DXNLIFEMagazine Issue 22, 2020. DXNLIFEhave been consuming DXN Health Food Products for prevention...

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DXN LIFE Magazine DXN LIFE EUROPEAN EDITION Issue 22, 2020. In this issue: and a lot more! The Spanish way: Interview with Antonio Azpiroz Focus on health with Dr. Parwana Business secrets from the EDD Specht couple 8yearsofDXNin Greece επέτειος η Cover picture by Tünde Czérna CD

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Transcript of DXNLIFEMagazine Issue 22, 2020. DXNLIFEhave been consuming DXN Health Food Products for prevention...

  • DXN LIFE Magazine


    Issue 22, 2020.

    In this issue:

    and a lot more!

    The Spanish way:Interview with AntonioAzpiroz

    Focus on health withDr. Parwana

    Business secrets fromthe EDD Specht couple

    8 years of DXN inGreeceεπέτειο





    7ΜΑΡΤΙΟΥ2020| 19:15– 00:00ΣΥΜΜΕΤΟΧΗ 25€


    ΣΥΜΜΕΤΟΧΗ5€www.dxn2u.eu •[email protected] •Θεσαλονίκη 2310551204 •Αθήνα 2109213105

    Kócsó László

    Crown Ambassador DXN

    Guest Speaker

    Κουτσούκος Γιώργος CMΓενικός Διευθυντής

    Debya PrakashInterna�onal Marke�ng Director

    Χατζηγιάννης ΠαύλοςETD

    Κουταλάς ΓιώργοςTD

    Daisy YusonBusiness Intelligence Manager

    25€Προπληρωμήέως19Φεβρουαρίου (GalaDinner–Συμμετοχήστοσεμινάριο7-8Μαρτίου)Λεωφορείο Αθήνα - Θεσσαλονίκη με επιστροφή 30€. Δίκλινο στο Queen Olga 35€/άτομο μεπρωινό. Προπληρωμή μέχρι και τις 19 Φεβρουαρίου 60€ (μεταφορά και ξενοδοχείο)

    Cover picture by Tünde Czérna CD

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    DXN LIFE Magazine


    DXN LIFE Magazine


    DXN LIFE Magazine


    DXN LIFE European EditionIssue 22, 2020

    DXN Life Editorial Staff:

    Editor-in-Chief:Susanna Pálma [email protected]

    Graphic Design:Róbert Tapodi

    Have you participated in a DXN event?Please send your report with pictures to:[email protected]

    Send your pictures entitled“Me or Us and DXN” [email protected] andwe will publish the mostinteresting ones!

    DXN – The pioneer of health, wealth and happiness . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

    Let food be your medicine – an interview with Dr. J. S. Parwana . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5

    The ultimate solution to overcome fear and uncertainty: a dedicated DXN Life! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

    8 years of success in Greece . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12

    Business in the times of Coronavirus: the Spanish way of effective business building . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14

    Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16

    Car Incentive Program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19

    Qualified members from Europe. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22

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    DXN LIFE Magazine


    DXN LIFE Magazine


    DXN LIFE Magazine

    DXN – The pioneer of health, wealth and happiness . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

    Let food be your medicine – an interview with Dr. J. S. Parwana . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5

    The ultimate solution to overcome fear and uncertainty: a dedicated DXN Life! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

    8 years of success in Greece . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12

    Business in the times of Coronavirus: the Spanish way of effective business building . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14

    Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16

    Car Incentive Program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19

    Qualified members from Europe. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22

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    DXN LIFE Magazine


    Datuk Dr. Lim Siow JinFounder and CEO ofDXN Holdings Bhd.

    Good Morning DXN!

    DXN have been in the industry for 27years now since day one of our com-mencement in 1993 and is the pioneerin the Ganoderma based business inMalaysia. A lot of improvement havebeen made by us to ensure that thecompany will stay relevant and signi-ficant not only to our distributors butalso to our customers who have al-ways been looking forward to DXN'sconcept of One World, One Marketthat is beneficial to every parties in-volved in the business.

    Throughout the 27 years of DXN's es-tablishment too, we have been produ-cing great leaders that havesucceeded in changing their life to abetter one and also to be living by theconcept of health, wealth and happi-ness that have been promoted byDXN all these while. We have so farproduced a total of 34 Crown Ambas-sadors, that have managed to give abetter life not only to themselves, butalso to their loved ones. It is hopedthat the inspiring stories of the CrownAmbassadors will incite, ignite and en-courage others to also be working

    hard to achieve the success that theyhave achieved. In DXN, everyone canbe successful as long as hard workand persistent exist in one's life dic-tionary.

    To spread more of the concept ofhealth, wealth and happiness to thepeople of the world, DXN is expandingto another country in the Africa con-tinent, which is Mauritania. With theexpansion to another new country, it ishoped that the concept of health,wealth and happiness could reachmore people and DXN's aim and goalof having more and more people inthe world to be able to enjoy health,wealth and happiness can beachieved.

    The world recently was shaken by theoutbreak of coronavirus disease,COVID-19. According to the statisticsby the World Health Organization(WHO), the outbreak have recorded atotal of 105,586 new confirmed casesand 3655 of death and have affectedmore than 100 countries/territories/areas as of 8th of March 2020. Thishas not just affecting the medicalfield, but also resulting in the global

    economy instability and will be a chal-lenging phase to almost every busi-ness industry.

    It is hoped that during this arduousperiod of time, everyone especially allDXN distributors will remain calm andpractise the preventive measures out-lined by the authority. I am also hop-ing that all distributors could bepaying extra attention to their healthand also their loved ones' and may weall be safe from the virus.

    Thank you.

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    DXN LIFE Magazine


    Datuk Dr. Lim Siow JinFounder and CEO ofDXN Holdings Bhd.

    Dr. J. S. ParwanaMedical Doctor, DXN Crown Ambassador,

    Motivational SpeakerIndia

    1. Good morning, Dr. Parwana. Pleaseintroduce yourself to the Europeanreaders! Tell us where you're fromand what is your background.I live in the city Patiala, in the provinceof Punjab, India. This city is in north In-dia about 270 Kms from Delhi, thecapital of India. I am a medical doctor.I got my medical graduation degree,MBBS from Armed Forces MedicalCollege, Pune in Maharashtra in 1974. Iworked as medical officer in Punjabhealth services, medical officer in ahospital with the ministry of health,Libya, medical officer in a companyGlaxosmithKline and director in acharitable hospital. I was awarded

    Ph.D. (Alternate medicine) in 2006.

    2. Please tell us how and why youstarted to work with DXN.In the year 1996, I suffered from ahealth disorder known as RheumatoidArthritis – pain and swelling in all thejoints and muscles. I tried all kinds oftreatments – Allopathic, Homeo-pathic, Ayurvedic, Tibetan medicines,Acupressure, Magneto-therapy, etc.but nothing helped me. The joint andmuscular pains gradually kept on in-creasing, the fingers started gettingdeformed. It became very difficult toperform my routine daily jobs.In May 2001 the condition becameworse when I suffered a heart attack.The treating cardiologist instructedme that I should not indulge in any

    strenuous activities. He also informedme that I would need to be on medic-ation all my life.On 7th January, 2002, I was invited bya friend, who was a DXN distributor, to

    When I first read Dr. Parwana’s biodata for a webinar, I was impressed. He graduated in Medicine,worked in various hospitals, holds a Pd. D. in Alternative Medicine, is a DXN Crown Ambassador, amotivational speaker and also a professional photographer. And above all, he is a great human being,who patiently answered all my questions so the readers can benefit from his detailed answers!

    WRITTEN BYPálma Zs. Krusinszki

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    DXN LIFE Magazine

    a home meeting. In that meeting thepresenter showed the testimony of apatient who had been suffering fromRheumatoid Arthritis and had be-nefited immensely by using DXN’sGanoderma products.That got me interested in DXN. I stud-ied the literature of Ganoderma thor-oughly and after satisfying myself thatit had no side effects or harmfuleffects, I decided to use it for myhealth problems. I started consumingthe DXN Ganoderma products withcomplete faith and a positive attitude.Within a couple of weeks my pains re-duced considerably and I could workactively. I was astonished with the res-ults of Ganoderma. Being a doctor Idecided to share it with my patients.Initially, they were quite reluctant butgradually they developed faith in mytreatment with DXN Ganodermaproducts along with the prescriptionmedicines. It is more than 18 yearsnow and I have dealt with thousandsof patients of almost every health dis-order and have got very satisfying res-ults.

    3. We really enjoyed your webinarpresentation. For those who missedit, can you please explain, why foodis the best medicine?The human body is the best doctor inthe world. It is because of the NaturalHealer, known as “Immune System”,provided by nature. If this Immunesystem is balanced, working to its fullpotential, it can take care of everyhealth disorder which usually occursdue to ingestion of toxins or the mi-crobes/viruses entering the body. Tokeep this system working to its full po-tential we need to nurture it with judi-cious and nutritious food. As per thetenet of Hippocrates (400 B.C.),Father of Modern Medicine, “Let foodbe your medicine”, one can preventmany health disorders by includingmedicinal herbs in the daily food con-sumption.

    4. You talked also about bio-intelli-gence. It's a very interesting topic,can you please tell us more about itand how it works?The mechanism by which the ImmuneSystem takes care of all the healthdisorders has three components –Bio-intelligence, Phagocytosis andChemotaxis. Amongst these, Bio-intelligence is of paramountsignificance.The human body harbours thousandsof varieties of friendly microbes whichare necessary for the properfunctioning of the body systems. Atthe same time our bodies are invadedby thousands of species ofharmful(enemy) bacteria and virusesevery day. It is the Bio – intelligence

    that recognises the friendly and theenemy microbes. If our bodies areinvaded by a certain microbe, the Bio– intelligence remembers it for ever.Once identified by Bio-intelligence theinvaders or enemy microbes areengulfed (swallowed) by the fightercells of the body, Macrophages,antibodies, T-cells and B-cells. This isknown as Phagocytosis.After that the Natural Killer Cellsbreak down the engulfed abnormalmaterials - toxins, microbes, viruses,etc. into harmless chemicals, aprocess known as Chemotaxis.

    5. Another interesting topic re-garded the ailment reflections.Please explain it to us and tell us howto deal with them if they should ap-pear.The broken down chemicals are nowa waste in the cells. They are dis-carded from the body which causescertain symptoms which are known asAilment Reflections.An Ailment Reflection is a positive re-action of the body to its own health

    problem or disease. It is part of thehealing process that happens when aperson starts consuming some Nat-ural Food supplements. These are alsoknown as “Opposition Effects” or “Re-covery Symptoms”. In some naturo-pathy literatures it is also referred toas “Healing Crisis”, meaning the crisisbefore the healing. These reflectionsappear when the body is dischargingthe toxins accumulated within thebody cells. They are temporary symp-toms and their average lasting periodis about 1-3 weeks.Some examples of ailment reflectionsare :Reddish eye (either one or both eyes)– it occurs if a person is suffering fromsome liver disorder, blurry eyesight,waste disposal of eyes, running nose,sneezing, coughs – these occur if aperson has a history of naso-bronchialallergy, mouth tissue or gum with ul-cers – in case of acidic body , blockedear – in case of any kidney ailment,rashes and boils – in cases of historyof excessive usage of modern medi-cine, itchy skin with rashes, aggrava-tion of joint pains – in cases of personssuffering from Arthritic problems,raised blood sugar levels – in personssuffering from Diabetes, pain/dizzi-ness at the front or rear of head,vomit, chalky or oily urination at fre-quent intervals, diarrhoea or constipa-tion, etc.One need not do anything for theseAilment Reflections except increasethe consumption of water. In case theAilment Reflections are troublesome,one can use some allopathic medicinefor symptomatic relief, e.g., in case ofintolerable joint pains, one can resortto the usage of pain killers for sometime. In case of naso – bronchial al-lergy, if the sneezing or cough istroublesome one can use anti-allergicor bronchodilator medicines.

    6. Which is the most interestingtestimonial in your career that yourecall?I have had many interesting testimoni-als. I derived great professional satis-faction from these. Some of theinteresting and significant ones are:• A person suffering from Diabeticfoot (Gangrene) was admitted in amedical college hospital in my city, Pa-tiala in March, 2005. His leg was to beamputated below the knee. He wastaken to the operating room after pre-medication in the surgical ward. He

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    DXN LIFE Magazine

    was laid on the operating room andthe preparations were made for sur-gery. When the anesthetist asked forthe admission file to see the investiga-tion reports to plan for the kind of an-

    esthetic medicines to be used, it wasfound that the file had been left be-hind in the ward which was at quite adistance from the operating room. Hissurgery was postponed and resched-uled for the next day, in the afternoon.The same evening someone sugges-ted to them to consult me. He came tome the next morning. Seeing the con-dition of his leg I told him that it wasvery bad and could not be saved fromamputation. But I suggested that heshould postpone surgery for a coupleof weeks and give a trial to the DXNGanoderma products. He and his fam-ily members agreed hesitatingly. Histreatment was started about fourhours before the amputation wasscheduled. Nearly three months laterthe wounds were completely healedand he started walking on both legsnormally.

    • The first cancer patient (aged 62years) of my medical career came tome in September, 2002. He had beensuffering from Adenocarcinoma (atype of cancer) of the Colon (terminalpart of the large intestine). He was ad-mitted in a cancer hospital in July,2002. Surgery was performed.Chemotherapy and radiotherapy wasgiven. In September, 2002 CT scan ofthe abdomen was done which re-vealed that the cancer had spread tothe liver and the backbone. He wasgiven a lifespan of a couple of months.Somebody referred him to me. I ad-vised him to start consuming DXN’sGanoderma products, just to maintainthe quality of life as long as he lived

    and leave the rest to God. I startedhim on a high dosage diet therapy.After about four and a half months hewent back to the cancer hospital for acheck up. The doctors were surprised

    to see him alive and in a good shape.All investigations were done and hewas given a report – “No evidence ofcancer”. He lived a completely healthylife till 31st December, 2018.

    • One cancer patient I dealt with is myelder sister. About 7 years ago shesuffered from cancer of the leftbreast. There was a lump, about 8 cmsin the breast, nodes in the left axillaand a 3 cms tumour in the left lung.Her treating oncologist planned forher – 3 cycles of chemotherapy, sur-gery (removal of the breast and axil-

    lary nodes) to be followed by another3 cycles of chemotherapy and radio-therapy. I put my sister on DXN Gano-derma and Spirulina before startingchemotherapy. After 3 cycles ofChemotherapy, along with the DXNproducts, PET CT Scan was donewhich revealed that lump in the breast

    had reduced to about 3 cms and thetumour in the lung had disappeared.Surgery was postponed and it was de-cided to go for 3 more cycles ofchemotherapy. The PET CT Scan afterthat showed that the lump had re-duced to about 4 mm. Surgery and ra-diotherapy was cancelled. During thechemotherapy, the usual accompany-ing side effects were negligible. It hasbeen seven years since then. By God’sgrace my sister is living a completelyhealthy cancer free life.

    7. Personally, which DXN productsdo you consume every day and inwhat quantity?The following DXN products are con-sumed in my family regularly, to keepthe immune system balanced and toprevent health disorders:

    Cap RG and Cap GL: 2 pairs twotimes dailyCap Spirulina: 4 cap two times dailySpirulina Cereal: one sachet on al-ternate daysCordyceps Cereal: one sachet on al-ternate daysReishi Gano Tea: about 250 ml withlemon two times dailyLingzhi 3-in1 coffeeCordyceps coffeeZhi MochaTea LatteWhite coffee ZhinoLemonzhiCocozhiGanozhi toothpasteGanozhi soapAloe-V face cleaning gelAloe-V hand & body lotionChubby Baby OilGanozhi ShampooIn addition, Gano massage oil, Teatree cream, Neeli hair oil wheneverneeded.

    8. Please leave a message to theEuropean readers!Based on my personal usage and ex-perience on thousands of families whohave been consuming DXN HealthFood Products for prevention ofhealth problems and remaininghealthy, my suggestion and advice asa doctor to everybody is that youshould add the DXN’s Health FoodSupplements to your daily food intaketo make your Immune System, “TheNatural Healer” strong enough tofight any invading toxins and mi-crobes and live a Healthy Life.With best wishes from Dr. Parwana!

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    DXN LIFE Magazine


    Vali and Józsi SpechtEDD


    Good morning! Many people knowyou and there was an interview withyou in the magazine three years ago.If, however, I asked you to introduceyourselves to the new readers, whatwould you consider the most import-ant thing to say about yourself?Józsi: I have the interview from threeyears ago here in front of me and itseems to me that I barely let Vali tospeak then. Let it be different now.Vali: All right!We are married for thirty-one yearsnow. We had our anniversary just afew days ago. Last year on the thirti-eth, our daughters organized a specialsurprise celebration for us. It was justa week after we got home from theDXN Incentive Trip from Scandinavia,

    Vali and Józsi Specht are not new faces to our readers, but this is natural: they are in DXN since 2008and if someone, then they know how life changing it is and what values the stability given by DXNmeans. We interviewed them about life and business in the times of Coronavirus.

    WRITTEN BYPálma Zs. Krusinszki

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    DXN LIFE Magazine

    Vali and Józsi SpechtEDD


    where we visited the fjords and beau-tiful towns on board the MSC Merav-iglia.

    By then, four of our grandchildren(Zoé, Jonatán, Jázmin, and Eliza in hermom’s belly) were also celebratingwith our family and friends.

    When we started the DXN networking12 years ago, our daughters immedi-ately supported us and helped with lit-erally everything (organizing events,selling tickets, sound effects, etc.).They “worked” with us almost everyweekend, sacrificing their little freetime.

    We shared a goal: let’s be free!!!They all wanted a big family and actu-ally they are getting there…Recently, they have been talkingabout it several times that the best in-vestment of their lives, our lives, wasthe joint “work”, because today wecan really take care of the grandchil-dren as much as we want to. We arefree and happy!

    In the last few years my husband andI remained alone. Our kids all set offon their own paths and they all had asuccessful start in life. They regularlytalk about the big role we play in theirsuccess. Let me quote here one ofTamara's latest posts:

    “… It’s not possible to express it betterthan Dad did in his video.The important thing is that you arehere now in the present, in a life full ofso many happy moments, and howmuch you have learned, how muchyou know, that you can pass on day byday to your children and grandchil-dren who all look up to you!Thank you for raising us with such agood example and for being able tosee you full of life and happy for a longtime to come… ”

    Maybe it’s a bit of a long introduction

    and maybe I haven’ said a word spe-cifically about DXN, but still I’m con-stantly talking about it. We wereaware that we would never achievethis lifestyle with traditional jobs. Wewere constantly looking for an MLMbusiness that we could do with all ourheart.

    For us, this is DXN.

    Józsi:Let me add something. If I’m a busdriver and not a DXN business builder,I couldn’t have afforded to work onbuilding our new house for almost allthe past year, leaving almosteverything else behind.As you heard from Vali, it’s just the ofus now, which exactly is three (thegreat-grandma also lives with us). Thepreviously comfortable, large housebecame empty and useless.That’s why we started an exciting pro-ject. The house renovation. I could alsosay house building, because only thebare walls stood.

    There were days when we waited invain for the professionals, they did not

    come. This is not very rare today inHungary as I heard. And I’m kind of animpatient person so after they didn’tshow up a few times I decided to finda solution myself. Then, after success-fully completing some of the tasks, Iwas encouraged.

    I turned to my online knowledge andonly did what my friend, Laci Kócsóadvises all networkers. I searchedYoutube for free tutorial videos aboutmy current task.

    And today I am very proud to seewherever I look in our house, I see thework of my hands. There is of courseroom for improvement, but it is com-fortable, it looks as we wanted it tolook and just big enough. It even hasenough space for all four of ourgrandchildren.

    Undoubtedly, we could only solve allthis in this way because DXN providedus with financial stability in the back-ground.

    2. I read a very deep post on yourblog about what your life would be

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    DXN LIFE Magazine

    like in the current epidemic situationif you weren't working with DXN.Can you talk a little bit about this?Józsi:We wrote that post to shout out in theonline space. What we expect is thatwhen all the restrictive measures willbe over, when the children go tokindergarten, school again, when we

    can do the shopping at any houragain, maybe there will be people whowill think about what happened.And maybe then some of them will re-member having read something froma former bus driver and a formernurse talking about something else.If we don’t make that very difficult de-cision in 2008 and join Laci and AnikóKócsó and through them DXN, we cer-tainly wouldn’t be that calm. This epi-demic period would have been verydisturbing for us too.

    From our answers to your first ques-tion, it is clear that we were able to liveour normal lives also in the state ofemergency.

    When we wrote the post, we thoughtthat a similar lifestyle might be of in-terest to others, and if so, we areready to help them make the change.

    3. How did you build the businessduring the time of the lockdownsand restrictions? Has anythingchanged now that the restrictionsare over?Józsi:Our field has been the online world

    from the beginning. We build our net-work from home. Every minute wespend as business time in front of ourcomputers, we try to spread the wordabout DXN to a lot of people.

    Therefore, in this respect, we alsoplayed at home during the restric-tions. We didn't have to change any-thing.

    Vali:If the reader is now thinking that he orshe sees us at the DXN events andthat it is not an online but an offlineactivity, he is absolutely right.The events are also our “workplace”and there we can meet people whoget to know us online, by using the on-line tools.

    There was a change in this area as theevents were cancelled, so we didn’thave the opportunity to meet themembers of our network in person.I really miss it!

    We hope that the still active restric-tions will be soon over and we canmeet again.

    Since the end of the strict restrictionsthe change is that we have appoint-ments in our calendar again to per-sonally consult with members of ourteam who request this from us.

    4. If someone asked you at the timeof the restrictions why he or sheshould work with DXN at that timeand why DXN is the best choice,what would have been your answer?

    Józsi:But it would be nice to get questionslike this more often!

    In the past few months, the focus ofpeople has been on other things. Theonline forums testified that manywere just trying to survive, trying tosolve their daily problems.

    If we did get a question like that, ouranswer was the same as the one we’vetalked about so far. We didn’t have tochange our lives. We did everythingjust like before. And our bonus arrivedevery month.

    Consuming the DXN products hascertainly helped a lot in boosting ourimmune system, it was armed.

    Also, DXN’s business opportunity hasbeen providing us with income formore than a decade.

    DXN did not stop. The production inMalaysia was continuous, the productsarrived. We place the orders online,the couriers bring the packages. In thisemergency, there was nothing ex-traordinary in this area either.

    So if someone is interested in such aconvenience, such stability that DXNprovides, it may be a good idea forthem to start the business.

    5. Recently, during a webinar, Valitalked a lot about fear. If someonemissed it, would you explain whatyou experienced and how you re-acted?

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    DXN LIFE Magazine

    Vali:Thank you for bringing this up. As Isaid back then, we think it is very im-portant to point out the reasons thatwe know about why people couldchoose DXN. I showed these in rela-tion to Covid-19. These reasons reallyappeared as fear at the time of theepidemic, but looking back, they canalready serve as a reason for anyoneto make a decision.

    Thank you very much for translatingmy presentation to English, so this ma-terial is available on our Youtube chan-nel in both Hungarian and English.

    So, since we weren’t personally in-volved, our reaction was to try to give

    as much as possible to people lookingfor a solution in later times.

    Maybe our most significant experi-ence is something that is also a seri-ous confirmation that DXN did notleave the members alone.The way the company’s managementmoved every stone so that no one isleft without income, without bonus,was something we have never seenbefore. Even if they had to do it incountries where the service centershad to close due to the restrictions,closing this way the only way of pur-chasing the products. No one wasprepared for that. Still, they found asolution.

    It was so good to experience thateveryone waited patiently for the extratimes the company provided for quali-fying in the countries where the situ-ation was difficult. Even if this meant

    that every DXN member received thecommission later than usual. However,everyone got a commission and that’sthe most important thing.

    Also, the way DXN immediately de-ployed all of its professionals, doctorsand ganotherapists, and held a we-binars almost every day, was some-thing that never happened before. Sothe DXN members had the mostpieces of information in the world atthis time as well.

    And the icing on the cake is that everyDXN member got an extra discountfor the whole year in connection withthe 100-points promotion. It’s notcommon to hear that, when many

    companies are just trying to survive,when thousands lose their jobs, thereis a company that is lowering theirprices so that their customers canturn the amounts they save intosomething else.

    And that's how it happened here inDXN.

    Many thanks to Dr. Lim and the man-agement of DXN.

    6. Which products do you consumenow on a daily basis?Vali:There hasn’t been any changes in thiseither.

    From the beginning, our family hasbeen consuming the DXN coffee insignificant quantities. RG, GL andSpirulina are constant supplements toour diet.

    We also consume Lion’s Mane andCordyceps on a daily basis.We use the DXN vinegar for thesalads.In the bathroom, the DXN cosmeticsare lined up on the shelf.What we changed was the quantity.We raised the quantity we take fornormal maintenance with a few cap-sules for safety.

    Our grandchildren start the day withDXN Cocozhi and line up for Spirulina.Later, at the edge of their mouths, itcan be seen that they have doneeverything they can for prevention.

    7. What do you expect from the restof 2020?Vali:Peace, freedom, sunshine and re-newal.

    We want people to feel relieved. Wehope that many will look to their fu-ture through the experience of thepast few months. We also hope thatmany people will decide that theydon’t want that a similar situation putthem in a difficult position ever again.

    Józsi:After we made the decision in 2008,we worked very hard the followingyear to launch our network. We didn’thave time for anything else then, be-cause in addition to the hours wespent at work, DXN was the only focusfor us. It was a planned move for us,every member of the family agreedhoping that we could have a free lifelater.

    The result of that year of focused workis that we lived the quarantine periodso smoothly.

    It was worth it to spend 90 percent ofour time on business for a short time.Since then, 10 percent of our time isenough to run our business, and withthe other 90 percent we can do whatwe want.

    Vali:We are excited to receive a signalfrom those who would make a similardecision now because we are here,DXN is here and their lives will changepositively as well.

  • 12

    DXN LIFE Magazine


    DXN Greece8th Anniversary

    March 7-8, 2020

    On the first weekend of March 2020,DXN Greece held a two-day event forone more year in order to celebratethe 8th anniversary of the company'sestablishment in Greece - Thes-saloniki. More than 50 members andguests were present on Saturday,March 7 at the Anniversary Venue ofGrand Hotel Palace, and on Sunday,March 8, at the Mediterranean PalaceHotel for the Leadership Camp.

    Day 1On the day of the event, the DXN staffwelcomed the female participantswith red roses, honoring Women'sDay and causing a pleasant surprise tothe guests. The event started with awarm welcome by Country ManagerMr. Giorgos Koutsoukos, while at thesame time he presented company’sactions, business and successful res-ults of the past year. Short greetingswere given by our distinguishedguests Mr. Debya Prakash Interna-

    tional Marketing Director, Ms. DaisyYuson Business Intelligence Manager,Mr. Kócsó László CA as well as TopLeaders Mr. Chatzigiannis Pavlos ETD& Mr. Koutalas Giorgos TD who senttheir messages regarding the presentand the future of DXN in Greece.

    Then the most active members wereawarded for their actions and achieve-ments in 2019, while souvenirs weregiven to all participants of the an-niversary. Truly during the past year

    the members worked very hard as ateam and their hard work had a posit-ive impact in servicing the needs oftheir downline network.

    The evening ended with a great dinnerprepared by a Greek chef, while parti-cipants had the chance to dance andenjoy the party listening to the DJ’smusic. It was a great opportunity forall members to have fun and sharetheir experiences in DXN.

    DXN is stronger than ever in Greece! The members are determined, always ready to learn and love tocelebrate together the success of the company. Here’s how the 8th anniversary was celebrated.

    WRITTEN BYApostolos Zacharias

  • On this blissful and special day ofour corporate anniversary we allpromised to stay safe and continuethe journey of success with pride,good luck, and wellness by applyingthe DXN Lifestyle!

    Day 2On Sunday we had the opportunity toattend an amazing all-day LeadershipSeminar by Mr. Kócsó László CA. Welearned how to do prospecting, to ap-proach, to inform, and follow up withpotential new members by using so-cial media, e-mail marketing and on-line techniques.

    Mr. Kócsó László CA presented to usthe great example of the establish-ment of the DXN office in Nigeria,which was a result of the use of socialmedia. Useful marketing tools andsoft copies such as product know-ledge, training forms, Marketing plan,etc were provided to every parti-cipant.

    DXN LIFE MagazineDXN LIFE Magazine


    DXN Greece8th Anniversary

    March 7-8, 2020

  • DXN LIFE Magazine


    DXN LIFE Magazine


    Antonio AzpirozCountry Manager

    DXN Spain

    1. Good morning, Antonio! Wereached out to you to chat about thewebinars of the past few months.Can you please tell the readers whoheld webinars and in which topics?

    Good Morning!Due to the geographical dispersion ofour distributors in the Spain (>80%out of Madrid), it was essential to findeffective ways to secure the know-ledge availability to everyone; that iswhy we started our on-line trainingswith a very active program since lastyear. First of all, we started with the 6Modules. After May 2019, we incor-porated 6 additional Modules and theKorean Cosmetics to our webinar

    programs, besides we try to cover allmodules every month.We worked very actively with interna-tional leaders and fortunately many ofthem joined our webinars. In the lastfour months, we had the great oppor-tunity to include in our online eventsour CEO, Datuk Dr. Lim, CMO Mr Teoh

    Hang Ching, CA Mr. László Kócsó, CAMr. Rafael Díaz, CA Ms. Edilia García,CA Mr. Alvaro Mejia, CA Dr. Ranjan, CADr. Parwana, Ms. Jane Yau and someof the best European and Latin Amer-ican leaders.However, all this work could be donethanks to the support given by our

    The Covid-19 hit Europe hard and in some countries the situation was really critical. Spain was one ofthe most affected countries and we were curious to know more about how they managed to deal withthe situation so we interviewed the Country Manager, Antonio Azpiroz to have all the informationdirectly from him.

    WRITTEN BYPálma Zs. Krusinszki

  • local leaders, who share their know-ledge, passion and experience to trainnew members very actively, and ofcourse to our International MarketingDirector, Mr. Debya Prakash, whomade it possible to invite our TopManagement and many Leaders.

    2. In Spain the interest and the parti-cipation has been extremely high.What is the secret of such activity inyour opinion?

    In my opinion, the key is teamwork.We work very closely with our leadersand this is the result of their continu-ous and hard work.We have 12 local leaders who cover allthe modules every month and theypromote actively our webinars withintheir teams.Our cooperation with Latin America isalso a key of our success. Having thesame language gives us the oppor-tunity to join their webinars and alsoto invite them to our events. Our slo-gan “One World, One Market” is thebest tool of motivation to work to-gether and maximize results.

    3. What changes did you have tomake in DXN Spain during themonths of the lockdown?Spain is one of the countries whichwas most affected by this pandemicsituation, especially Madrid. Our firstpriority was to protect our employeesbut by keeping our office operativewithout any interruption, so we couldkeep on supporting our membershealth with the DXN products, as wellas to warranty enough safety stock.We also maintained continuous com-munication with our members by up-dating them about any change orrestriction due to the lockdown situ-ation.The company help our members byreducing 50% of the shipping costsduring the lockdown.At the same time, we worked ex-tremely hard by launching online

    events three to four times per week,with special focus on products andGanotherapy.

    To sum up, in a great challenge situ-ation, it is the time to do great efforts.

    4. What is the current situation ofthe Spanish market?DXN Spain keeps a sustained growthin sales and new member registra-tions. The pandemic situation isaffecting many people, but for sure itwill bring brand new opportunities toredefine our lifestyles.These months gave us a new focus onour priorities and, of course, Health,Wealth and Happiness are now on thetop of everybody’s wishlist.We face the future with optimism forSpain, for our distributors and forDXN.

    5. What are your plans and projectsfor the rest of 2020?We are still adapting ourselves to thisNew Normality situation, but withmany projects in mind.The key strategy is to keep our eventsrunning, with online format and in-cluding group presentations. We alsoplan to support our members with SAto SD programs, Train the Trainers,Local Camps and whatever thatstrengths the knowledge – motivation– action to bring results.So there is not a Secret Formula forus; just follow DXN system, it worksfor sure!


    DXN LIFE Magazine

    Antonio AzpirozCountry Manager

    DXN Spain



    DXN Cordyceps Coffee 3 in 1 is a uniqueblend of selected coffee beans andCordyceps extract.It has invigorating taste and delightfularoma is sure to refresh your feelingexhaustion.

    Packing Size: 20 sachets × 21 g

    DXN LIFE Magazine



    DXN M Miracle MarineLiposome Watery Sun Essence

    The most important product for summer!A lightweight textured sun essence thatprovides sunscreen protection withoutleaving skin stickiness while keeping skinhydrated.

    30 ml

    DXN LIFE Magazine


  • 18

    DXN LIFE Magazine



    SOFT TENCEL MASK SHEET is extractedfrom eucalyptus tree and it is soft,breathable, lightweight and comfortable.The mask sheet comes in smooth and silkysoft surface that drapes beautifully to flatterevery part of your face.

    Variants:GempyuriTea TreeCacao



    EuropeJanuary – April 2020

    Bojtos Zoltán andBojtos-Sváb Csilla

    Uli&Esther Zeiler

    Koutalas Giorgos

    Felix Zeiler

    Aggeliki Chioti Savvato Paraskeva

    Johanna Seidl

    Escobar Chrysoula

    Eleni Mporsi

    Stefanos Karandreadis VrachnouTheodosia &Alekos Lazos

    Lina Zeiler

    DXN LIFE Magazine


    DXN LIFE Magazine

  • Batta Mónikaand Kazinczi Ferenc

    Bíró Anikó Böczkös István andBöczkös - Borsay Andrea

    Bussy Sándorand Szövetes Eva

    Dr. Czinege László CsipkayMiklósCzérna Szabolcs andCzérna Tünde

    Dávid Attilaand Elek Ildikó

    Harmath Katalin

    Kőrösi Katalin Nagy Józsefné

    HorváthnéMolnár Katalin Kaufman IlonaHörömpöli András

    Kecskés Istvánand Győri Éva

    Kócsó László andKócsó-Fodor Anikó

    Nagy László andLükőTímea

    Palatinus Imre Paulinné BukovicsMariann

    Schmidt Bence

    Angela Languardia Francesco Lato Giovanni Rota Martir Lorenzo Gnesutta

    DXN LIFE Magazine


  • Peter Králiček

    Anna Binek

    Bożena Sajdek Boźena Banaczyk Piedel Dorota DanilewiczBogusław Choryń

    Gronek Alina HenrykWlodarczyk Olga Dzidowska StanisławaMałgorzataBajczyk

    Zaremba Klaudia Zuzana Londinová

    Cristóbal FranciscoMotaMorales

    Elisabeth Gijon Canovas Teresa De JesusVacas Cruz

    AndroszczukMykołaSilvio ScarsiPaola and Carlo Rovelli

    DXN LIFE Magazine


  • Esther Zeiler & Ulrich Zeiler

    Faragó István & Faragóné Keserű Judit

    Bussy Sándor & Szövetes Éva

    Radnits TeréziaBence BöczkösZdenek Kliment

    Congratulations toour qualified members!

    January – April 2020

    Triple Diamond

    Gold Diamond

    Executive Gold Diamond

    Executive Star Diamond

    DXN LIFE Magazine



  • Yavuz Acikel Veronika Hrušovská

    Kubat ZdzisławBoźena Banaczyk Piedel

    Halmosi János LászlóBöczkös Panna

    Petrányi Lajos

    Star Diamond

    Judr.Tinschmidtová Iveta

    Beáta Tančiboková

    Gronek Alina

    Senior Star Diamond

    Gieron Zbigniew Mark Cipres Tacorda Raj Kumar Hangkhim Rai

    Executive Star Diamond

    DXN LIFE Magazine


  • Star Ruby

    Star Agent

    Matthias JehleMarie KakašováSimona BuršováTopouz TountzaiGeorgios KiriakouCzinkószki ErikaToka DávidKépes JózsefnéPintye Miklós & Pintyéné KálnokiElizabetKövesligeti NoémiHarmath KatalinHorváth VeronikaKakszi Barna

    Juhász RóbertRévész RóbertGiovanna AcquaroliAnna Maria SestiliMaria ListaMario Nicola Di MariaSaundra MargetisMarta MiklecováGizela BystrickáEgri AlžbetaAlexandra ChrapčiakováKrystyna NygaJulita Rupocińska

    Jadwiga FleraMaria KadluczkaBinek TomaszJolanta ZaluckaClelia Reida Orezano Paredes deStiaMarga Serra RomeroCristiana Silva AmaranteVianca Nataly Alcazar SeminarioEsther Guillen LopezEberto Nodal PerezAntonia Castaño Fernandez

    Erdal GulAnastasia PapaloucaEleni PalamaGeorgia PotsouGeorgios AugoustidisHonoráta VerzichováAdam PolákAlena MrázkováAndrea BittnerováEva MainerováHana ČejkováIlona ŠevčíkováIvana Korecká IsákováLubomíra SedláčkováLucie HlaváčkováMarkéta MackováMartina VikováMiluše PražákováPetra SingerováRadka SochorováVěra ŠťastnáVeronika FlaškováZdena BokrováAbdul Nasser IbrahimBetzy Cheryl Huatuco RojasCarsthen RohrChristopher ChinGalambfalvi ZoltánGertrud JehleHelene OsswaldKarl SienelManfred Dresch & Regina DreschNagy Katalin TündeOliver BeuscherRosemary KühneSandra KayserSigrid RoyStefanie GüntherSusan DulayThomas WimmerVahidin HusicAhamad RamadanEl Houssaine El Ghiouane

    Ali FarajiFabienne ArquimbauArgyris PlematiasAthina LivadaBoutis VasiliosChristianna PitidiDespina ParasidouDimitrios ChristopoulosGiannakis GiannisHasim RamadanIlias ChiotisKatsoulis GrigorisMpounafatsou TheodoraPetalidou MariaRagkousis SpyrosSamaltanis MichalisSiafaka ToylaSourvatzi IoannaSpiridou LarisaStavroula VasiliadouTatlis VasileiosTopouz TountzaiTounis DimitriosTriantafyllou ArgyroTsakonas PavlosVasilios PapadopoulosAdrián ArnoldnéBális SándornéBódiné Szerencsi JuditBodza Pál TamásBökönyi PéterBuda SándorBurgony SzilviaDoktor EtelkaDömök MihálynéDr. Major LászlóEnikő KelemenFarkas AndrásFarkas RichárdFekete LászlónéFrisch AttilaGaszt IstvánnéGombárné Viglási Melinda

    Guba SándorHalmosi Ákos JánosHorváth IstvánHorváth MelindaJámbor LajosJávorkai MártaKakszi BarnánéKakszi NoémiKálmánné Fundák KatalinKocsis ÉvaKojnok BrigittaKoncz ZsuzsannaKorb CsillaLászló MócsánLengyel JánosnéLeveleki DánielMészáros ZsófiMészáros JánosMocsnik ÁgotaNagy ÁgnesNagy ImreNémeth FerencnéNémeth GyörgyiPintyéné Kálnoki ElizabetPometkó-Viktori SzandraRádulynédr. Petrányi JúliaRévész SándorScheff AntalnéSchreiner ÁgnesSimon AnitaSteiglerné Székely KatalinSzuromi JánosTaschner ÁrpádTavasziné Dr. Makkai ErzsébetTelkes OrsolyaTimár ZoltánTóth AndreaUjvárosi ElődnéUrszuly ZsuzsannaVarga ImrénéVeréb AndreaVrana EricZsuzsanna Belovna Jakubik

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    Giedre MossIvana MalaRay LuceyAndrea MottaAxel De PellegriniBaldassare AlessiBisconti RosaliaCarmen Lozano NoaCaterina BuglinoChiara CornacchiaDomenico PipernoGiovanni BranchesiGiuseppe CagnazzoKumiko MomiyamaLelis Gloria Untiveros VillaverdeMaria Soledad Perez SantamariaMaria Zenaide Da SilvaMarta Elisabet VelascoMaurizio ErcolanoRenata OggeroStefania DomiziIlona BagdonavicieneIrma CesaitieneAbthaj IssaAgnieszka ŚwieczekAgnieszka Kowalczyk WlazłowskaAnna WolinskaArtur GryszkinBarbara Anna SiwiakBarbara GrabkaBożena WilczyńskaDomasik AngelikaEliza Piecyk-PacElźbieta KaźmierczakEwa HnytkoEwa MalecGraźyna KałuckaGrzegorz HnytkoHanna PietrzykIreneusz ZaluckiJadwiga ŁokajJan BudzińskiJarosław PękalaJednas JolantaJoanna BłyskalKatarzyna RowińskaKowalczyk AnnaLiliana KulaMagdalena Lasota MihaylowMariusz KadulaMarta GłowackaNina Urbańska BuszkoPiotr JakubiecPiotr Kaniowski

    Piotrowska KamilaRafał WakułaRomana BombaTadeusz OleszczukTeresa MolgaWeronika KadłuczkaZofia Stelmach-SajŻyczkowska IrenaAdriana KrasňanskáHanka DunkováHatoňová EsteraIng. Marek Godla, Phd.Ivana MikolajováJozefína KováčováLenka GondolováĽubov MudzováĽudmila KováčováLýdia BlaškováMária KatonováMarta GálusováMartin FrtúsMichal HolýMilan KaraloMonika ObertováOndrej ŠaušaPekarik JakubRóbert CziborStanislav LukáčikTomáš MiklošZdenka KučerováZuzana ŠimovičováAntonio Aliaga BlancoAsier Caberio CrespoBenita Caceres MurilloCarmen Gamell ArolaCelida Zegarra PerezDavid Trenado Abril & VeronicaDel Pozo CastilloElba Jimenez Sa�nchezEstrella Paredes ParraFanny Mercedes CondoloCondoloFederico SanturioFelicidad Hortencia RodriguezNumbelaFernando Guillen MorenoGiovanni Andres Henao JimenezGloria Magdalena Raos VillacisGloria Nancy Cardona HurtadoGregoria Pinto Puma De Ramos &Crispin Ramos BeltranHilda Peña LimonIngrid De La Cruz Silva Ruiz

    Isabel Cespedes CoriaJennyfer Daniela Vazquez DuranJesus Manuel Martinez JuradoJose Mauro Figueroa LeonJulia Lopez Cueto De PiconLarisa BotaLiliana Toncheva NeikovaLina Mercedes Espinoza GuerraLolita Villero AbelidaMari Carmen AlbizuMaria Alexandrina NovoMaria Begoña & Isabel AlonsoRodrigoMaria Del CarmenMaria Del Mar Iglesias Rodriguez& Francisco Gallego-PreciadosMaria Del Rosario Sanchez PradaMaria Dolores Alvarez NuñezMarisela Del Carmen HernandezMolinaMarjorie Judan Laureta & Jayr E.LauretaMarta Casellas PontesNazaret Fernã�ndez GarciaNelson Figueredo LopezNorah Montaño BalderramaOrfa Leonor Ortiz GodoyOscar Lavale EntrialgoRemigia Garcia ChallcoRuben Lopez PaezSandra Patricia Silupu MazaShirley Jeanette Rojas GorrittiSofia Rojas HernandezSoyla Consuelo Guzman GarayTeresa Consol CamposZulma Otalora OcampoLorena Lina ThomenSabah Najm Obaid AljanabiAhmed Ali AhmedAisha AburasHeba KananMuna OmerNoor Basheer Nomas Al JanabiWarsan Ahmed SaladZain MahtadiAlba Lucia HermosaAnjana RaiGhamchhaya SunuwarKhadim HussainMunazza KhanOsmair Orihuela De TitimocoRameshkumar Limbu

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