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  1. 1. 1/3/2015 Electronics CV. . C & . Appl' t' d nlversltygf The UK's EII1rpelet)rsabilit Home Interes an `'IV-"' I i EU'OPC*" Emploabilit I want to work inExample CVS l ,. l , urveisity wh t I d `th P t` A t`t dEm lo abilt skillsl3le :W m degree? Tests Work Experience Postgraduate Stud Working in Kent . . Careers Events on Cam us B *cg ,r^x,,F`L l, 'gst ,,A,.l,,n_F^s`` t_`;.1`.`ik`.`, - .`_z.l ` .* . . .ITr a Qractice interview HERECvsHow to write a cv lleC'i'Oi. FCS/