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  • 1. Egg projectPGU Unna

2. Project ideas - brainstorming 3. Volume of an eggMethod 1:Experiment of ArchimedesFirst, you have to fill a beaker with water and note thelevel. Then, you put the egg inside and compare thelevel to the one without the egg. The difference is theeggs volume. Eureka!V=*r*hWe got:V=28,09 cm 4. Volume of an egg Method 2: approximation by a sphere:3 3V r r cm25,08 2,24V cm 5. Volume of an eggMethod 3:Experiment with egg slicesFirst, cut your egg intoslices, then calculate thevolume with this formula.V= *r*hOur solution is 36.84 cm 6. Volume of an egg Method 4: by using a formula22V a b 2,2 33434V cm34,21 Vhb=h/2a 7. We compare: volume of an eggMethod1: 28,09 cmMethod 2: 25,08 cmMethod 3: 36,08 cmMethod 4: 34,21 cmWe have to say that could not use the sameeggs, but we tried to use some of similarsize. 8. We compare: volume of an eggThere are a lot of ways to approximate thevolume. The easiest would be theArchimedes experiment, the mostlaborious is the experiment with egg slices To conclude: You can find the mostdifficult formulas, but at last, youll end uprounding your results anyway. 9. Offical egg sizes Small eggs: mean 51 g (