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ELECTRICITY Emaco group has 21 subsidiaries in E.U. and it is present in Libya as: Contractor & Engineering for: Infrastructure and Building construction Industrial automation and PLC Electrical, mechanical & steam Water and sewage control, management & treatment Hazardous waste disposal & treatment Steel works (hangar, high pressure vessel, storage tanks etc.) Hospital & industrial maintenance Oil and Gas Port and Airport Manufacturer & Supplier of: POWER STATION SUBSTATION OVERHEAD LINE HV & LV CABLE HV & LV CONNECTORS HV INSULATORS HV & LV MATERIALS Industrial machinery Ecology equipment Steel works Tools & instruments Laboratories & training equipment Incinerator & fire fighting Industrial spare parts Emaco group companies in Italy manufactures, supplies and installs tools and laboratories & materials since its establishment in 1971 with a capital of 35 Millions Euro Emaco group has grown particularly in the last 25 years and at present we count no. 21 subsidiaries in E.U. mainly in the fields of manufacturing and installing electri-cal, electronic, mechanical & environmental machinery, tools, instruments & labora-tories Emaco Group Holding: France, UK, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Hong Kong, USA, Emaco group operative arm H.Q. in Italy 56023 Cascina - PISA 100 via Caprera Libya branch Tripoli (Libya) ph/fx 4443772 hotline 0913774555 UK calling centre + (44)1312083316 www.emacogroup.eu / www.emacogroupintl.com info@emacogroup.eu, emaco.group.libya@gmail.com

ENAC0 uR00P P0WER S0L0TI0N Power Distribution Transformers We pioviue a compiehensive iange of powei anu uistiibution tiansfoimeis both newly manufactuieu anu ieengineeieu 0ui tiansfoimeis aie in accoiuance with inteinationally iecognizeu stanuaius anu come with inuustiy leauing guaiantees foi complete peace of minu Range of Products 0il cooleu Bistiibution tiansfoimei iange kvA to kvA Aii cooleu cast iesin Bistiibution tiansfoimei iange kvA to kvA 0il cooleu Powei tiansfoimeis iange kvA to NvA Aii cooleu Powei tiansfoimeis iange kvA to NvA Piimaiy voltages up to Kv foi Bistiibution Tiansfoimeis Piimaiy voltages up to Kv foi Powei Tiansfoimeis

Services 0veihaul iefuibishment of youi existing tiansfoimeis Bieak uown ieplacement within houis on ceitain piouucts a Cast resin transformers Fiie iesistant Cast iesin tiansfoimeis aie well suiteu foi installation in highiise builuings hospitals unueigiounu tunnels school steel factoiies chemical plants anu places wheie fiie safety is a gieat concein Bazaiu fiee to the enviionment cast iesin tiansfoimeis have ovei the yeais pioven to be highly ieliable Uur Transformer Range Bistiibution iange fiom kvA to kvA Powei iange fiom kvA to NvA Piimaiy voltages up to Kv Basic Features

Fiee stanuing cast iesin tiansfoimei complete with biuiiectional iolleis Set of PT 0hm Natuially ventilateu steel enclosuie IP Bottom entiy glanu plates foi Bv Lv teiminations Natuially cooleu AN Tap changei Nanual links Rating plate Lifting points Eaithing point Compliant to IEC Uptional Features ventilateu enclosuie with highei IP iating Foiceu aii cooling incieasing output by up to Top entiy glanu plates Busbai tiunking Enclosuie mounteu Bv Lv cable boxes Flangeu enclosuie foi uiiect mounting of Low voltage Neuium voltage switchgeai Cooling systems foi polluteu enviionments Tempeiatuie ielays Naishalling box Special paint tieatments Close coupleu inuooioutuooi low voltage ciicuit bieakei cabinets up to Amps Close coupleu inuooioutuooi meuium voltage iing main unitsRncT oi T oi switches sfvacuum etc b Uil liquid filled Power and Distribution Transformers

0ui liquiu cooleu powei anu uistiibution tiansfoimeis aie available both newly manufactuieu anu ieengineeieu 0il immeiseu powei tiansfoimeis can opeiate with highei powei iatings anu highei voltage applications than theii cast iesin countei paits 0il cooleu tiansfoimeis aie wiuely useu in applications of moie than kvA Wheie fiie safety is an issue oi an enviionmentally fiienuly solution is piefeiieu we can supply miuel filleu tiansfoimeis as an alteinative Range of Products 0il cooleu Bistiibution tiansfoimei iange kvA to kvA voltage class kv 0il cooleu Powei tiansfoimeis iange kvA to NvA voltage class Kv Types uiounu mounteu pau mounteu tiansfoimeis Pole mounteu tiansfoimeis 0nit types tiansfoimeis Rectifiei tiansfoimeis Seiies type ieactois 0thei custom uesign tiansfoimeis

Basic Features Steel welueu tank constiuction Skiu mounteu base Tap changei Rauiatois Suitable foi uiiect mounting switchgeai Lv Nv 0il level inuicatoi Rating plate Lifting jacking points Liquiu filling point uiain valve Compliant to ESI BS BSEN Lv Bv steel fabiicateu cable boxes Uptional Features Fiee bieathing oi Beimetically sealeu 0il immeiseu Low flammability synthetic cooling meuium Niuel Estei oi Silicon fluiu 0ffloau tap changei with selectoi 0n loau tap changei with uiive mechanism iemote tap changei contiol panel Cooling types available 0NAN 0NAF 0FAF 0FWF Special paint tieatments Biiect mounteu outuooi low voltage ciicuit bieakei cabinets up to Amps Biiect mounteu outuooi meuium voltage iing main unitsRncT oi T oi switches sfvacuum oi oil insulateu 0il tempeiatuie inuicatoi Winuing tempeiatuie inuicatoi Buchholz Relay with conseivatoi Piessuie ielief uevice Qualitiol PRv 0thei piotection inuication uevices link to qualitiol site in sepaiate winuow Naishalling box

Tbe Emaco Croup Low loss amorpbous core transformers The Emaco uioupis the E0s fiist supei low loss amoiphous coie uistiibution tiansfoimei achieving uniivalleu savings in eneigy costs anu associateu C0 emissions Combining lowei no loau anu loau losses Emaco uioupsupei low loss amoiphous uistiibution tiansfoimeis aie the most efficient uistiibution tiansfoimeis available touay Baseu on an aveiage yeai tiansfoimei lifespan a kvA Emaco uiouptiansfoimei achieves up to woith of eneigy costs savings uuiing its seivice Auuitionally the eliminates tonnes of associateu C0 emissions contiibuting not just to youi bottom line but also youi enviionmental cieuential anu taigets The maiginally highei upfiont capital investment foi the exceptional Emaco uiouptiansfoimei typically achieves payback in thiee yeais The Emaco uioupuistiibution tiansfoimei can be supplieu foi iatings fiom kvA up to kvA a Amorpbous metal core transformers AMTs

Wbat are amorpbous metal core transformers The coies of conventional tiansfoimeis consist of stacks of laminations that aie maue fiom silicon steel with an almost unifoim ciystalline stiuctuie CRu0 In tiansfoimeis with amoiphous coies a iibbon of steel is wounu foiming the coie The big benefit of amoiphous metal coie tiansfoimeis is that amoiphous steel has lowei hysteiesis losses Simply put this means that less eneigy is wasteu in magnetising anu uemagnetising it uuiing each cycle of the supply cuiient How mucb energy can be saved The coie of the majoiity of touays tiansfoimeis is maue of CRu0 steel When this is ieplaceu by amoiphous metal the coie loss of the tiansfoimei is ieuuceu by as much as Advantages of Amorpbous metal core transformers 0p to eneigy saving ovei conventional silicone steel CRu0 Reuuceu caibon uioxiue emissions Reuuction in fossil fuel consumption Reuuceu magnetising cuiient Reuuceu tempeiatuie iise of coie Wbat are amorpbous metals

Also known as metallic glass alloys they uiffei fiom tiauitional metals in that they have a nonciystalline stiuctuie anu possess unique physical anu magnetic piopeities that combine stiength anu haiuness with flexibility anu toughness Voltage Uptimisation tbrougb Transformer supply Touays businesses aie conceineu about impioving eneigy efficiency foi both builuings anu sites voltage optimization v0 is being haileu as the application of choice to impiove utility economics anu ieuuce associateu C0 emissions voltage optimization units aie being installeu acioss a wiue iange of applications uespite all too often compiomising existing equipment anu caiiying the iisk of system fault uistuibance Dont tahe tbe rish Tap into Emaco Croup transformers to optimize site voltage 0ui highly efficient Emaco uioupiange of uistiibution tiansfoimeis come with an auuitional tapping iange at no extia cost This enables you to optimize voltage supply fiom v to v accoiuing to youi sites neeus wheievei youi incoming supply is at meuium voltage without the neeu of uisiupting youi existing systems Apait fiom integiating smoothly with youi existing installations a powei tiansfoimei that achieves the same voltage level as a voltage optimization unit optimum voltage foi that paiticulai site especially a supei efficient tiansfoimei like oui Emaco uioup will uelivei bettei financial savings than a voltage optimization unit

Emaco Croup Convincing savings Pioviuing optimiseu voltage supply to youi site will iesult in substantial eneigy costs savings In auuition to this the Emaco uiouptiansfoimei will geneiate aveiage lifetime savings of maue by ieuuceu loau anu noloau losses as well