the cause of Cyprus", expressing his "deep appreciation for the man who left".

    President Christofias expressed his condolences to the family and the people of Cyprus, noting that Tassos Papadopoulos will remain in history as one of the leaders of the modern history of our country.

    Former President of Cyprus, Dead at 74


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    Hey, did anyone ever inform the lame duck pres-ident that Greece and not the United States was the oldest Democracy? In his statement about the Mumbai disaster in India on November 29th, and trying to say that hes going to help every way he can, Dubya said that the youngest democ-racy in the world, meaning India, by the oldest democracy in the world, and I know he didnt mean Greece. Would someone set him on his His-tory?.....

    The State of Maryland hasnt had blue registra-tion plates for cars since Spiro Agnew resigned his post as Governor to accept the Vice Presiden-cy. Well, it looks like the blue is coming back to that State. The newest plates feature a powder-puff blue background with the name of the State in white. And a post-script: Timothy J. Petumenos, the independent counsel to the Alaska Personnel Board, concluded that in the firing of the former Alaska public safety commis-sioner Walt Monegan, "There is no probable cause to believe that the governor or any other state official violated the Alaska Executive Ethics Act in connection with these matters." Oh yeah?....

    Greek lawmakers finally launched the long-over-due investigation into Vatopedi scandal involv-ing a land swap between the state and a 1,000-year-old Orthodox semi-autonomous monasterys Abbott called Ephraim, which has deeply embar-rassed the conservative government. Minister, George Voulgarakis insisted nothing illegal had transpired, but the deal reportedly at over $136 million worth in land and property exchanges with government officials involved, caused the government to cancel them and acknowledge they had hurt the public interest. Ephraim himself offered to resign from his administrative and fi-nancial oversight of the Mount Athos monastery, after a closely watched meeting in Constantinople with the Patriarch.

    The Abbot already informed Vatopedis brother-hood of his intention to withdraw from running the monastery's affairs as he returned to the mon-astery. The land swaps started after 1999, when the socialist government of the time recognized Vatopedi's claim to land in northern Greece.

    One of the most significant Greek poets of the post-war generation, Giorgis Pavlopoulos died according Culture Minister Michael Liapis in a re-cent statement. Born in Pyrgos in 1924, he be-gan publishing his poem collections in Odysseas magazine of that town in 1943. His last anthology by the name Lest I forget him was being published currently by the Kedros House

    BY Bob Nickolaides

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    Wishing you all the joys

    of Christmas and

    a happy New Year


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    Queens, NY Mayor Mi-chael Bloomberg recently joined George Kaufman and Hal Rosenbluth of Kaufman Astoria Studios to break ground on Stage K, a new $22 million film and television production studio in the Astoria neigh-borhood. The 40,000 s/f studio will be designed like studio compounds with "backlots" found in major West Coast motion picture studios. Construc-tion of the new studio, which is estimated to cre-ate 400 new independent production-related jobs through film or television production companies leasing space within the studio, is expected to be completed next summer. The unveiling took place at the site of the new stu-dio on 36th St., between 34th and 35th Aves., across the street from the existing historic studio. Also joining the mayor

    at the groundbreaking were deputy mayor for economic development Robert Lieber, mayor's office of film, theatre and broadcasting (MOFTB) commissioner Katherine Oliver, governor's office for motion picture and television development executive director Patri-cia Kaufman, economic development corp. (EDC) president Seth Pinsky, Queens borough presi-dent Helen Marshall, as-sembly member Michael Gianaris, former council

    A bit of Hollywood-style razzle-dazzle is coming to Queens.

    At Kaufman Astoria Studio

    A groundbreaking was held October 20th for the expansion of Kaufman As-toria Studios, with completion expected next summer. The 40,000-square-foot facility will be designed to resemble the compounds with back lots found at West Coast studios. Kaufman Astoria's credits include "Sesame Street" and the new ABC series "Life on Mars."

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    In New Yorkfor 6 Years

    6yearsago,IpickedupthephoneandcalledGreece.Ofcourse,Iwokemybrotherup.(Somehow,Ialwaysmanagetodo that-becauseof the7hourtimedifference.Orperhapsjustbecausethisisasistersjob(toannoybrothers).Heisajournalist,awriter,anda composer. He publishes hisown newspaper in Thessaloni-kiAverytalentedpersonwhoIalwaystakefulladvantageof! Ellopia Media Group was ex-pandingand improvingandweneededour own vehicle , as itwere,topromoteourservices.Till that timemy only relation-shipwith printmediawas justsending inmyarticle. Ihadnoideahowamagazineoranews-paper was run. Sleepy or not-while IhadhimonthephoneIasked quickly Are you up forhelping me create a maga-zine?Inaflashhereplied,Goforit.I will build it for you! A fewdays later he sentme the firstdesignofourmagazine,andhealsocameupwithitsname:EL-LOPIAPRESSMAGAZINE.Peoplelovedit!Hellenic-Ameri-

    cans,orAmericans.Westarted50%inGreekand50%inEng-lish. Today it is approximately75% English for obvious rea-sons.Thebestpartofallisthattheagegroupofpeoplereadingour magazine is 20-55 yearsold.6 Years ago my brother Cos-tas Krikelis trusted my vision.6 Years later Ellopia PressMagazineisstillgrowing,avail-able now electronically on theEllopia Media Group website(www.ellopiamediagroup.com)and via email to 15 thousandrecipients.Throughtheyearsagreatgroupof talented people becamefamily at Ellopia Press. KostaKrikelis Petros Hatjopoulos,Anna Paidoussi, ThanassisTsitsas, George Skabardonis,TitosChristodoulou,SteliosPa-pathemelis, Michalis Ignatiou,ARKAS, FotisPapadatis, TasosPapaioannou, Greg Michae-lides,EleniKavadia,BobNiko-laides, Ourania Poulopoulou,LiaDelgotzaki,KeithandBrianHuges Aggeliki and DespinaTeodorescuandMariaPetrou.IThankyoualleis

    1. Teta Papaioannou, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, Athina Krikeli,Tasos Papaioannou. 2. Congr. Maloney Athina Krikeli, 3. Keith Huge, Athina Krikeli 4 Nikos Zouvelos, Athina Krikeli,5. Athina Krikeli with Ariadni Tsitsa

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    The unemployment rate will probably be over 7%. That does not count the people no longer looking for work. Add them in and the figure is probably over 12%.The business headlines have been filled with reports of layoffs nearly every day in the last half of the year. A lot of these have come at big, profitable companies, which says something about what they expect in 2009. Obviously, many of the largest cuts came at firms such as Citigroup, which are struggling to stay afloat, or firms such as Bear Stearns which simply disappeared.Here is the 24/7 Wall St. 2008 report on the twenty largest layoffs by company. If a firm cut more than once during the year, those numbers have been combined for an annual total. We extend special thanks to Challenger, Gray &

    Christmas for its help.

    1. Citigroup announced layoffs of just over 73,000. The big bank announced last month that it would let over 50,000 people go on top of 23,000 already fired or that were in the process of leaving. New CEO Vikram Pandit has done an especially poor job of getting Citi back on track. The firms stock has fallen from a 52-week high of $31.14 to $7.83. Several stock analysts have cut their fourth quarter earnings estimates. The governments bailout of the bank, put together last month, may not be enough. Citi may have to raise more capital and fire more people.

    2. TheBankofAmerica (BAC) buyout of Merrill Lynch will cost 35,000 people their jobs. There are overlaps at the companies particularly the research and investment banking divisions. A total of 11% of the combined workforce will be shown the door. The layoffs at the newly merged company may not be over. Bank of America is considered undercapitalized. It took on a lot of home mortgages when

    it bought Countrywide. The net effect of that is that its stock is off as much as Citis over the last three months. The BAC roll-up of Merrill and Countrywide probably wont work without a lot more costs cut.

    3. GeneralMotors (GM) has said that its cuts for this year add up to almost 34,000 people. That number is modest compared with the number of jobs the company took out in 2006 and 2007. If the firm goes into Chapter 11 cuts for 2009 may go up again.

    4. Hewlett-Packard(HPQ) is one of the most successful tech companies in the world, perhaps because it is ruthless as keeping costs down. It bought IT consulting firm EDS earlier this year and slashed 25,000people while mashing the two operations together.

    5. LehmanBrothers simply does not exist anymore. In September, the company filed for Chapter 11. Some of the people in divisions bought

    by other companies or kept open waiting for buyers may be OK, but more than 23,000 poor souls were shoved out of work.6. AT&T (T) is another company which is doing remarkably well, but does not want to face a hard economy with excess staff. The one part of the firm which has done very badly is its traditional landline business. The number of people and businesses who keep a traditional phone is dropping. Too many customers are moving to cell service of VoIP. The phone company chopped 12,000 people earlier this month. Added to other, smaller cuts and the total for the year is more than 17,000.

    The Layoff Kings: The Companies That Cut The Most In 2008

    People who get to the end of 2008 and are still at work can be thankful.

    by Douglas A. McIntyre

  • Ellopia Press Page 23

    7. DHLExpress cut almost 15,000 people. The ground and air shipping industry is being torn up by people who save money by using the post office or electronic delivery. DHL rivals Fedex (FDX) and UPS (UPS) are also having a hard time. DHLs parent, Deutsche Post World Net, closed its land and air shipping operation in the US in early November.

    8. TheCaliforniaDepartmentofEducation shows that the public sector is not being sparred. California has gone to the federal government for aid because of a massive budget deficit. The state is paying some vendors with IOUs and is threatening to cut some services completely. In the midst of all that 14,000 teachers will be out of work. If over-muscled governor Arnold Schwarzenegger cannot get Californias books balanced, the state will be letting a lot more people go.

    9. Starbacks (SBUX) founder Howard Schultz came back to the company as CEO when he saw that the people he had put in place to run the company were screwing it up. His return did not make that any better. No one at the firm wanted to believe that customers would not pay $4 for a fancy cup of coffee in a recession, especially when McDonalds was selling the same product for $2.

    To keep Starbucks in the black it closed over 600 stores and fired more than 12,000 people. The premium coffee business is not getting any better. The job cuts at Starbucks are not over.

    10. Chrysler let over 12,000people of this year on top of all those who left in 2007. Since the car company is on the brink of Chapter 11, the number of workers who leave the company may still move way up.

    11. Citigroup tried to buy Wachovia, but Wells Fargo (WFC) snuck in a side door and got the prize. This was one of a number of large bank and brokerage house mergers. It probably would not have mattered who bought Wachovia. To save money and cut redundant services, the firm cut more than 11,000 jobs

    12. DowChemical (DOW) is another profitable operation where earnings are being squeezed by the economic downturn. To combat falling margins, the firm is closing 20 plants and laying off 5,000 workers and 6,000 contractors. All those people being let go will be happy to hear the company is keeping its dividend.

    13. NASA has said it will need fewer people when the space shuttle goes into retirement. The agency that put a man on the moon is cutting nearly 11,000 jobs.

    14. TheStateofCalifornia makes the list twice as it chops

    seasonal jobs to preserve more cash. That means fewer lifeguards and guards at the state capital. It may also take longer to get a drivers license. The cuts total more than 10,000 people

    15.SunMicrosystems(JAVA) is one of the worst run tech companies in the world. To stay ahead of its revenue trouble it likes to make big jobs cuts every year. In 2008, the total is 9,500. Instead of one big layoff, Sun decided to make one announcement early in the year and one last month. Sun will take a charge of about $600 million. No wonder the stock trades at just over $4. A little over a year ago, shares changed hands at $24. What is surprising is that CEO Jonathan Schwartz is still on board.

    16. Bennigans filed for Chapter 7 in July. People just cant afford to eat out the way that they used to. The restaurant companys 150 company-owned stores shut down. Over 9,000 people lost jobs.

    17. JPMorganChase (JPM) bought the banking operations of Washington Mutual, a bank which had become bloated with home mortgage loans made when real estate prices were flying up. JPM raised $10 billion to cover the costs of the transaction. It will get part of that money back by cutting over 9,000 people.

    18. BearStearns simply disappeared in March after being in business for 85 years. JPMorgan bought the place for $2 a share. Because of rumors about Bears mortgage holdings customers started to pull their money out. The investment house was gone before it had a chance to say goodbye to its staff. JPM did not need all those bankers and brokers. More than 9,000 people were forced out of work.

    19. AmericanAirlines (AMR) was a victim of high fuel costs. Faced with rumors it could not finance its operations with oil well above $100, it had to cut the number of routes it was flying, the number of planes it operated, and more than 8,500jobs

    20. Merck (MRK) was just one of the Big Pharma firms that made big cuts this year. Bristol-Myers (BMY) recently said it would have to go through another round of cuts as patents run out on drugs and price pressure from generics rise. The harsh environment and a forecast of a bad 2009 caused the firm to chop more than 8,000 people.

    It ishard tobelieve that just20companieshavecutover400,000peopleinlessthana


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    during the presidential campaign we heard the word socialist bandied about with abandon- as regards barack obama. this, in between the moments of shivers up my spine ( having been born during the mccarthy era and having had that affect my family first hand) often made me laugh at the ridiculous com-ments and at best, naivete of the commentators. the population at large is basically uneducated , isolationist in thought-despite the internet and its global reach-and pain-fully, massively uncultured. speaking as a person who engages all who cross my path , in conversation at every op-portunity- i have realized in the many decades that i have been a citizen of this planet how deeply ignorant most people are. this does not make me feel in any way superior- we are only as strong as our weakest link. this also does not lessen my love for people. how-ever...... it does strengthen my resolve to make the homeschool experiment in my household, work. let me give one little example. the pledge of allegiance and the brou-haha surrounding it. in a nutshell: represent-ing the separation of church and state, the ignorance of history and the pitfalls of fake patriotism and pseudo religiosity . the pledge of allegiance was written by an american so-cialist (preacher francis bellamy) in 1892 when chairman of state superintendents of education ( in the national education association) . in preparing the quadricentennial celebration for columbus day he fashioned a flag raising ceremony with a sa-lute- his pledge of allegiance.it was as follows:" i pledge allegiance to my flag and the republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all"he wanted the word equality in there as well but knew the state superintendents would not go for it- not being for equality of women or african-americans. here is an excerpt from an article titled The Pledge of Al-legiance A Short History (1992) by Dr. John W. Baer.In 1923 and 1924 the National Flag Conference, under the 'leadership of the American Legion and the Daughters of the American Revolution, changed the Pledge's words, 'my Flag,' to 'the Flag of the United States of America.' Bellamy disliked this change, but his protest was ignored.In 1954, Congress after a campaign by the Knights of Colum-bus, added the words, 'under God,' to the Pledge. The Pledge was now both a patriotic oath and a public prayer.Bellamy's granddaughter said he also would have resented this

    second change. He had been pressured into leaving his church in 1891 because of his socialist sermons. In his retirement in Florida, he stopped attending church because he disliked the racial bigotry he found there.What follows is Bellamy's own account of some of the thoughts that went through his mind in August, 1892, as he picked the words of his Pledge:

    It began as an intensive communing with salient points of our national history, from the Declaration of Independence on-wards; with the makings of the Constitu-tion...with the meaning of the Civil War; with the aspiration of the people...The true reason for allegiance to the Flag is the 'republic for which it stands.' ...And what does that vast thing, the Republic mean? It is the concise political word for the Nation - the One Nation which the Civil War was fought to prove. To make that One Nation idea clear, we must specify that it is indivisible, as Webster and Lin-coln used to repeat in their great speech-es. And its future?Just here arose the temptation of the historic slogan of the French Revolution which meant so much to Jefferson and

    his friends, 'Liberty, equality, fraternity.' No, that would be too fanciful, too many thousands of years off in realization. But we as a nation do stand square on the doctrine of liberty and jus-tice for all...If the Pledge's historical pattern repeats, its words will be modi-fied during this decade. Below are two possible changes.Some prolife advocates recite the following slightly revised Pledge: 'I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all, born and unborn.'A few liberals recite a slightly revised version of Bellamy's origi-nal Pledge: 'I pledge allegiance to my Flag, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with equality, liberty and justice for all.'

    END OF BAER ARTICLE EXCERPT . this information i offer up to you, dear reader, and it comes from a woman who believes in democracy, believes in God and tries to live her life with the example of the Saints as her daily credo, "under God" is in my heart and on my lips whatever i say or do........ in a pledge or not .

    ......................may God help us all

    in my own little corner........................anna paidoussi

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